How to Charge Electric Dirt Bike

Not all electric dirt bikes are the same. There are as wide varieties of electric dirt bikes as there are of gas-powered ones. In terms of power, some have tiny motors and little battery packs, while others have very formidable drives that only expert riders can control them.

It’s easy to charge a dirt bike’s battery. The dirt bike’s battery may be accessed by removing the side panel. Once located, a smart charger can be connected to its connections. It would help if you planned on charging the battery for roughly 4 hours to charge it fully.

 Acquire a Top-Notch Intelligent Battery Charger

If your dirt bike doesn’t have a kick start, you should acquire a smart charger first. You can use the Ctek smart charger or a NOCO Genius.

 It’s cheap for such a powerful charger, simple to operate, and comes with the necessary cables to charge batteries from any major manufacturer of dirt bikes.

Many of the cheapest chargers on the market are not smart but trickle chargers.

If you use a standard charger, you’ll need to remember to manually disconnect the device from power when the battery is fully charged to prevent it from being damaged.

When the battery is fully charged, the charger will automatically shut off.

This charger will be financially beneficial to you in the long term. Many users had previously tried other chargers that failed to revive a completely dead battery, but this one succeeded.

 This battery charger is well worth the investment if it prevents you from having to revive a dead battery even once.

Purchase a high-quality charger, such as Ctek, and you won’t regret it. Moreover, Battery Tender offers excellent chargers that might be handy for you. However, the NOCO smart charger is your best bet.

Instructions for Putting a Charge on the Battery

Obtaining a high-quality charger and using it will make charging your bike dirt a breeze. Charge your battery by following the guidelines below:

  • Remove the three or four bolts holding your bike’s side panel in place. You’ll be able to pull it off with a wrench. You can see the battery from here with no trouble at all. It’s on the left side of the Honda CRF110 but on the right side of the TTR50 and TTR230. Placement varies.
  • Once you locate the battery, taking it out of the bike is simple. You might leave it there if you want; however, you should disconnect the bike’s wires from the battery’s terminals.
  • The charging ends of the smart charger are in the shape of clamps, making them easy to attach to the battery’s terminals.
  • Connect the charger and let it work.

When Should You Replace a Dead Battery Instead of Trying to Charge It?

Charging the battery and testing its retention of charge is the simplest method. However, there is a significant likelihood that the battery is dead if it was left outside throughout the winter without being charged.

A quality charger like the Ctek might save it, but batteries can also die. A new battery is necessary for such instances.

You can obtain a new battery from any shop that sells dirt bike parts. Check to see if they stock alternatives to the brand you now use.

Many other manufacturers offer nearly identical products for far less money. Amazon is the place to acquire the dirt bike battery if you don’t mind waiting two days for it to arrive.

Charging Time

  • It is necessary to charge the battery before using it. It takes 18 hours to charge the battery for the first time fully.
  • After that, it takes up to 12 hours to fully recharge the battery.
  • You should never leave it plugged in for more than 30 hours.
  • Battery life is typically around 250 charge/discharge cycles. The device can run for up to 30 minutes at a time without stopping.
  • You should not leave your battery constantly connected to the charger while the charger is linked to power.
  • While the battery is not being used, it is still losing a small amount of voltage. Overcharging the battery every night will shorten its lifespan.
  • Furthermore, if the battery is overcharged, it will overheat and provide a fire risk.
  • To extend its useful life, the battery should be charged up to 90% rather than 100% on each occasion. The battery will last longer if you don’t charge it up right after every ride.
  • However, you shouldn’t let the lithium battery die completely; instead, charge it when its capacity drops to about 30%. Manufacturers recommend charging your bike’s battery at least once a month, even if you haven’t been riding.

Charging the Battery When Your Electric Bike is Dead

If you want to charge your bike when it is off, do the following:

  • The electric dirt bike has a charging port. Plug the charger into it. Charging will not start unless the groove on the input plug is seated in the matching socket on the charging port.
  • Connect the charger to a power source. If the charger’s indicator lights are dark, the outlet may not be receiving power. Swap to a different plug if you need to.


  • You should always have an adult around when charging rechargeable batteries.
  • Remember to unplug your electric dirt bike from the charger when you clean it with fluids.
  • Flammable gases are released during charging. The battery should be charged in a well-ventilated place, apart from ignition sources like cigarettes and lighter fluid.
  • If you buy a new charger, note your unit’s charger look. It likely came with a different charging point if it doesn’t look like the original charger. Sometimes, there are no adjustments to the terms or pricing structure. Don’t let it confuse you.
  • A single or dual LED light is placed up a little window on the charger to show the current charging state. To see what “charging” and “charged” mean for your specific charger model, please consult the image on the charger.

What Happens When the Charger Heats?

Protecting the battery from overcharging is a standard feature in modern chargers.

The battery charger will heat up while in use. As this is typical for some chargers, you should not take immediate action. There is no need to think that your charger is malfunctioning because it does not heat when used.

