Ranger R1 Electric City Bike

Electric bikes are a step into the future – they have improved our lives, making it easier for us to ride through the busy streets, roads, and terrains in minutes. These rechargeable bikes can travel more than your regular bike and don’t even require fuel; thus, less money and more savings. You get to your destination much quicker, and it offers plenty of health benefits.

The Turboant’s Ranger R1 Electric City Bike is one bike built for city-life use. It is known as the competent city traveling solution. Its wide scope and spin make it ideal for a traveler’s bike. Whether you need to climb some hills or ride a bumpy terrain, Ranger R1 electric city bike is what you need.

Ranger R1 Electric City Bike
Ranger R1 Electric City Bike

This article will provide everything you need to know about the Ranger R1 electric city bike. Let’s get right into it!

All About the Ranger R1 Electric City Bike

It offers a high-performing, advanced riding experience that’ll have you wondering why you didn’t buy this before.

500W Hub Drive Motor

Enables the riders at a fast pace alongside giving them good influence and a tailwind force on slopes.

Rupture-Resilient Tires

Allows your riding experience to be secure and pleasant with extraordinary strength.

28 Mph Maximum Pace

Offers you an even and speedy ride with the help of pedal assistance.

60-Mile Highest Range

Solves your daily commutes, holiday traveling, and weekday or weekend urban exploration plans.

The features that the Ranger R1 electric city bike offer is very practical and modern-day, and they give the rider much-needed confidence.

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3- Level Pedal Assist

This feature is perfect for all types of roads and rides. It is highly important and greatly impacts how the bike responds to pedaling input. It affects how much force the Ranger R1 electric city bike will add to your pedaling efforts.

The bike comes with four modes, such as 0 (none) and three other pedal assist levels. This is an ideal ride if you are a two-wheel traveler or indulge in hardcore workouts.

6.3 Inch Disc Brake

Brake wherever and whenever you want. This disc brake feature will give you a sense of security that the brake will work the minute you press on it.

The 7-Speed Derailleur & Integrated technology

An excellent feature that adds both excitement and swiftness to your ride. The Ranger R1 electric city bike allows you a Shimano drivetrain and seven gears available, all at the convenience of a thumb shifter.

The Shimano derailleur is rock-solid and offers great adaptability. It takes no in making modifications according to your preferences.

However, the bike’s best feature is how it can customize both the seven-speed gear and the three-pedal assist levels. Once combined, you get various options for amplifying both the speed and range of the inner-city electric bike.


The stunning details on the Ranger R1 electric city bike will have you drooling all over it. The detail angled design is for the metropolitan population who take their rides seriously. The design is such that it offers you an easy-going and stress-free ride.

Steadfast Battery

The battery is extremely reliable and allows the e-bike to go fast and farther than you anticipated.  

Throttle Lock

The throttle lock is a short-term disabler that comes into play when you require instant and temporary advanced protection.

IP65 Waterproof

Regardless of the weather, this will allow your bike to survive any water destruction and keep the riding function consistent.

2 W LED Headlight & Taillight

It helps in enhancing your visibility in dark or foggy areas and advances protection. However, it does not offer an LCD compared to the other fat, tired electric bikes. It doesn’t come with a speedometer. The design is simple yet gives you what you want.


The best part about this bike is that it comes 90% pre-assembled and has a tool kit with everything you need to get the bike ready to ride. It has an easy-to-follow manual for all your riding preferences.

You need to join the handlebars, secure the forward-facing wheel, pop on the fender, and fasten the levers. Now take a good look at the bike, and lastly, adjust the seat of the electric bike according to how you like it and are comfortable riding.

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Battery Life

The Ranger R1 electric city bike’s battery is three years. It takes up to seven hours to fully charge the battery, and it gives you a range of sixty miles.

It is, however, influenced by various factors such as riding habits, terrains, charging operations, battery maintenance, etc. It is advised to follow the user manual for battery maintenance.

Even though this electric city bike can run as any regular bike once the battery dies, it is preferred to ride it with the battery charged.

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How Does the Ranger R1 Electric City Bike Function?

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Most people will be surprised to know that the Ranger R1 electric city bike works like a standard bike until you turn on its battery; once you start the brushless engine in the rear wheel’s hub, its sets into action.

The three pedal assist types work their magic and power the bike with a 500-watt brushless motor that supplies the effort you require to pedal.

