How To Lock An Electric Bike

You must always be in fear of your e-bike getting stolen. You won’t also be able to focus on other important things while the thought of your e-bike keeps hindering your consciousness.

You would be wondering, “What would happen to the safety of my electric bike while I am gone for a longer period?”

So here, we’ll talk about the importance of locks, types of locks, different models of locks for e-bikes, and ways you can safely lock your electric bike.

Importance Of Locks

It’s a common misconception that locking your e-bike makes it impossible for anyone to steal it. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Locks like alarms only serve as a warning.

However, alarms are a terrific idea to drive off the thieves, but they must be used in combination with a lock-in order to do so.

You can keep your electric bike safe by installing a GPS tracking device on it. There are also plenty of excellent choices available that can be hidden inside the model.

It is also possible to prevent theft by having a customized sticker designed that labels the bike as being safeguarded by GPS.

The two ways to reclaim your original bike are to have a record of your serial number and to have a GPS device. A lock that can’t be tampered with isn’t a lock at all. Even the most costly locks can be quickly and easily hacked using bolt cutters or a portable angle grinder.

So, why even use a lock if it is going to be cut through?

Keep in mind that the purpose of securing your electric from choosing your bike over another bike with less security. The most important consideration is how much time it will take to steal your electric bike.

What to do to lock your electric bike
An Electric Bike chain locked on a fence

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Types Of Locks

If you have a typical e-bike, U-locks may not be wide enough or long enough to wrap around your bike’s frame, rear wheel, and whatever you are locking it to. As a result, a folding lock or a chain is a better option.

Folding Locks

In my opinion, the Abus Bordo 6500 is the best folding lock with a Gold rating. While its locking circumference is roughly the same size as a regular u-lock, it is flexible, and you should be easily able to fit it around the body and the rear wheel.

You should consider it if it works well for your bike and the manner in which you want to secure it.

Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500/85cm (33.46 in) black - Folding lock, Bike lock, Security level 15

Chain Locks

You might also use a good chain lock. Locks less than 10 mm in diameter should be avoided, as they’re easier to cut with bolt croppers.

Secure chains are usually heavier than other types of locks. However, there is a wide range of options to choose from, so you should be able to find one that meets your requirements, no matter how big your wheels are or how thick the electric bike’s body is!

In order to get the greatest mileage out of any given length of chain, noose chains are ideal for electric bikes since they can be used with any bike. Noose chains from Kryptonite and Hiplok are very well-made and worth looking into.

The question is, though, how will you carry it? The seat post may be wrapped with shorter chains. Longer ones, on the other hand, are more difficult. Even though they’re heavy, they can be packed in a suitcase or backpack.

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Different Models Of Locks For An Electric Bike

OnGuard Brute Mini

Although chain locks are heavier and more costly, it does not mean they are less secure. The Brute is a little version that is both compact and powerful. Even with an angle grinder, this lock’s 16.88-millimeter shackle thickness makes it almost impossible to pick.

It’s compact, lightweight, and affordable. To ensure maximum safety, consider purchasing two of these for your electric bicycle.

Price: $74.95

Onguard Brute Mini Lock

ABUS Granit CityChain XPlus 1060

Heavily armed and flexible. ABUS has been making motorcycle and bicycle locks since 1924. Weighing around 6 lbs, the chain is hefty. This is because the steel hexagonal links are 10 millimeters thick, and the textile cover protects the paint from corrosion and any damage.

ABUS technology, which has been patented, offers an additional layer of defense against the hammer bolt cutter and saw twiddling and aggressive break-up efforts. Despite its size, it can be wrapped around a bike frame or even a person’s waist while they are traveling.

Price: $160

Abus Granit Citychain X-Plus 1060 Chain Bicycle Lock (3.5-Feet) , Black

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Ziplock E-DX

Ziplok’s wearable bike locks are also well-known. When you’re riding, just loop the chain around your waist or shoulder. A belt, pocket, or bag clip is all that’s needed for these U-Locks.

Interested in a product that’s been particularly engineered for use with an E-Bike? The Ziplock E-DX’s chain and D-lock combination could be just what you’re looking for. Both the D-lock and the chain are constructed of excellent, hardened 14-millimeter steel.

Price: $126.43

Hiplok Lock U Edx 14MM 8.5X15CM with 10MMx100CM Chain Black - EDX1AB


Folding locks are convenient, adaptable, and secure.

A scratch-resistant soft coating protects the hardened steel bars in this ABUS type lock’s body and links. To protect the lock from being cut through, the links are made using 5.5-millimeter thick metal links.

