How To Change A Tire On Your Electric Bike

The pandemic bike boom boosted electric bike sales to 145%, with people looking for more outlets to venture outdoors without taking the risk of going to crowded places.

Experts pinpoint that the approximate number of electric bikes Americans brought home crossed half a million in 2020.

Electric bikes reward their users with a thrilling experience. According to a systematic review of the health benefits of electrically assisted cycling, electric bikes can improve fitness in physically inactive individuals.

It doesn’t hurt to know that riding an electric bike instead of conventional modes of transport minimizes your carbon footprint.

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As technology grows and evolves, it can be challenging to keep up with it. If you drive an electric bike and struggle changing its tires, this blog will teach you all you need to know to do it yourself.

How To Avoid A flat Tire on Your Electric Bike?

Nobody plans to get a flat tire, but there are ways you can prevent it from happening. Keep scrolling to discover ways you can avoid a flat tire on your electric bike.

Does The Air Pressure In Your Tires Make A Difference?

In short, yes. Air pressure makes a huge difference.

It’s common knowledge that most flat tires result from decreased air pressure, so it’s always wiser to check the air pressure on your electric bike before a trip.

To check the air pressure in your tires, try squeezing each between your thumb and forefinger. It should feel compact but not rock-like. You should feel a minor give.

There are several affordable and portable tire inflator pumps and kits on the market. Get a tire inflator so you can keep the air pressure high in all your electric bike tires.

Worn Down Rubber Leads to Flat Tires

If the tread in your tires has worn out, it’s time to change it. Trade your old tires for new, pliable ones.  It’s easier for weak, tired tires to get punctured, don’t take that risk.

Use Anti-Flattening Material in Your Inner Tubes

Anti-Flattening material or gunk works like a seal for your tires. It glues it closed, so if an object gets stuck in your tire, the anti-flattening material will hold it back from flying out.

Avoid Riding On The Road Side

If you live in a city, your electric bike can likely contest city speeds. So it’s better for tire health to ride on the main lane instead of the roadside.

The roadside is where people often throw shards of glass, nails, and sharp objects, which would easily puncture your tires.

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Invest In Tire Liners

Tire liners help keep your tires safe. However, if you invest in tire liners, get expensive, good-quality liners as low-quality liners can cause flat tires.


If your tires have become old and tired, it’s best to change them. There’s only so much you can do to prolong tire life, but nothing beats investing in new, better-quality tires.

A Quick Fix

There will be days when you will do everything in your power to avoid a flat tire, but the odds will not be in your favor. If you have a flat tire, and you can’t change it right away, you can try finding the leak and patching it temporarily.

You can place the tire in a tub of water and check for bubbles. The air leaking from the puncture in your tire will create bubbles in the water, making it easier for you to find the leak.

You can apply a self-adhesive patch onto the puncture and secure it in place as a temporary solution.

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How to Change A Flat on Your Electric Bike?

A quick fix, like the name suggests, is temporary. Eventually, you will have to change the flat tire on your electric bike, which brings us to the blog’s primary purpose.

Most mainstream electric bikes have hub motors on the rear wheel. But, there are also models that have hub motors on the front instead.

Changing the tire on wheels devoid of the hub motor should be similar to changing a flat on a regular bike. However, if your model boasts of hub wheels, the process of changing tires will not be similar.

1. Switch to High Gear

It’s essential to switch to high gear if you’re replacing a tire on the rear wheel to avoid any interaction between the chain and the hub motor.

2. Position Your Electric Bike

First of all, spread a sheet under your bike to protect it from scratches. If you have a stand, place your bike in it. But, if you don’t, it’s best to turn it upside down so the handlebars and saddle keep it upright.

Get rid of the handlebar mount to spare them damage.

3. Time to Disconnect The Motor Cable

Does your bike have a hub motor? If yes, there must be a cable that travels from the battery to the hub. Check the chainstays. Once you spot the motor cable, disconnect it.

