How to Take Care of an Electric Bike Battery

Buying an electric bike may be easy, but maintaining it requires extra care. Many e-bike users overlook the importance of taking care of their e-bike parts. While e-bikes may require less maintenance than gas-based bikes, failing to keep up with periodic maintenance can cost you big time. We have the information you need if you wonder how to take care of an electric bike battery.

Today, we will look into the factors that can help you take good care of your e-bike battery.

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What Is an E-bike Battery Pack?

Before we jump to how you can take care of your e-bike’s battery, it is vital to understand what a battery pack is. A battery pack is a collective pack of smaller batteries combined to get a specific backup time.

The smaller cells inside an e-bike’s battery pack stack up to create a series of batteries. Each cell has a specific capacity to store energy.

When one cell charges completely, the next-in-line battery cell consumes the energy coming from the power source.

Following this method, all the cells inside a battery pack charge to deliver the required output. The specifications of a battery may vary depending on the e-bike’s motor type.

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The Battery-Range Relationship

Many e-bike users ask questions regarding the relationship between an e-bike’s battery and its range. To put it simply, the more the battery capacity, the longer will be the range of an e-bike.

The concept of range in electric bikes and cars is the same as mileage in gas-based vehicles. When you fill your bike’s tank with gasoline, you can travel a specific distance before you need another fill.

When it comes to electric vehicles, electric energy becomes the fuel source. Unlike gasoline, you need a power output to store electric energy.

The battery pack of an e-bike or car plays the role of a fuel tank. When you connect the battery to a charging source, it consumes electricity to charge its cells.

As soon as the cells charge entirely, the battery indicates a full sign in some way to cut the power supply until the next charge.

Since engine power determines the amount of fuel a vehicle consumes to cover a specific distance, the same rule applies to electric vehicles.

When you buy an e-bike, you may choose from the many options available on the market. Different e-bike brands offer varied specifications.

You may find a powerful motor in an e-bike. However, it may not have a longer range to offer. On the other hand, an e-bike with a less powerful motor may cover more miles on a single charge.

If your goal is to get a powerful performance from your e-bike, you may look for a model with a high-capacity battery pack to avoid frequent charges.

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The Weight Factor

Heavier vehicles require more power to move. The weight factor plays a crucial role in determining the battery life of an e-bike.

Lightweight e-bikes generally have a better range. This is due to the lightweight bike frame. Conversely, fat e-bikes offer a relatively lower range due to their heavy frame and wide tires.

When you ride a fat e-bike, the motor takes more energy from the battery pack to move the bike. Frequent charges can reduce the efficiency of your e-bike’s battery.

You may need to keep a spare pack to avoid battery-aging problems. Most e-bikes allow users to remove and swap batteries. This option comes in handy when you want to ensure battery maintenance.

Using a single battery may lead to earlier replacements costing you more. Moreover, the weak battery cells can damage the motor and other parts of the e-bike if not replaced in time.

Pro Tips for Battery Maintenance

To ensure on-time maintenance of your e-bike’s battery, we have covered a list of pro tips to help you take care of your battery pack.

Carefully Read the Manual

When you purchase an e-bike, it comes with a user manual to provide basic instructions, troubleshooting tips, and other information.

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Most people skip reading the manual and opt for a hit-and-trial approach. While many of them succeed, they most likely miss out on some important information in the manual.

Generally, the user manual also contains battery information. You can check the battery type, specifications, charging time, charger preferences, and cautions.

Reading these details can help you stay on the right track for maintaining your e-bike’s battery. If you do not receive a user manual when purchasing a bike, you may ask the dealership or download it from the company’s online resources.

Maintain Suitable Temperatures

The temperature is a core factor that plays a crucial role in your e-bike’s battery maintenance. Battery packs are highly sensitive to varying temperatures.

This is true for battery packs of all electronic devices. When you place it at a high temperature, the battery cells fail to store the electric charge properly.

Most EV experts recommend parking your electric vehicle away from the sunlight in hot weather to avoid affecting its efficiency.

On the flip side, cold temperatures can also reduce the performance of your e-bike’s battery. The cells of a battery require an optimal temperature to store energy from a power source.

If you park your e-bike outside and leave the battery on in winter, the battery may take more time to charge. If it happens frequently, the cells weaken, lowering the backup time.

To take proper care of your battery pack, keep it at room temperature (not too hot, not too cold) to avoid damaging its cells.

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Avoid Overcharging Your Battery

Regardless of the safety features, you may not want to risk the overcharging of your e-bike’s battery. Many bike owners habitually put their battery to charge despite less usage.

This practice can lead to poor battery efficiency. If you seldom use your e-bike, you may avoid charging it to the full. When left unused, the full charge can affect the cells’ life.

More importantly, most e-bikes and e-cars use lithium battery packs. While lithium batteries perform perfectly well, overcharging them can raise several problems.

