Luxury Electric Car Companies: Here are the Top Luxury EVs To Buy

Electric vehicles have taken over the world by storm, and automakers are adding more and more electric vehicles to their product lines every year.

Unfortunately, when it comes to energy usage, the transportation industry has a reputation for being highly inefficient. With risks like global warming, it’s tempting to lose faith in our ability to change course.

Fortunately, there is a silver lining: technological businesses from many backgrounds attempt to make even the least ecologically friendly industries more sustainable, including the transportation sector.

Electric cars are superior to gas automobiles because they are more energy-efficient, allowing consumers to lower their carbon footprint and beneficial environmental impact.

Electric vehicle technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, moving from a niche luxury item to the new industry norm.

Everyone is working on electric vehicles, from well-known existing manufacturers to emerging brands like Lucid, Bryton, and Rivian. Sports cars, freight trucks, bikes, and a slew of other things meant to make travel easier, faster, and more environmentally responsible are now available as electric vehicles.

Luxury Electric Car
Luxury Electric Car

The electric car market has recently received a lot of attention in the auto industry, and with good reason. Every month or so, we learn about a slew of new electric vehicles and crossovers on their way to the United States from various automakers, big and small.

Who builds the greatest electric automobile is frequently raised, and there is no straightforward answer.

Consumers looking for the proper electric vehicle, like those looking for gasoline automobiles, have various driving demands and desires, and the best electric car for you could not be the best electric car choice for someone else.

Certain companies emphasize luxury, while others offer you top-notch performance. Some highlight the capabilities and convenience of an SUV body style, while others combine elements of all of these characteristics in one vehicle.

Most Electric vehicles come from newer and more ‘disruptive’ outfits that you may not have heard of before, while established automotive industry powers are switching over to develop their own electric cars.

Luxury Electric Car Companies

Many major manufacturers have already announced dates for when they will begin or complete the phase-out of internal combustion engines.

This article will talk about what car companies produce great luxury all-electric cars that you would want and love to own.

Some of these companies are still in their start-up stage and have yet to deliver their first cars, while some are well-known household names in the vehicle industry.

Luxury Electric Car Companies
Luxury Electric Car Companies


Audi will stop developing new internal combustion engine models by the end of 2026 and focus completely on full-electric drivetrains as the Volkswagen Group’s affordable luxury brand, thanks to a $42 billion investment over five years.

Audi intends to introduce approximately 70 all-electric vehicles across all of its brands by 2030, within this time period, according to the company.

Audi’s e-Tron, e-Tron Sportback, and e-Tron GT are the company’s current full-electric vehicles.


The BMW i3 was one of the first electric vehicles on the market. Despite being on the market since 2013, it still performs admirably, thanks to its continuous battery capacity upgrades.

BMW plans to introduce new electric vehicles as part of its new ‘Power of Choice’ sustainability plan, which commits the company to sell more than seven million plug-in hybrid and pure-electric vehicles by 2030.

Faraday Future

Faraday Future is a global shared intelligent transportation ecosystem centred in California. Faraday Future, founded in May 2014, expects to produce 2,400 electric vehicles next year, followed by over 38,000 electric vehicles in 2023 and more than 300,000 vehicles in 2025.

This California electric car company, named after English scientist Michael Faraday, who developed electromagnetic induction, has been working on a Tesla-killing hatchback sedan for seven years and has raced in Formula E racing with its 701-EV.


By 2025, everything will be electric! Jaguar’s headline revelation is a major jump forward from today, given that the company has only produced one electric vehicle to date. Jaguar is now the largest legacy automaker to commit to electric vehicles in the future.

We don’t know much about the upcoming Jaguar EVs, but we’ll find out soon enough—2025 is like the day after tomorrow in terms of automobile development, especially when it comes to electric vehicles.

Luxury Electric Cars
Luxury Electric Cars


Carlos Tavares, the CEO of Stellantis, the company which owns the Maserati brand, has stated that every new car launched between now and 2025 will include at least one electric model.

The new Maserati GranTurismo that will be available in 2022 will debut with a fully new pure-electric drivetrain. The GranTurismo is meant to compete with the likes of the Porsche Taycan and the Tesla Model S.


The world’s preeminent luxury automobile company is shifting from electric-first to electric-only, rushing toward an emissions-free and software-driven future.

Mercedes claims that by 2022, every segment will have a fully electric vehicle, and by 2025, every model sold will have a pure-electric model.

Mercedes has given all of its electric car models an EQ prefix, followed by a letter that matches the class size of matching combustion vehicles, to make its electric lineup easy to understand. So far, we’re anticipating an EQA compact crossover.


Polestar, Volvo’s performance, and luxury electric car brand, aims to combine high-tech features with current and modern Swedish aesthetics.

Polestar and Volvo (and several other Chinese brands) are owned by China’s Geely brand, with Polestar serving as the electric industry’s standard-bearer.

Polestar’s Polestar 2 was the company’s first pure battery-electric vehicle, and all future Polestars are intended to be electric as well, establishing Polestar as a full-fledged electric vehicle manufacturer.

Their arsenal includes the Polestar 3, a bigger SUV built on the Volvo XC90 platform, targeting competitors such as the Jaguar I-Pace, Tesla Model X, and the Audi E-Tron.


By 2025, Porsche plans to invest over 15 billion euros in electric mobility, digital transformation, and sustainable manufacturing. In 2025, the business anticipates half of the Porsche models delivered to be electric cars.

Porsche is embracing the new electric global order by introducing a Macan EV based on the PPE platform co-developed with Audi, complementing the current Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo models.

Anyone who still believes that electric cars can’t be sporty, flashy, and quick couldn’t be any more wrong.

Porsche expects at least 80% of its vehicles sold worldwide to be partially or completely electric by 2030.

Car companies making luxury electric vehicles
Car companies making luxury electric vehicles


Rivian is an electric vehicle manufacturer and automotive technology firm based in the United States created in 2009. They are based just outside of Detroit and are poised to turn the automobile industry upside down.

Yet to construct and deliver a single car, Rivian appears to be the most stable and least likely to fail of all the electric car start-up companies. According to what we’ve seen so far, the R1T pickup and R1S SUV are attractive, feature-rich, strong, and quick.

Amazon has already contracted Rivian for deliveries of over 100,000 Rivian Prime Vans.


The most well-known and recognizable electric vehicle maker is probably Tesla. They are an all-electric automobile company, with exclusively plug-in electric vehicles in their lineup.

Tesla as a company deserves a lot of credit for making electric vehicles cool to own, and the electric vehicle manufacturer is working hard to maintain them that way.

The stealth-fighter Cybertruck, with its deployable ramps, and the 8.8-second-quarter-mile, 620-mile-range, 250 miles per hour Tesla Roadster with optional SpaceX thrusters, are undoubtedly Tesla’s most avant-garde effort.

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This California company, which began as a battery technology company in 2007, stated in 2016 that it would create a Tesla-rivaling electric four-door sedan. Since then, Lucid Motors has had a $1 billion investment from Saudi Arabia.

The Lucid Air is a brand-new all-electric, high-performance luxury electric vehicle with a range of up to 517 miles, 1080 horsepower, and a zero-to-60 time of just 2.5 seconds.

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There is no longer any question that the automobile industry is transitioning to electric vehicles. Every major carmaker is introducing battery vehicles, and plug-in hybrid models are becoming commonplace.

You have to consider comfort, amenities, pricing, efficiency, performance, utility, and tech features when choosing the best luxury electric cars to suit your needs.