The three modes, low, medium, and high add the designated power you need. While low and medium will add some power and do most of the hard work for your ease, the high mode will override your cycling with the 500-watt motor.

If you’re riding around the city with no slopes, just straight roads, the low and medium modes will work fine. However, if you are climbing uphill, the high mode is what will get you there.

The right way to go about it is to start with the pedaling assistance modes turned off and then switch to the low mode to assess how it runs initially. As you stop pedaling, the Ranger R1 begins to glide.

And once you are truly ready and wish to drive the electric city bike straight away, you must press the red button that’ll allow you to secure the physical twist throttle. If you want to enable the bike to deliver its actual power, this works best for it.

The Ranger R1 electric bike is fast and ideal for daily commute. The Tektro Aries brake pedals are enough to make the bike stop in one go, so you have nothing to worry about in small intersections and lanes.

The trick to getting more mph is pedaling when the pedaling assistance mode is inactivated. Once you put your electric bike on low-slung and average pedal-assist modes, you don’t need to put any effort. All you need to do is sit and enjoy the ride.

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Detachable Battery for Security Purposes

The best part about lithium-ion batteries is that when they charge inside, their lifespan increases.

The Ranger R1 electric bike is a smart one. It comes with a removable and lockable battery. With the help of two keys provided by Turboant, you can unlock the battery in minutes from the border.

Additionally, when the battery isn’t attached to the bike, it will less likely get stolen. The price of this battery is between two to six hundred dollars and can be substituted anywhere. The battery life varies on often you use the pedaling assistance modes.

Advantages Of the Ranger R1 Electric Bike

If you’re still thinking about why getting the Ranger R1 electric bike is a good option, a few benefits will help clear your doubts.

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Assisted Biking

Give you the pedaling the boost it needs! You don’t have to worry about putting in too much effort and draining yourself completely while you roam around the city for your daily commute.

This feature allows you to have less stress and be easy on your knees and thighs. No more sweaty rids, only easy-going and enjoyable ones that’ll let you put less concentration into pedaling and more on the view and what’s around you.

It will help you keep up with other kids in the family who ride fast. And who said you couldn’t ride a terrain or climb uphill? Thanks to the three different modes – you can choose high and conquer any hill.

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Fast And Flexible

The advanced technology used in this bike gives you the added power you never knew you needed! You can cover several miles in minutes compared to when you pedal solely.

If you wish to fly across the city for a meeting or class, this will help you reach on time. There’s no place you can’t go quickly with this bike.

Improved Fitness

There is less preference being given to cars these days. It’s all about keeping yourself healthy and fit.

The Ranger R1 electric bike allows you to do just that. Even though you get extra support and pace with the help of assisted pedal, it is still a daily ride that will enable you to relax mentally and physically and is a change from the home environment. Times when you don’t have a battery, you can pedal yourself.

Cutting Back on Your Expenses

If you are someone who has been concerned about the rising prices of fuel and have decided to cut down on it, trust us, it is by far the best decision that you’ll make. You don’t have to pay for fuel! You will end up saving so much more than you anticipated.

Yes, we agree that an electric bike is a one-time investment, but if you maintain it, it’ll last you a long time, and you won’t be stuck paying your car or fuel bills. This way you can spend on other important things such as yourself, your kids, parents, etc.

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Global warming is no joke. Every individual needs to play their part in keeping the environment safe and control ourselves from further destroying it.

The earth is dying, something or the other is happening worldwide, and it is a sad state to live in. with so much going on, the least we can do is stop polluting the air we breathe daily. And a step in the right direction would be an electric bike.

They Are the Future

Electric bikes are the future of transportation, so it’s better to hop onto the bandwagon early. With smarter counterparts being made for these bikes, they are on their way to even more advancements.

It is a smart idea to get an electric bike that makes your daily commute around the city easier for you, saves up on your cost, and allows you a safe and stress-free ride.

Final Verdict: Is the Range R1 for Me?

The Turboant Ranger R1 electric city bike is an excellent choice if you are always on the go and have a busy city life. With so much going on, you need something that’ll transport you from one stop to another with less cost, high safety, and advanced features, and that definitely won’t be your car.

Thanks to the bike lanes, you can cross thin areas with this bike and won’t have to wait long for traffic. The pedal-assist technology packed with the resilient battery, water, and puncture-resistant abilities makes the bike an ideal option for you.

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