How to Put Tesla in Neutral?

If you want to put a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y into neutral, you can easily push the gear stalk up and down into the first position and hold it for a few seconds.

On the flip side, if you want to put your Tesla Model S or Model X in neutral, you have to put the gear lever up or down, but it depends on the position.

As far as the 2022+ model X or S is concerned, you have to press “neutral” on the screen.

Putting a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y in Neutral

Interestingly, both Tesla 3 and Y have almost the same gear shifting configurations. It is important to remember that you must press the brake pedal while your car is in the “park” mode.

To put either of the two models in neutral mode, you will move the gear stalk the same way you would do every time you have to drive or reverse.

You will continue to move the gear stalk with your foot pressing down on the brake pedal.

The car will let you know, the moment it enters neutral mode. Moreover, this way, you won’t have to put the car in park mode every time you have to park. The car will do it for you.

With your Tesla in Neutral, all you have to do is open the door, and the car will put itself in “park” mode.

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Putting the Model S and Model X in Neutral

Like any other vehicle, when you move towards more advanced versions, the operation and handling also become more delicate.

Similarly, to put your Tesla Model S or Model X in neutral mode, you need to use some finesse because the neutral mode is positioned between the drive and reverse modes.

As a result, the direction in which the shifter moves is dictated by the engaged gear.

To put your Model X or Model S in a neutral mode, you must bring the shifter into a central position.

Then, hold the shifter for a few minutes. If your Tesla is in drive mode, you have to move the shifter upwards and hold it there.

The display will let you know whether or not you have placed your Tesla in neutral mode.

How to Put Tesla in Neutral
How to Put Tesla in Neutral

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How to Put Your Tesla 2021+ Model X and Model S in Neutral?

Unlike previous models, the New Tesla Models 2021+ S and X have no gear shift. As a result, they follow a very different procedure.

Under the screen, there is another screen or a console to change the gear.

To place your Tesla 2021+ model X or model X in a neutral mode, you must press the car icon on the screen discussed above.

Once this icon is pressed, you have to press the neutral icon and keep pressing it until your vehicle pops into neutral mode.

This isn’t the only way to put your Tesla in neutral mode. You can also use the buttons underneath the machine to change gears.

When the S and X models rolled out in 2021, people were amazed by the cockpit style. What truly surprised them was the no gear and indicator shift.

Steering similar to the ones found in airplanes was also unique for Tesla enthusiasts.

However, not everyone was happy about driving a car that had no gear stalk. The company had to say something about it.

Elon Musk used Twitter to respond to his customers. He referred to the idea of a gear system as “annoying.”  Interestingly, with the new Tesla models, you don’t need a gear shift system.

All you have to do is buckle your seatbelt, and the car will do everything for you, depending upon your surroundings, where you are, and what you are doing.

With a car that does everything on its own, you don’t need to have a gearbox or a gear stalk to control the gears.

The console that we spoke of has a permanent car icon. You have to press it. Once you have pressed it, it will show you a neutral icon.

As we have discussed above, there are also gear buttons provided right under the central console. Because of these buttons, you won’t have to touch the console or the screen.

All you have to do is to press the letter “N,” and your car will automatically be placed in neutral mode.

If you talk about the shift buttons, they are located on either side of the hazard button on the console. You just have to touch the panel with the hazard buttons, and it will expose the shifter buttons to you.

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Put a Tesla into Neutral Using the Transport Mode

The moment your Tesla enters “transport” mode, the car will disengage the parking brake. As a result, the car will automatically enter neutral mode.

There is a reason why Tesla came up with this feature. Tesla wanted its cars to be mounted into flatbeds and dollies, which is why this feature exists in the first place.

Here are a few things you need to do to put your Tesla into Neutral from Transport Mode.

  • You need to make sure your car has a low voltage power.
  • The car should be in “park” mode.
  • You must hold the access control and the brake pedal control on the screen that we just spoke of.
  • First press “service” followed by “towing.”
  • Press the transport mode button until the color changes to blue.