In terms of weight, the GRANIT XPlus 6500 is a little over three pounds.

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ABUS Frame Lock PRO TECTIC 4960

An electric bike lock from ABUS is an economical way to enhance the security of your electric bike. Locking your e-bike is as simple as dismounting and positioning the shackle.

Various tire and wheel sizes may be accommodated by the extra-large aperture. The locking mechanism, the 8.5-millimeter shackle, and the casing are all made of hardened steel. For travel, the rear struts can be easily attached.

Price: $40.00

TiGr mini Unlock

The TiGi mini unlock disc-style U-lock weighs just under a pound, ensuring that it doesn’t slow you down. Titanium is a durable metal, despite its relatively lightweight.

Road style electric bikes with thinner bodies may benefit from this model because of the shackle’s lower length.

It is as simple to use as attaching a bottle cage to your bike’s frame with the provided mounting clamps. Your bike’s frame is protected from scratches by the PVC covering.

Price: $125.00

Kryptonite Evolution Mini

Kryptonite’s tiny U-Lock is a great option if you’re looking for greater versatility in a lock. The disc locking mechanism and the 10-millimeter six-sided chain links are both difficult to pick and drill.

You may lock your front wheel and frame together with the use of a long, flexible wire that comes with it. In addition, it can be used to secure many bicycles with a single lock. The lock comes with an LED key fob and three stainless steel keys. Customers who connect their bikes with Kryptonite get free anti-theft protection.


Kryptonite New-U New York Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock BLACK/YELLOW, 10

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Safely Lock Your Electric Bike

These techniques should be implemented carefully to keep your electric bike safe.

Add Multiple Locks

When it comes to an electric bike, every component is expensive and can be easily removed. You need to make it almost hard to steal your electric bicycle. The best and easiest way to enhance security is to use several locks.

A combination lock like a U-lock and a D-lock should be your first proposed defense, but you may choose any other kind of lock you like. An excellent chain lock is a Hiplok GOLD, which does not need to be attached to the person when they are on the road.

Protect Your Battery And Other Equipment

If feasible, it’s a good idea to bring along batteries and other attachments that can be quickly removed, such as LEDs and monitors. However, this isn’t always feasible, so if you can, try to keep them safe.

A Z LOK or other simple, lightweight security knots may help keep your belongings safe from thieves. Some e-bikes also include pre battery locks, so be sure to secure them.

Remove The Front Wheel

Removing the front wheel and securing it to a permanent object is a really good idea when you have a bike with quick-release axles.

Your aim is to have the perp perform additional labor as soon as they get their hands on a half-built bike.

The same principle may be used for any kind of lock. It’s easy to move the ABUS foldable 5700 around a fixed point and through the frame and rear and front wheels since it’s 3 feet 3 inches long.

Much like a chain, a folding lock is difficult to cut through. It’s important to let the thieves feel your pain. This way, they’ll be less inclined to disturb you in the future.

Decide On An Appropriate Location

If there is a bike rack in the area, make use of it. You must never hide or cover up your bike. Bring your e-bike indoors whenever you can to prevent it from getting stolen.

Stay out of the dark! It’s best to leave your bike in a well-lit area during the day. If you can’t bring your bike inside, unlock your battery from the lock and carry it inside with you to avoid battery theft. The most important element of your e-bike is the battery, so be sure to keep it safe!

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Buy an Insurance Policy

If you want to keep your e-bike safe, make it more difficult to steal than any other bike around.

Take a picture of your bike and record the serial number so that if it is stolen, you can quickly identify it.

Choosing well-lit places can help you catch any bike thief before they can escape. Insurance for e-bikes is a relatively new option, but it’s a great one. You should consider purchasing supplemental insurance that covers theft and accidents.

Many people believe that their homeowner’s insurance coverage would cover bike theft, but this isn’t always the case, as the motor classifies it as a vehicle rather than property.

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Final Thoughts

We hope that now you know how to lock your e-bike to prevent theft. Apart from buying good-quality locks, it is also important to make use of multiple locks, protect your battery and other equipment, remove the front wheel, bring your e-bike indoors (if possible), park your car in a well-lit area, and buy an insurance policy.

Enhancing your security is important to deter a bike thief from choosing your bike against another bike with less security.

It is important to keep in mind that the cost of replacing the motor, battery,  and other equipment will be relatively high if your e-bike gets stolen. Make sure you never ride without first registering, locking, and insuring your bicycle.

Your decisions before you lock an electric bike will get you back on the road quicker than anyone else, and the only person who can stop the theft is you.