How Often to Service Electric Bike [Complete Guide]

Electric bikes are becoming a popular mode of transport and enjoyment among people. In 2020, more than four hundred thousand in the United States alone. But to own an electric bike, you should also know how often to service electric bikes.

Like regular bikes, electric bikes need regular maintenance and service to make sure they work efficiently and for a longer time. You can service electric bikes by cleaning them, replacing damaged components, lubricating them, and upgrading software. Knowing when to service electric bikes is essential when owning them.

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We will tell you everything you should know on how often to service electric bikes and how to service electric bikes.

How Often to Service Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are maintained and serviced almost the same way as regular bikes. But, electric bikes have some components that need extra attention than regular bikes.

That is why you need to know how often to service electric bikes and what to look for.

The First Need-to-Know to Service Electric Bikes

You first need to know to keep your electric bike clean. Riding an electric bike through the streets or mountain roads leads to the accumulation of dirt and mud on the bike.

The dirt is mixed with water and grease, creating a paste that decreases the efficiency at which components work.

Keeping the bike’s drivetrain (the cranks, chains, and sprockets) clean after every ride is essential. You should also check the chain if you notice mud or dirt on the surface.

You can clean it using a rag, but if there is too much mud, you should use a deep clean. There are many products for electric bike cleaning, but you can also use dish soap, a toothbrush, and a hose.

You can also use specific products that can restore the shine of your electric bike and prevent it from rusting.

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To service electric bikes, you must know when and how to apply lubricant. Electric bike chains also require regular application of lubricants to make the transmission efficient.

Applying lubricants to electric bikes is more complicated than it looks. Since the electric bikes can’t backpedal, it isn’t easy to ensure that the lubricant covers the entire chain. You can try putting the bike in a work stand, allowing you to turn the pedal.

Some electric bikes come with a walk mode to turn that on. In walk mode, the wheels spin slowly. This can allow you to lube the chain quickly. Lubricating electric bike chains should be done daily or after every ride.

Another thing to look out for when you service electric bikes is tire pressure. Regularly check your electric bike tire pressure. If not inflated fully, the tire reduces efficiency and uses more power. If inflated too much, it can cause a loss of grip.

Ensure the tires are inflated within the recommended pressure as instructed by the company. You can also change the pressure according to your comfort and grip. Check the pressure in the tires at least once a week.

You can use a tire gauge to check the pressure. For a rough idea, you can even use your thumb to press the tire to check its firmness.

Another thing to inspect is the brakes. Noticing when the brake starts to weaken is essential to ensure safety. It would help if you did this at least once a month.

Examine the front and the rear brakes and squeeze the brake levers to ensure proper working and grip. If you feel like your brakes have weakened, take them to the repair shop.

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Regular Tuning Service

Generally, it would help if you serviced electric bikes every six months or every one thousand miles ridden. This is a broad spectrum of how often to service electric bikes—the period changes depending on the frequency and intensity of use.

Basic and regular tuning of electric bikes can be done at bike service shops. This entails tuning chains, wheels, tires, rims, derailleurs, and brakes.

If you haven’t found the time to service electric bikes, your bike might need some components that need to be replaced, called overhaul service. This would be more costly than your average service, but it is necessary.

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How Often to Service Electric Bikes if You are an Intense Rider?

Intense riders, such as those who ride electric bikes to run errands, ride electric bikes daily, or rely more on the pedal assist, require greater service for their electric bikes.

Riding on mountainous terrain, through mud and dirt, climbing hills, and carrying heavy cargo can take a toll on your electric bike. So it is essential to know how often to service an electric bike if you are an intense rider.

With intense riding, components’ wear and tear will happen much quicker. You should inspect your electric bike component after every hundred miles ridden.

Take your electric bike for a regular tune-up service every three hundred miles. Take your electric bike for an overhaul service every one thousand miles ridden.

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How Often to Service Electric Bike if You are a Regular Rider?

If you don’t ride your bike daily but instead take it out when you need to transport some light cargo, or you don’t rely on pedal assist much, you don’t need to take your electric bike for a service as much as intense riders do.

You should still know how often to service electric bikes, even if you’re a regular rider. Even if your electric bike does not suffer as much, it still goes through intense weekend rides, some dirt, and mud, which creates some wear and tear for your electric bike components.

You should inspect your electric bike components every one hundred and fifty miles. It will help if you take your electric bike for a regular tune-up service every three hundred miles.

