How To Turn Off Tesla Model 3

Tesla, today is still one of the frontrunners in the electric vehicles business. Tesla Motors Inc. came to the market with a single technology in hand that revolutionized the way of transport for this generation.

Before we dive into the Tesla Model 3 and how to use it and its power on and off feature, let’s take a look into the company and launch of the Tesla Model 3.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and the product architect, has stated in the Mission Statement that sustainable transport must be mass produced and given to the public as soon as possible; this has been the goal of the company since it was introduced in 2003.

The American global technology and clean energy corporation have its headquarters in Austin, Texas. Apart from selling electric vehicles, the company also produces photovoltaic solar panels and tiles for roofs, vehicle accessories, battery energy storage for both domestic and large-scale, and charging ports and other services.

Not only does Tesla provide electric vehicles, but it has also launched a charging network for Tesla users that only supports company-made vehicles. The charging station network is all across the globe, with more than 30,000 stations, including in the US.

The company started with a sports car “Tesla Roadster,” which competed with gasoline cars and their power to make an impact in the world. However, it wasn’t mass-produced since Tesla was a new startup in the early years when the 2010s rolled in. Only 2500 were sold before the production was stopped in January of 2012.

Launch Of Model 3

After generating enough revenue and brand name from Roadster, the next step was to launch mass production of the first relatively affordable vehicle in June 2012, the Model S sedan.

This was the first of the reinvented business model of Tesla that consisted of three phases: selling, services, and charging. The second car to follow the Model S was the Model X SUV in September 2015. While the third was Tesla Model 3.

In this post, we will explore the specifications and types of the Tesla Model 3 and answer one of the most frequently asked questions by users, how to turn off a Tesla Model 3, since not everything becomes more manageable with integrating artificial intelligence if one is not aware of how to use it.

The third model that Tesla launched in 2017 is the Model 3, a basic name for super complicated technology. The undisputed king of the new and innovative electric automobile technology, Tesla ensured that this model played a big part in making electric vehicles available to the public.

The Model 3 has always been advertised as an economical electric vehicle. Although this model is still the cheapest one among all other models by Tesla, it still isn’t anywhere near in affordable range.

The recent inflation has also affected the automobile industry, and rates for both gasoline and electric vehicles have skyrocketed.

In accordance with the current market structure, earlier this year, the cheapest tesla model 3 with zero upgrades landed the base market price of $48,490. This is one big hike considering the value was around $35000 around the start of 2021. However, some of the new features were added to accommodate the price.

The upgraded Model 3 has a new horn, alarm, and speaker integration into its horn; it is known as Superhorn. The other features include a more prominent infotainment display, power trunk lid, higher level of drive-assist technology, two ports for wireless charging devices, and a new wheel design.

Types of Tesla Model 3

There are three types of Tesla Model 3: Standard Range Plus, Long Range Model 3, and Performance Model 3. The prices and some specs vary for each category of Model 3.

Standard Range Plus Model 3

The standard model is the cheapest of the categories; the starting price of this model is $46,900. The model offers only RWD (rear-wheel drive motor) mode, and the mileage is 272 miles on a single charge.

The highest speed it can achieve is 140 miles per hour. The acceleration of the car from 0 to 60 takes approximately 5.8 seconds.

With all the upgrades such as 19-inch sports wheels or customizations and red paint, the price of this car can reach above $60,000.

Long Range Model 3 AWD

The next is the Long Range Model 3, an upgrade from Standard Model Plus because it has dual electric all-wheel drive motors. This model has a base price of $57,990 and then, with upgrades, can reach around $70,000. The car has an acceleration rate of 4.2 seconds and goes from 0 to 60. It has a top speed of 145 miles per hour and a driving range of 334 miles in one full charge.

Performance Model 3 AWD

The last of the model categories is the Performance Model 3, which is currently starting from $62,990 and, with additional accessories and customizable options, can reach $80,000. This model also contains dual electric all four-wheel drive motors like Long Range.

However, the total mileage by this model is less than Long Range; it only provides 313 miles in one charge. However, it compensates for this setback by giving 162 miles per hour of maximum speed.

The mentioned ways are the only options to turn off any model of Tesla Model 3.

How To Turn Off Tesla Model 3

Electric vehicles are very different from traditional vehicles in fueling methods and other features that are hard for new electric vehicle users to get used to. One of the users’ most important and weird feelings is the turning-off mechanism of electric vehicles, especially the Tesla Model 3.

This is a common model and has been sold to many people, so questions like these keep coming, such as “Is my Tesla actually off?” or “Does the engine turn off by itself?”