Congratulations, parking mode is now disengaged. You can now tow the car at no more than 3per hour. However, it is better to follow Tesla’s direction for towing a vehicle.

According to Tesla, the vehicle should be towed for a maximum of 32.8 feet. If you follow these regulations, you can avoid overheating and damage to the components.

The truth is, there is no way you can engage the transport mode on your Tesla. However, it is the only way your Tesla will remain in a neutral mode after the door has been opened.

Usually, a car will disengage neutral mode after the door is opened, thus reverting the car back to the “parking” mode.

In order to put your car in “transport” mode, you have to follow special instructions. What happens typically is, once you access the “towing” section, you will get a message from Tesla.

They will advise you on the recommended way to transport your vehicle. As a driver, it is your job to follow each and every one of their instructions very carefully, or else you will end up damaging your car.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to Tesla vehicles, there might be a few questions that might pop up in your head regarding Neutral mode.

Can You Freewheel on a Tesla While It Is Neutral?

The answer is yes, but it is only possible in two situations. Sure, you can freewheel on a Tesla in neutral mode, but it is only possible when going downhill or coming to a stop.

However, no one is quite sure whether or not it increases your range. This is one of the reasons why the benefits of such an approach are debatable.

When it comes to ICE cars, to be able to freewheel, you have to depress the clutch or place the car in neutral. This allows gravity to act directly upon your car’s momentum, thus maintaining it.

Another benefit is that it minimizes fuel consumption in ICE vehicles, but it also carries several risks, which you must be aware of. 

Placing your Tesla in a neutral mode doesn’t affect the range count of your dash. Therefore, it is tough to say whether or not freewheeling a Tesla in neutral has any real benefits.

Instead of freewheeling, there is another option you must consider. You have to set the regen system on the lowest of settings to do so.

From there, you have to feather the accelerator to a point where there are no signs of energy change. As a result, the car continues to drive, thus allowing you to accelerate or decelerate whenever needed.

Most Tesla drivers aren’t huge fans of freewheeling on their Tesla while in neutral mode. If you look at it more deeply, you will realize there is not much gain from freewheeling when a Tesla is in neutral mode.

Moreover, by doing so, you tend to lose out on the braking power of your Tesla’s brake system, which uses kinetic energy.

This regenerative braking system on a Tesla stores kinetic energy, which increases the range of your Tesla.

It is not advisable to freewheel down a hill in neutral mode. The trick is to drive down a hill whilst in a “drive” mode. The regen settings should be set to maximum.

As a result, every time you apply the brakes, you will be feeding your batteries the power they need.

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Can We Put a Dead Tesla in Neutral?

The answer is “no” you cannot put a dead Tesla in Neutral. The low voltage battery runs the car’s computers. If the computers aren’t working, the car won’t be able to engage a gear, no matter how hard you try to do it.

However, what is a “dead” Tesla? A dead Tesla is the one that has used its low voltage power, and needs to be recharged in order to shift gears.

It sounds a little strange, but a Tesla can be fully charged, but at the same time, it may have no low voltage power.

The only solution to this problem is to externally charge the battery that has low voltage. Once there is sufficient charge, you can access the computer and place it in neutral. The sad part is a low voltage battery can kill your car.

The best thing to do is to operate these things manually because the low voltage battery is hard to access. Therefore, it is important to make sure your low voltage battery has sufficient juice, so it doesn’t present any added inconveniences.

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The Final Word

We hope you learned all there is to learn about putting a Tesla in Neutral. Here is what you need to do to place different models in neutral.

Model Y and Model 3: The gear stalk should be pushed up or down and held there for a few seconds.

Model X and Model S: You must push the gear stalk up and down, very gently, depending upon the position.

Tesla 2021+ Model S and Model X: You can either press neutral on the touch screen or at the bottom of the central console.

Teslas are delicate machines; you cannot apply your own rules to them, or else you will be wasting your investment. To keep your Tesla running smoothly, you must follow the company’s instructions, whether shifting gears, charging, or maintaining it.