Charge Usage

  • If the charger’s cord, plug, or housing appears damaged, you should replace it immediately. Given the possibility of such damage, the electric dirt bike should wait to be charged until a trained technician has fixed the charger or replaced it.
  • Use the recommended charger only.
  • Be careful always; the charger is not a toy and should only be used under adult supervision.
  • Always unplug the electric dirt bike’s charger when it’s not in use.
  • Do not charge for longer than suggested.
  • If you need to clean your electric dirt bike with water, make sure the charger is unplugged.

Instructions for Charging a KTM Electric Dirt Bike in the U.S.

KTM suggests draining the battery entirely before charging it for the first time. Both the owner’s manual confirms this for the 2020 KTM Freeride E-XC.

Therefore, you must ensure the KTM battery pack is completely dead before charging it for the first time. The following are the crucial considerations before recharging a KTM electric dirt bike:

  • If you want to charge the pack, you’ll need 220V.
  • The industry standard for a KTM bike is an L6-20 220v plug.
  • People in the United States do not have access to the L6-20 standard plug.
  • A 110-volt outlet is not required for charging. It bears repeating for the sake of emphasis

Do the following to charge the battery:

  • Verify that the battery is completely discharged.
  • You must first connect the KTM charger given to use the KTM PowerPac.
  • You are good to go once you’ve confirmed that your KTM charger is set to either the Fast or standard charge pace.
  • Put the KTM charging cord’s Switch in the off position.
  • Connect the KTM charger to a 220-volt outlet.

KTM does not supply a universal plug compatible with the 220v outlets found in the United States. KTM didn’t go the extra mile to include a cable that would function in the United States is frustrating.

An L6-20 plug is what you receive. Some, like the bigger L6-30 models, can be powered by an external source like a generator. You’ll have to source an L6-20 connector to connect a KTM L6-20 dryer to a 220v outlet.

Do You Need to Plug in the Charger When Riding an Electronic Bike?

Regular use and charging of the lithium chemistry batteries used in most electric bikes should increase their lifespan. You don’t have to let your electric bike battery die completely.

Before putting together your electric dirt bike, ensure the power switch is in the “OFF” position. Estimate another 20 minutes beyond the initial charging time for assembly. As mentioned above, about 18 hours of charging time are needed for an initial start.

Certain general concepts can be applied that will help you charge your electric bike. However, you should stick to the basics.

 Try to preserve your original battery charger. A battery pack containing the electric bike’s battery is included with every purchase of an electric bike.

Does the Weather Affect the Charging?

Charging a battery in freezing temperatures might reduce its power capacity since water and electricity don’t mix well. Never let the battery charge level drop below 75% if you plan on using your e-bike frequently.

Suppose your electric bike’s battery dies during winter. In that case, you can recharge it by removing the battery from its storage area, turning it off, connecting the power supply to the battery, and then plugging the whole shebang into a standard wall socket.

Put your battery to charge in a cool location. Your eBike’s battery is sensitive to high temperatures when riding and charging.

If you charge your battery when the temperature is below 0°C or above 40°C, you won’t get a full charge, and you may even damage the battery in the process. When you’re done riding, place your electric bike somewhere cool and shady to keep the battery from overheating.

Power Modes

Economy (up to 50 km/h), Enduro (up to 16 kW), and Cross are the three available power modes. The 3.9 kWh battery pack can be charged to 80% from a 230v, 10A/ 13A power supply in 75 minutes, and the last 20% takes another 35 minutes. KTM claims that once the pack is full, you can ride hard for at least one hour.

Plug the charger into the charging port on the battery. Locate the charging port, which is typically located on the top or side of the battery, then set the battery down flat on a level surface, such as a desk or the ground.

How to Charge Electric Dirt Bike
How to Charge Electric Dirt Bike

Different Types of Chargers for Electric Bikes

Chargers for electric bike batteries aren’t universal. You should only use those chargers made specifically for your electric dirt bike to extend the life of your battery pack and prevent fires caused by overheating.

Electric bike batteries are available in a wide range of voltages, typically 24v for lightweight, 36v for intermediate, and 48v-52v for high-powered bikes. Most electric bikes operate between 36 and 48 volts.

Here’s how to match battery voltage with charger voltage:

  • Chargers for 36V bikes should be capable of supplying 42V.
  • A 48V bike would be charged using a 54V device.
  • Make sure the charger’s connecting point matches the one on your battery before buying. Depending on the charger, you may need a 1-pin or 3-pin cable.
  • If you buy the charger online, check to see if it is compatible with your power outlets.

Final Words

Many e-Bikes are sold with a compatible charger, but it is essential to know how to make the right choice if replacing or buying a spare one.

The maximum charge on some of the more advanced chargers can be limited to 80% or 90%, preventing the battery from ever being charged to 100%.

To ensure that your battery is fully charged for an all-day ride, it is best to charge it as close to the start as possible. The battery is spared the strain of being idle at full power for too long.

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