KTM Electric Dirt Bike vs. Gas

Even though they seem similar, there are several differences between a KTM electric dirt bike and a gas bike. A dirt bike can be used for two activities – motocross and off-roading. Depending on your lifestyle and how you plan to use your bike, you must decide between an electric or gas bike.

Bike brands like KTM have developed groundbreaking technology that shows what electric bikes are capable of. Due to this, electric bikes are becoming more popular than gas bikes, especially in terms of looks, power, and technology.

This article will compare a KTM electric dirt bike with a gas bike in detail so that you can understand which bike would suit your needs best. We will examine the strengths and weaknesses of both and gauge which bike has better performance.

KTM Electric Dirt Bike

Electric bikes have been around since the 1890s, but it was not until the early 2000s that manufacturers started selling them in the mass market. Before this period, electric dirt bikes were not as popular and could only be purchased by a handful of people.

During this time, electric dirt bikes started using light lithium-ion batteries rather than heavy lead-acid batteries. This allowed manufacturers to produce more lightweight electric dirt bikes and make them more accessible.

Before you can use an electric bike, you must charge your bike’s battery. Usually, you can expect to charge an electric dirt bike for 2 to 6 hours, based on the maximum range they provide. In most cases, if a bike produces a higher range, it will charge faster.

Moreover, electric dirt bikes do not have fuel pipes, fuel, or combustion. This means they have an easy start-and-run process and do not make any mess. The engine of a KTM electric dirt bike does not need to be warmed up. It will continue to run till its battery runs out of charging.

The best part about the KTM electric bike is its lightweight frame and excellent balancing components, making it a fantastic choice for adults and teenagers who wish to go off-roading or moto-crossing.

Gas Dirt Bikes

Gas dirt bikes fall into two categories- two-stroke and four-stroke. These bikes feature internal combustion engines with a crankshaft, fuel, exhaust, pistons, and cylinders.

Gas bikes are powered with the help of ignition as a combination of fuel and air are used to move the pistons up and down inside the cylinder, providing power to the crankshaft. You can play around with the speed of a dirt bike by gaining control over the transmission and clutch.

Even though gas dirt bikes were produced in the late 1890s, they became popular across the globe much sooner than electric bikes. The KTM gas dirt bike can be used in rough riding using robust materials.

If you plan on riding on rugged trails, you will be impressed by how perfect a gas dirt bike could be for you.

A two-stroke model is for children fond of riding, whereas the four-stroke model is used in professional races and can be used by adults with plenty of experience riding dirt bikes.

Of course, gas dirt bikes are much louder than electric dirt bikes as they have more robust motors and provide a much higher speed range.

KTM Electric Dirt Bike vs. Gas

Apart from their power source, electric dirt bikes are different from gas bikes. Gas bikes are heavier, cheaper, noisier, less efficient, and pricier to maintain. However, they have a longer range.

On the other hand, electric bikes are more efficient, quieter, slower, lighter, expensive, and cheaper to maintain. Moreover, they have a shorter range.

Here are some key differences you should be aware of:

1. Electric Dirt Bikes Deliver Instant Power and Torque

When looking at performance, one cannot deny that the KTM electric dirt bike has a clear advantage over the gas bike.

Because of their lower revolutions per minute (RPM), internal combustion engines (ICE) are known to cause less torque. Hence, this allows users to use peak power and utmost torque, especially when the engine uses a high RPM rate.

However, this takes some time to achieve. On the other hand, electric engines can reach their peak torque and power even if there are 0 revolutions per minute.

Hence, it doesn’t matter how strong a gas bike is or how high its CC is; it cannot be compared to the instant torque electric engines provide. The KTM electric bike can go from 0 to 60 mph within 2.7 seconds, allowing riders to quickly get out of the way if they feel like they are going to hit another vehicle or accelerate whenever they want to feel the rush of riding a bike.

2. Electric Bikes Require Less Maintenance

If you are looking for a bike that does not require too much maintenance, you need to understand that gas bikes come with loads of problems that require time and effort to deal with. Bike maintenance can be a pain, especially if you are someone who wants to ride your bike every single day.

Fortunately, electric dirt bikes do not use carburetors, valves, pistons, or other components that need special care. This makes them easy to maintain and fuss-free vehicles to invest in.

With an e-bike, all you have to do is charge it, pump the tires, ensure that the brakes are functioning, check the chain, and jump on to enjoy your ride.

