How to Fix Electric Car Window Off Track (And More Hacks)

The way a window is aligned and its overall mechanism is almost the same in all automatic transport vehicles of today’s times.

An electric car window that does not close all the way will allow unpleasant smells, dust, and insects into the car. Moreover, it can also increase the chances of the car being stolen.

Hence, for temperature control, cleanliness, and safety, the car’s window must be fixed. Although it may seem like a hassle, fixing electric car windows is not that complicated.

Continue reading to learn about eight steps that will help you fix an electric car window. Moreover, the article contains ten other useful hacks for every electric car owner out there. 

How Does One Fix an Off Track Electric Car Window?

Proper lubrication, professional help, or taking out the car door panel are some ways to fix an electric car’s window that has gotten off its tracks.

However, to learn how to fix an electric car window, one needs to understand how the window works and what causes it to go off its tracks in the first place.

how to fix electric car window off track
how to fix electric car window off track

How Does an Electric Car Window Work?

In electric cars, the glass window is electronically lifted to slide up and down through the designed window contraption.

The two rubber strips that envelop the car window allow a smooth, steady, and upright sliding motion.

What Causes an Electric Car’s Window to Get Off its Tracks?  

The following are some reasons that may cause an electric car’s window to get off its tracks:

  • When the glass window does not have a smooth surface due to too many scratches
  • When the built-in switches and circuits break
  • When the rubber strips lining the window panels are rough and lack lubrication
  • If the built-in cables are faulty.

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Step by Step Hacks to Fix an Off-Track Electric Car Window

One of the most practical solutions to getting an electric car window fixed is to visit the nearest automobile workshop.

These places have a lot of experience fixing car windows and usually have all the needed spare parts and equipment to do a good job.

However, if the workshop’s service is too costly and if they cannot commit to fixing the windows in a timely fashion, then the owner can fix the windows themselves.

Follow the steps mentioned below to get the electric car windows back on track in no time:

1. Remove and Take Out the Door Panel of the Electric Car

The electric car’s automatic window mechanics and the system is built inside the car’s door panel.

So, the first step to fixing the de-tracked window is to take out the car’s door panel to gain access to its interior window mechanics.

Take a well-fitting screwdriver or any required tool to unscrew the window engine’s plastic board cover. One can also use a power tool to make the process easier and faster.

Once all the binding screws are out, gently pull off the plastic board to expose the door panel’s interior.

2. Remove the Car Door and Detach the Connecting Cables

All steps from here need to be performed gently to prevent any damage to the electric car’s window. Firstly, to remove the panel from its frame, detach all connecting wires and cables.

Then place a tiny thin tool under its edges and carefully press to lift it out. A chunkier tool could apply more pressure and crack the window glass.

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3. Examine the Condition of the Electric Car’s Window Tracks

An electric car’s window is supposed to glide inside the window tracks when rolled up and down.

Poorly maintained window tracks that are either too dry or hard or have sustained some damage restrict a car window’s smooth movement.

Hence, a proper detailed examination of the window tracks is critical. If the window tracks are dried out due to rust, one can apply small amounts of a lithium-based lubricant.

Doing so will remove all the rust and smoothen out the window tracks.

If not taken care of on time, the rust can spread inside the window tracks. In such a situation, chemical lubricants do not perform well to remove all rust.

Hence, one should take out the window tracks and replace them with new smooth ones.

Moreover, to prevent this from repeating, one should apply a coat of lithium-based lubricant to the window tracks once every two weeks.

Furthermore, the window tracks are sometimes deformed or bent due to accidents or misuse. If that is the case, one should use a tool to straighten the tracks out to their former shape.

One can use a wrench or pliers to do this.

4. Inspect the Electric Car Window’s Electronic Motor, Regulator, and Connecting Cables

The electronic motor inside the electric car’s door panel is responsible for the smooth functioning of the window tracks and the glass window’s motion.

Hence, if the window tracks are in good shape (after a thorough examination), one should move to inspect the electric motor.

Connect the electric window motor to a voltmeter to examine its settings. A faulty motor will show a reading beyond the +12 to -12 range.

Check its fuse box if the voltmeter gives a reading within this range. A faulty fuse can sometimes cause a window to get off track. If this is the case, one needs to either repair or replace the fuse.

