Riding an Electric Bike for the First Time [Top Tips Every Novice Rider Should Know Before]

Purchasing a new electric bike can be an exciting experience. Most electric bikes can cost the same as a gas-powered car, and hence a first-time owner is always thrilled to afford one.

An electric bike may look like a regular bike; however, it needs more practice than its regular counterpart. An electric bike can hit much higher speeds due to the additional electrical assistance.

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Riders who are inexperienced in handling a high-speed bike may lose balance and crash. Hence the new rider must practice sufficiently before hitting the road.

Riding an Electric Bike for the First Time

Why is Riding an Electric Bike for the First Time a Big Deal?

An electric bike is a technologically advanced version of the regular bike most people have grown up riding. While an electric bike’s basic design is extremely similar to a regular bike’s, its mechanism and ride are not.

Unlike a regular bike that mainly requires the rider to practice balance and control, riding an electric bike can be a far more challenging experience for new riders.

This is why riding an electric bike involves some legal regulations that a regular bike does not. Riders below the age of fourteen are not legally allowed to ride an electric bike publicly in most countries. 

Moreover, a few countries even require a formal licensing procedure before allowing someone to ride an electric bike on public roads.

The main differentiating factor that has led to such laws and regulations being put in place is the electric bike’s battery.

An electric bike comes with an electric battery that supplies electrical assistance to the bike’s tires, allowing it to gain speed and momentum. 

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When a rider begins to peddle their electric bike, the built-in electrical motion sensors pick on the rider’s pedaling motion and cause the electric motor to turn on automatically.

The electric motor takes the electric charge from the battery stored as chemical energy and converts it into kinetic energy.

The kinetic energy is then passed down to the electric bike’s tires through the energy transmitter, and as a result, the electric bike picks up speed.

Although a rider can manually control and adjust the level of electrical assistance and speed that they are comfortable with, riding at even the lowest level of pedal-assistance mode requires practice.

The table below demonstrates the top speed that a Bosch electric bike can go at different levels of electrical assistance on flat surfaces.

 Levels of Pedal Assistance in the Electric BikeRespective Level of Electrical Power Assistance (%)Top Average Speed
Level 1: Economic Mode4015 miles per hour
Level 2: Tour Mode10020 miles per hour
Level 3: Sport Mode15028 miles per hour
Level 4: Turbo Mode22530 miles per hour

As shown in the table above, shifting from one level of pedal assistance to the other will instantly cause a significant increase in the percentage of electrical power assistance.

The addition of electrical power assistance gives the electric bike a strong push that requires skill and practice to control.

When the electric bike begins to pick up speed, the rider has to keep their reflexes sharp.

Without sufficient practice, balancing and controlling the high-speed electric bike will not be possible. If an inexperienced rider chooses to ride at high speeds without any prior practice, the chances of losing balance and crashing would be very high.

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Maintaining balance at high speeds becomes even more challenging when the rider has to make a sharp turn. Even many experienced riders tend to fail and crash at this part.

Common electric bike injuries include fractured collar bones, fractured elbows, injury to the skull, and injury to the spine, among other wounds to the rider’s body.

Not only do these injuries affect the rider physically, but they can also damage the rider’s confidence.

As a result, many young riders who get into accidents early on in their electric bike riding experience often don’t choose to get back on.

Moreover, with the ownership of such an electric-powered vehicle comes greater responsibility. It is no longer only about the rider but also about the other pedestrians, bikers, and other vehicles on the road.

An inexperienced rider who lacks the skill to ride an electric bike safely will not only put their safety at risk but would also jeopardize everyone else around them.

Hence, due to all these reasons and many more, riding an electric bike is a much bigger deal than riding a regular bike.

Continue reading to learn about the tips every novice rider needs to know before they start riding an electric bike.

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Top Tips Every Novice Rider Should Know Before Taking their Electric Bikes to the Road

Invest in Proper Electric Bike Riding Safety Gear and Outfit

Buyers often make the mistake of immediately taking their electric bikes on the road without any preventive measures or prior practice.

Hence, it is vital that riders contain their excitement and follow the necessary procedural protocol to ensure riding safety.

The first thing the rider needs to purchase with their electric bike is a helmet. Many countries, such as Singapore, have strict fines for riders who ride their electric bikes without a helmet. Wearing a helmet can protect the head from a severe injury in case of a crash.