It would be best to take your electric bike for an overhaul service every twelve hundred miles.

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How Often To Service Electric Bike if You are a Light Rider?

Light riders who only use their electric bikes occasionally do not need to take their electric bikes for service as often as others. They occasionally ride on a nice day without rain or mud. They rarely carry cargo and use pedal assist sparingly.

But, even if you are a light rider, that does not mean your electric bike does not need tuning. You need to know how often to service electric bikes used by light riders. You should inspect the components of your electric bike every two hundred miles.

It will help if you take your electric bike for a regular tune-up service every three hundred miles. It would be best to take your electric bike for an overhaul service every fifteen hundred miles.

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How Often to Service Electric Bike Components?

Electric bikes come equipped with developed components to make your riding experience easier. These components are better and sturdier than the components you will find you’re your regular bike. But, that does not mean they do not need to be serviced.

Whether it be pedaling, braking, riding, or climbing, it is essential to check your electric bike components to ensure they work efficiently. You need to keep an eye on these components’ wear and tear. In an electric bike, any component’s malfunction directly affects the other.

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You need to know how often to service electric bike components. Regularly check the components in the bike, as mentioned previously.

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How Often to Service Electric Bike Battery

The service of an electric battery may seem impossible when it’s sealed, but there are many ways you can service your electric bike battery.

Disconnect and clean the battery using a brush or a cloth and lightly grease the contacts. Do not use a high-pressure jet to clean the battery.

Charge the battery in a dry location and at room temperature. Avoid charging the battery for an extended period and disconnect the charger when it’s fully charged. Generally, it would be best if you replaced the battery of an electric bike every three to five years.

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How Often to Service Electric Bike Motor

The motor is responsible for turning the bike’s wheels, so it is used every time you take your electric bike for a ride.

Generally, the motor of your electric bike does not require much maintenance. But it does require cleaning. The dirt and grime can lower its efficiency and puts more burden on the motor.

The motor of an electric bike will last up to ten thousand miles. But this changes depending on the use of the bike. Take your electric bike to the repair shop if you feel like the motor isn’t working as it used to or if it is using too much charge.

How Often to Service Electric Bike Tires

As mentioned before, regular tires check is essential to maintain the electric bike. Tires could have an issue with air pressure, a leak, puncture, or they may be worn out.

Look out for cracked rubber, holes, flat spots on the center of the tire, or any deformities. Generally, an electric bike tire should be replaced after four thousand miles.

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How Often to Service Electric Bike Controller

The electric bike controller is placed on the handlebars and helps you control pedal assist and help you regulate battery and motor performance. The controller consists of software that can keep tabs on your electric bike’s performance.

The software in the controller needs to be updated every time an update comes out from the company.

The company mobile app will notify you about the new software through alerts. It is essential to update the software in the controller to the latest version.

Sometimes, the controller may display error codes or freeze up. In that case, you need to take your bike to the dealership or the mechanic.

How Often to Service Electric Bike Spokes

Spokes are rods that connect the electric bike hub to the rim. These rods are necessary to maintain the weight balance on the bike. Spokes need to be checked at least once every six months to make sure they are still firm.

Spokes can loosen because they stretch. You can tell your spokes need tightening if you hear a rattling sound when you ride.

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How Often to Service Electric Bike Chain

Electric bikes require strong chains because the motor adds extra force to them. This could cause regular chains to wear out more quickly. Chains also need to be lubricated daily or after every ride.

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Chains on electric bikes tend to wear out faster than on regular bikes. A chain’s lifespan depends on the electric bike’s usage, speed, and weight.

Generally, an electric bike chain will last around three thousand miles or three to four years. However, you should check your chain daily or after every ride to ensure it has not been worn down or broken.

How Often to Service Electric Bike Brakes

Brakes are an essential component of the electric bike for your safety. They are used t slow down the electric bike or for an emergency stop.

Brake pads wear out over time, and you need to install new ones. Brake pads can also become loose and need to be serviced and tightened.

You can notice when your brake pads need servicing if you press the brakes and it takes longer to slow down.

Generally, brake pads on an electric bike last between three thousand to six thousand miles. You need to check your brake pads daily or after every ride.

How Often to Service Electric Bike
How Often to Service Electric Bike


If you own or are thinking of owning an electric bike, you need to know how often to service electric bikes. Servicing electric bikes is essential to ensure the bike lasts longer, works efficiently, and is vital for your safety.

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