If all the electric window motor components seem to be working fine, one needs to inspect the window regulator. To do this, connect it to an ohmmeter and examine the resistance level.

Faulty cables can affect the functioning of all electrical systems, including a car window. Hence, one needs to carefully inspect every connecting cable for faults or breakages.

Moreover, if all cables seem alright, one needs to check the motor’s cable connectors. Otherwise, one needs to invest in new cables and replace all the damaged ones.

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5. Roll Down the Glass Window Completely

One should gently place their hand on the glass window and roll it down to the bottom. Doing so will allow the window to get realigned with the interior of the car’s door panel.

If the window is not well-aligned, one needs to do it manually.

6. Apply Lubricant to All the Moving Parts

After using the electric car for a period of time, the different moving components of the window can dry out and become hard.

Insufficient lubrication of the window tracks, rollers, and window glass is one the most common reasons for a car window getting off track.

Hence, take the time to clean out all the dirt, rust, and muck from inside the car door’s interior and the window tracks. One can use a small damp cloth or a soft brush to clean out everything in detail.

After that, one needs to find out the ideal lubricant for their electric car. Some brands can damage the electric components and cause further problems, and hence, they should be avoided.

One can also use silicone spray or dry Teflon to make the car window’s motion smoother.

7. Time to Test the Window

Following the steps above should be enough to fix electric car windows off track in almost all cases. Once one has followed all the given hacks, test the window.

If the problem goes away, great. However, if the car window still seems off track, seeking professional help is a better option.

8. Reconnect Everything and Reattach the Electric Car’s Door Panel

Put in all the nuts and screws and reconnect all the cables and wires. Ensure that the car door panel’s plastic cover is refixed into its frame properly.

Fix Electric Car Window Off Track
Fix Electric Car Window Off Track

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Other Useful Electric Car Hacks

Charge Your Electric Car Between the 20% to 90% Range

Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of Tesla, has spent a lot of time and money understanding electric car batteries.

Newer electric cars usually come with lithium-ion batteries that are more energy-efficient, have lower recharging duration, and offer a higher range.

Optimally charging these lithium-ion car batteries can help increase the range, lengthen the total lifespan, and prevent battery repair costs.

According to Musk, the optimal range for charging an electric car battery is 20 to 90%.

Charging the battery above 90% increases the charging costs and duration and can overheat the battery. This will cause the battery’s total capacity and range to drop.

Moreover, letting the electric car’s battery charge drop below 20% causes its battery liquid to dry up.

Every time a battery is charged after being fully depleted, its total charge carrying capacity decreases. As a result, the battery’s total range is reduced.

Hence, to maximize the electric car’s range and performance, one should always keep the battery charged in the optimal range.

This charging range is also important when one has to store the battery away for some time.

Furthermore, doing so will improve battery performance and reduce the overall electric car charging costs.

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Invest in Regenerative Braking Systems

Although many newer electric cars come with a built-in regenerative braking system, the owners of an older electric vehicle can still get one installed.

This system optimizes battery usage, increases range, and reduces battery charging costs. The regenerative braking system, also known as regen, reduces the electric car battery’s energy wastage.

It uses the excess heat energy that otherwise is wasted as a by-product by converting it into kinetic energy and uses the excess kinetic energy by reconverting it into chemical energy stored in the battery.

As a result, the battery’s charge utilization is maximized, and more electric charge is available for a trip.

Hence, the need and costs of battery recharging are reduced, and the total range is significantly increased.

Control the Electric Car Battery’s Temperature

Lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly popular in electric cars for their efficiency and capacities.

However, these batteries are far more sensitive to the external environment and need more care.

To prevent battery damage, one should always allow the battery to cool down before starting an electric car.

Similarly, if the weather is too cold, allow the battery time to warm up before hitting the road. Doing so improves the battery’s range and lengthens its total lifespan.

Moreover, never connect a hot electric car battery to a charging source. Doing so could cause the battery to catch fire and explode.

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Final Thoughts

Insufficient lubrication, faulty motor, damaged regulator, or broken wires can cause an electric car window to get off track. To fix the window, one should either visit a professional electric automobile workshop or carefully disassemble the car’s door panel to fix the problem.