If you are looking to get the same satisfaction of cutting the engine by keys or power on/off button, then you are in for some disappointment and just need to get used to the new normal

Three Different Ways To Turn Off Tesla Model 3

The first thing to always remember about Tesla cars is that they never are really turned off. Some of its features are always running in the background. We can think of this mode as the standby mode for the car.

So, how to turn off Tesla model 3, and are there different ways to do it? Well, there are different percentages and levels to which you can decrease the power consumption of a Tesla Model 3, but there are not necessarily other methods to it.

The Walking Away Method

The walking away method is the first way to turn down power consumption. The driver can simply walk away from the car, and the infotainment system will detect the mobile app connected to the car’s intelligent system. When it is out of detection range, the vehicle will start turning off.

This is the simplest of the methods, which only requires you to put the car in park mode, which will automatically turn off the display and the HVAC system of the vehicle; the driver has to get out and close the door on the way out.

If there is no human in the vehicle, the system will detect that, and all systems will turn off immediately. The electrical activity of the car will shut down after 15 minutes on standby mode.

For the gasoline engine drivers, getting used to this feature is a hassle because it keeps them confused and panicked about what if the car self-starts and moves away. However, this will never happen unless the car’s artificial intelligence system malfunctions, which is rare.

How To Put Tesla Model 3 To Sleep?

The next method of turning off a Tesla Model 3 is to put it into deep sleep mode. The Tesla goes into slumber mode if it rests for hours on its own.

If you leave the car for an overnight charge at home or park it in the parking area at your office for long hours, this will automatically switch off every feature of the car. When you turn on the Tesla app on your phone, it will show that the Tesla Model 3 is waking up so that you can access the features.

This inactive self-system is fantastic for drivers who entirely forget to kill the engine. Usually, the keys are responsible for turning off the engine and the car’s battery. Sometimes, when people are in a hurry, they forget the battery part, which drains out the battery juice. However, this is not the case in the self-mode of the Tesla Model 3 or perhaps any model by Tesla.

The Power Off Feature

The third option for turning off a Tesla Model 3 is using the car’s touchscreen and activating the powering-off mechanism. This is just a three-step process; first, the user has to go into the Controls Menu and then to the Safety and Security tab. In this section, the user finds the Power Off tab, and by clicking it, the user can activate the shutting down.

The touch screen will show the user a warning message describing the process of turning the car back on. There are two ways to turn the Tesla Model 3 back on, one is to touch the screen, and the other is to put the foot on the brake.

Since these are relatively new ways to turn off a vehicle because the public is so accustomed to the keys turning in the classic cars or using power on/off buttons leaving the car by just walking away when it is in park mode seems a bit unorthodox.

So, there is another way to get more peace of mind and be sure that your Tesla Model 3 is safe. The next step is to use the locking method to lock away Tesla Model 3.

How To Lock A Tesla Model 3?

The method to lock away the Tesla car is to enable the Walk-Away Door Lock feature. The user needs to go into the Controls section on the central touch screen to allow this feature. In this section, there is a left panel where the option of Locks is written.

Click on it and then tap on the Walk-Away Door Lock option. The doors and Trunk of Tesla cars automatically lock when the user walks away after closing the door if this feature is turned on.

How To Turn Off Tesla Model 3
How To Turn Off Tesla Model 3

Why Should You Invest In Tesla Model 3?

Tesla Model 3 is an all-in-one feature car for its available price. It is an understood fact that the next generation has to adopt the safest transport option to make up for the damage done by gasoline by aiding pollution.

Not to mention that the ride is smooth and comfortable with autopilot mode. Furthermore, features like self-start, auto power off, and all the mileage that these cars have in one charge are admirable. They outperform in areas where gasoline parts are not up to the mark.

A single infotainment display controls all the features, from starting the engine to stopping it, everything is on the screen, or if you are away from your car, it is on your phone app.

The Tesla Model 3 has managed to get a bit of everything that one can imagine in a car and even more. From rapid acceleration time to long range, spacious for a family and an overall luxurious way of traveling can be bought for a lower price.

Concluding It All

The Tesla Model 3 is a vehicle that is self-enabled through the Tesla app; as the technology is integrated into the car, it is an intelligent vehicle that senses the driver and gets ready by the commands on the app.

It is essential to understand that the motion sensors will get activated and gets into drive mode. This is why when you doubt, don’t double-check if the car is locked. Always remember never to leave the key card of the car and the phone connected to the vehicle in the car.

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