3. Electric Bikes Help Save Money

At first glance, you might think that the KTM electric dirt bike is more expensive than the gas bike, but let us explain why it is not as expensive as you think:

Electric Vehicle Incentives and Grants in America

There are many incentives for using an electric bike, such as the electric motorcycle tax credit. In the long run, this can help you save loads of money. You can easily save up to $7,500 when using an electric bike using state and federal incentives.

Gas Prices

In June 2022, the average price of gas in the US hit a record high and was recorded at $5 a gallon. Now think about how much fuel a gas bike would take. With electric bikes, you have to charge them, which means you pay three times less than if you had a gas bike.

Low Maintenance

Electric bikes do not require much maintenance. Not only does this help save money, but it also saves ample time, especially since you do not have to get your bike serviced as often.

We admit that you might feel overwhelmed looking at the price of an electric bike, especially if you compare it with a gas bike. However, keep in mind that the price of the KTM electric dirt bike does not reflect the amount of money you will save in the long run.

4. The KTM Electric Dirt Bike is More Comfortable

No one can deny that electric bikes are more comfortable than gas bikes. This claim may be unbelievable if you have never experienced riding on the KTM electric dirt bike. However, once you get an electric bike, you can never go back to a gas bike.

Let’s talk about why. When riding a gas bike, you will first notice the vibrations- it doesn’t matter if you are riding the bike or waiting at a traffic signal; the vibrations can rattle your bones.

Newer models of gas bikes have trumped this issue to an extent, but the vibrations do not go away completely. Electric bikes, however, do not vibrate, allowing you to ride in peace.

5. Lowers Noise Pollution

One of the most significant benefits of electric bikes is that they are extremely quiet, especially compared to gas bikes. Of course, a certain set of individuals enjoy loud bikes, but one cannot deny that this noise leads to noise pollution.

Electric bikes are great if you do not want to wake your neighbors up in the middle of the night when you come home from the bar on the weekend.

Moreover, riding an electric bike is also peaceful as you can enjoy the sounds of nature in your surroundings.

Keep in mind that electric bikes are not entirely silent. The gear reduction and chain drive do result in some sound. When going at high speed, the bike can get louder. However, regardless of the sound it produces, it is quieter than a gas bike.

6. Electric Bikes are More Convenient

When comparing the KTM electric dirt bike with the gas bike, we have to point out how convenient the e-bike is. Previously, the electric bikes that were produced had a short range, and there were not many charging infrastructures which caused them to be more of a nuisance to deal with.

However, electric bikes have become more popular over the years, and DC and Level 2 chargers have boomed on roads. This means that electric bikes offer a higher range today and can be on the road for longer without running out of charge.

Moreover, with e-bikes, you no longer have to wake up early in the morning to make a trip to the gas station. Instead, you can charge your bike without ever leaving your home. Since there are so many charging ports available in every area today, you can also charge your bike at work or a coffee shop.

7. E-Bikes are Eco-Friendly

One cannot deny that the KTM electric dirt bike is better for the environment as it helps lower carbon emissions, saving the planet a little bit every single time a user purchases it.

Over the decades, CO2 emissions have taken a toll on climate change. All over the world, temperatures are increasing and decreasing like never before, which calls for a change.

If climate change is not addressed now, it will cause massive floods, droughts, and rain spells in different parts of the world, leading to global damage.

Bikes that use internal combustion engines do not help reduce worldwide pollution. Instead, they are to blame. Electric bikes, on the other hand, are known as green vehicles. This is why there are so many government incentives available.

These incentives encourage citizens to switch to electric vehicles while reducing our combined carbon footprint on the earth.

KTM Electric Dirt Bike vs. Gas
KTM Electric Dirt Bike vs. Gas

KTM Electric Dirt Bike vs. Gas – The Final Verdict

The KTM electric dirt bike has so many advantages that it makes the gas bike look and feel centuries old. One cannot deny that e-bikes are the future of the world, especially in the United States.

Even though gas bikes will not disappear overnight, the scales have definitely shifted as more and more companies across the world increase their production of electric bikes, and demand for gas bikes starts to fall.

Riders who want comfort, superior performance, a feeling of safety, and a sleeker design should invest in the KTM electric dirt bike.

However, if you want to feel a greater adrenaline rush and want control of your bike’s speed, a gas dirt bike would suit your needs better than an electric one.

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