4. Taking The Wheel Out

  • With quick-release skewers, you have to flip out the handle and then unscrew it. However, if you’re dealing with an axle bolt attached to nuts, you must remove these.
  • Skin back any rubber nut covers, continue by using a spanner to release the nut.
  • It’s crucial to hold the other side with a spanner while unscrewing the axle on some models
  • Plus, if your electric bike functions with a framed inset – an oblong cut-out providing you with various possibilities for placing the wheel with the frame – then make a note of the axle’s position before you release it.
  • When you set the wheel again, ensure that you fit it back in the exact same place.
  • If there are washers, note their orientation.
  •  The outward-facing flank will differ from the inward-facing side on a few electric bikes. It’s essential to fit them correctly when you reinstall the tire

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5. Lift The Wheel Out

You want to avoid the chain catching on the cassette, so apply pressure on the jockey wheels to create more room for the tire to pop out.

6. Out With The Old, In With The New

  • Use a tire lever to pop the rubber from the rim
  • Reverse the process to place the new tire
  • Mount the tire
  • Inflate the tire
  • Replace the wheel
  • Tighten the bolts

Additional Tips For Changing A Tire On Your Electric Bike

  • Always keep a spare tire at home
  • Review the highest and lowest supported pressures for the tire
  •  You can find them on the sidewall
  • Utilize a pump with a pressure gauge so you can specify the tire  pressure according to your weight, bike model, and riding requirements
  • Ensure there aren’t any sharp objects clinging to the inner tube or sticking out from the rim bed before you replace a tire
  • Make sure there is enough rim tape on the rim’s inside before replacement 

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What To Look For In Tires For Your Electric Bike

You can save time and money if you get good-quality tires the first time around. There are several types of tires to choose from, which is why it’s imperative to know what to look for when buying a tire.

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It’s Not A One Size Fits All Situation

When it comes to purchasing tires for your electric bike, size matters. The size of the wheels determines how easily you can get your electric bike going and how smooth your ride will be.

You need to take a careful look at various sizes of tires and then decide which one suits you best. There are several sizes of wheels available in the market, let’s take a look at the most common sizes out there.

  1. 16-inch electric bike wheels: These wheels are normally found on foldable electric bikes that are lightweight and portable
    1. 20-inch electric bike wheels: These too are found on foldable electric bikes
    2. 26-inch electric bike wheels: These wheels are the most common size in the industry. You can find them on mountain, road and beach bikes

Advantages Of Bigger Wheels On Electric Bikes

  • The size of your wheel shares a positive correlation with how smooth your ride will be
  • Greater control
  • Increased battery life
  • Maintaining speed is easier with less energy required
  • Improved traction and stability

Disadvantages of Bigger Wheels On Electric Bikes

  • Difficulty turning in tight spaces
  • Decreases your ability to take sharp turns
  • More force is required to start or stop the bike
  • Uses more battery power
  • Increased strain on spoke

Advantages Of Smaller Wheels on Electric Bikes

  • Foldable
  • Portable
  • Easy turning
  • Less force required
  • Less battery power
  • Less strain on spoke
  • Faster speed

Disadvantages Of Smaller Wheels On Electric Bikes

  • Difficulty rolling
  • Difficult to maintain speed
  • Exaggerated jumps
  • Elevated bumps
  • Decreased stability

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Match Your Terrain With Your Tire

There are various types of tires. It’s vital to match the type of tire you’re purchasing with the terrain you will be riding your electric bike on, e.g., concrete.

How to change a tire on an electric bike
How to change a tire on an electric bike

Different Types Of Tires

  • Road
  • Cyclocross
  • Commuter
  • XC
  • Downhill
  • BMX

When purchasing tires for your electric bike, make sure you get good quality tires with puncture resistance as these types of tires have greater life and low maintenance.

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To Sum It Up

Electric bikes are cool, fast, and easy to ride. But, safety comes first.

Always make sure that the tires on your electric bike have adequate air pressure and are well maintained. When you change your tire yourself, make sure you place it in the right place the way it was before to avoid any incidents.

Never compromise on quality for a lesser price. Good quality tires will make riding your electric bike an even more enjoyable experience. While changing your tires yourself saves you time and money, it’s best to consult a professional when confused.