When you leave the charger plugged in after the battery charges fully, it can overheat the cells causing them to warp.

An ideal solution for less frequent e-bike users is not to fully charge the battery. You can charge it to about 70 to 75% if it drops low.

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Watch Out for Drained Batteries

Like overcharging can damage your e-bike’s battery, leaving it empty may also invite trouble. Batteries function strangely. If you lose the balance in any form, your battery will most likely suffer.

Sometimes, e-bike owners leave their bike batteries empty until they use the bike again. While it may seem intelligent, empty cells can become weak over time.

Drained batteries, when left uncharged, can lose their backup efficiency. You may notice poor battery backup after charging your empty battery after a few weeks.

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Sometimes, the battery takes longer to charge after a long break. Moreover, leaving the battery empty and plugged into the bike can further reduce its efficiency.

E-bikes have several battery-powered components, including lights, cluster notifications, etc. When you leave the drained battery on, it may damage the bike’s connected parts.

To avoid any problems, it is vital to keep the battery charge above 30% at all times for proper maintenance of the battery pack.

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Always Use the Right Charger

We often take the leverage of using third-party chargers on many electronic devices. While some devices may work fine, using a different charger can greatly affect the battery’s life.

E-bikes are highly sensitive in this regard. The battery packs require official charging support to store energy. The dealership will provide an authentic charger when you purchase an electric bike.

It is crucial to use the same charger to recharge the battery pack. If you opt for third-party charging solutions, your bike’s battery may lose its efficiency.

It is worth noting that third-party battery chargers may work fine. However, the technical specifications may vary from those of the original charger.

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For example, some companies provide safe chargers to avoid voltage fluctuation while charging the battery pack. If you use a third-party charger on the same battery, the battery will most likely be at risk of receiving damage.

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Be Careful With Wet Cleaning

Cleaning your e-bike’s battery is essential. However, you may need to take a few mandatory precautions before doing it.

A rule of thumb for cleaning all types of batteries is to remove them from the device beforehand. In this case, you must unplug the battery from your bike and remove it before wet cleaning.

The terminals of batteries connect with the electronic components of the e-bike. You must avoid using a water jet to clean the power pack.

One of the recommended ways to wet clean is by using a piece of wet cloth to wipe the powerpack walls.

The most sensitive spot to clean is the battery terminals. Taking the necessary precautions before cleaning the terminal points would be best.

The ideal way to accomplish it is by using a piece of damp cloth to wipe off the terminals. Once cleaned, you can apply moderate amounts of grease.

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Detach Battery While Transporting

Heading for a road trip and taking your e-bike along? You may want to detach the battery first. Road trips can be full of challenges. You may cover different terrains before you reach your destination.

When you leave the e-bike’s battery on, it may bump into the bike’s frame. While most e-bike manufacturers provide proper housing for keeping the battery packs in place, bumpy trips can damage them.

Moreover, the storage compartment of your vehicle may not be temperature-friendly for your bike’s battery.

Experts recommend detaching the bike’s battery before leaving for a road trip. You can keep it safe inside the vehicle cabin and install it upon reaching the destination.

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Avoid DIY Repairs

Internet may be of great help mostly. However, sometimes it can land you into trouble. If your e-bike’s battery fails to perform or causes charging problems, you may want to contact the dealership.

There are many DIY solutions over the internet to improve the efficiency of your electric bike’s battery. However, you must avoid making self-repairs.

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Generally, electric bike manufacturers provide a warranty for different parts, including the battery pack. If you face charging problems, you can contact the company to claim your warranty.

If you open the battery to repair it yourself, it may void the official warranty, leaving you with more costs to pay.

Before you make a purchase decision, you must check the warranty status of the battery pack offered by the company.

Recycle Your Battery Pack

This tip is more of advice. If your electric bike’s battery pack needs replacement, you may dispose of the used battery properly.

Batteries contain chemicals that can harm humans, animals, and plants. Many users throw away the old batteries in the open or public dumpsters.

When batteries come in contact with the environment, the chemicals can release into the atmosphere due to temperature changes and pollute the environment.

Recycling the battery packs properly is crucial with the growing number of electric cars and bikes around the globe. 

You can find proper recycling instructions on the e-bike user manual to dispose of the batteries. Moreover, there are many helpful resources online to provide appropriate assistance in recycling battery packs.

How to Take Care of an Electric Bike Battery
How to Take Care of an Electric Bike Battery

The Takeaway

E-bike battery maintenance is crucial for better performance of the bike. The tips mentioned above can help you take care of your electric bike’s battery effectively.

Please note that the battery specifications may vary for differently powered e-bikes. You must check the capacity, charging time, and other details before buying a new e-bike.

In case of battery problems, you must consult with the authorized dealership for battery replacements. Third-party battery packs may damage your e-bike’s motor. If you want to purchase a new e-bike battery, you can explore different options online to find the best fit for your bike.

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