Moreover, a new rider should also wear strong elbow and knee pads for additional precautions. The protective gear minimizes the severity of injuries and helps reduce a new rider’s initial anxiety.

Furthermore, it is also imperative that new riders choose their outfit carefully. Wearing a long skirt or high-heeled shoes could get the rider’s dress stuck in the tires or negatively affect their balance.

Hence, they should invest in getting a comfortable riding outfit that does not restrict mobility in any way, and stays out of the way.

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Take the Time to Learn about the Different Electric Bike Components

Understanding how the different electrical components of an electric bike work help the rider be more confident before starting a ride.

They are fully aware of what to expect and how the addition of electrical energy will affect their balance and mobility.

Some of the critical things that the rider needs to know are how to check the air pressure of the electric bike’s tires, how to inflate the tires to the ideal pressure value, and how to tighten the nuts and bolts of a loose tire.

Moreover, the rider needs to read the instruction manual that comes with a new electric bike. The instructions manual contains details about:

  • How to ride the electric bike
  • How to charge the electric bike’s battery
  • What information does the LCD screen show, and how can a rider benefit from it
  • How to remove and reattach the tires of an electric bike
  • The average and top speed the electric bike will offer at the different respective pedal assistance levels
  • The maximum weight that the electric bike is equipped to carry

Furthermore, the rider needs to feel out their bike correctly before taking their bikes on the road. The rider needs to sit on their electric bike and adequately adjust their seat according to their height.

Moreover, they can check if their grip on the electric bike’s bar handle is firm enough or whether they will need additional riding gloves.   

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Choose the Right Location to Practice

Another crucial tip for riding an electric bike is to choose a location that allows the rider to practice without worrying about the traffic or other riders.

If the rider starts riding their electric bike directly on the road, they might pose a safety risk for themselves and other people.

Moreover, before practicing the electric bike on steep slopes or arduous terrains, the rider should stick to flatter landscapes.

Once they have had enough practice to control the electric bike’s high speed and motion over flat roads, they can move towards practicing on other terrains.

Some options for where a novice rider can practice riding their electric bike include an empty park, an empty bike riding trail, by the beach, etc.

They can only choose to ride their bikes super early in the morning when there are not too many cars or people on the road.

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Take the Time to Gradually Get Used to the Electric Bike

Begin Riding with the Battery Power Off

People who already know how to ride regular bikes often question the importance of riding an electric bike with its battery turned off for practice. However, in reality, it is actually very important.

This is because people tend to underestimate the weight of an electric bike, which is significantly more than a regular bike.

Hence, all riders must practice riding their electric bikes with the battery power turned off to get used to handling the electric bike’s weight

Practice with Level One Electrical Power Assistance Sufficiently Before Moving to the Next Level

Once the rider is comfortable maneuvering around the weight of an electric bike, they can proceed to practice with the electric battery turned on.

An inexperienced rider should only ride on level one or two of the pedal assistance to gradually get the hang of the high speed.

Once they have mastered how to balance the electric bike at high speeds, they can move up to higher levels of electrical assistance.

New riders must read the electric bike’s instructions manual carefully before moving up to higher levels of electrical assistance. This is to ensure that the rider is fully aware and prepared for the electric bike’s speed increase and does not get surprised. 

Practice Braking at Different Speeds

Knowing how to bring the electric bike to an immediate halt without losing control of the bike is extremely crucial.

Hence, the rider should practice hitting the electric bike’s brakes at different speeds to prepare for riding safely through heavy road traffic.

Practice Making Sharp Turns

Knowing how to control the electric bike’s balance and motion when taking a sharp turn requires a lot of practice. Riders who ignore this tip end up slipping and falling when making a sharp turn on their electric bikes.

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Keep an Eye on the Electric Bike’s Charge Level

The electric battery of an electric bike is one of its most sensitive and expensive components. Hence, it is important for every electric bike owner to know how to care for the battery to avoid costly battery repairs and replacements.

Before going on a biking trip, the rider should always check their electric battery’s charge and make sure that it is between 90% to 100%.

Moreover, reading the instructions manual will give the rider further tips about properly charging the battery to maintain its range, charge storing capacity, and life span.

Additional Helpful Tips

  • A person should always do ample research before investing in the right electric bike for themselves
  • They should try to ride in groups to improve the learning process and get any additional help or tips from fellow riders.
  • A new rider should always check the weather before leaving their home to avoid getting stuck in a storm.

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