Should I Buy a Used Electric Car? The Pros and Cons

Over the years, electric cars have become increasingly popular with the public. They’re different from conventional cars that run on gasoline or diesel. Electric cars run on an electric motor that is powered by electricity from fuel cells or batteries.

One of the most prominent reasons for the popularity of electric cars is that they’re relatively safer for the environment than conventional cars. The use of conventional fuel (gasoline and diesel) causes an environmental strain.

However, using electricity as fuel can reduce air pollution along with greenhouse gas emissions. Although, the amount of environmental protection an electric car offers depends upon the source of the electricity used to run an electric car.

You can buy brand new or used electric cars quite easily. However, just like everything else, there are plenty of pros and cons of buying used electric cars, which we will discuss in this article.

Are All Electric Cars the Same?

Not all electric cars are the same. There are different models of electric cars available in the market today. If you were to broadly classify the types of electric cars available, they’d fall into two main categories. These are:

  1. Plug-in Hybrids: Plug-in hybrid cars work on electric motors as well as on conventional fuels. The plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, short for PHEV, are great for reducing fuel costs. Using electricity as fuel costs less than using conventional fuel. The user has the option of switching between the two.
  2. Battery Electric Cars: The battery-electric cars only have one source of fuel: an electric motor. Meaning they only run on electricity. The battery range plays a huge role in such electric cars because if your battery range is not compatible with your usage, you might run out of power and require recharging. Although, with public recharging stations, this problem can be solved easily.

While electric cars are becoming more and more common, people are still hesitant to buy them. That’s why many people turn towards buying used electric cars.

If you’re thinking the same, before you purchase a used electric car, you should first understand its advantages and disadvantages.

pros and cons of buying used electric cars
An electric car

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What are the Pros and Cons of Buying Used Electric Cars?

Here is a list of all the pros and cons of buying a used electric car:


Let’s first take a look at all the benefits of buying used electric cars


Buying a used electric car is more cost-effective than buying a new electric car or even a conventional car. The price of a used electric car will automatically drop when you compare it to that of a new one.

Furthermore, you can save money that you’d have to spend otherwise on conventional fuel.

If you compare gasoline and electricity prices, you’ll find electricity prices to be more stable, making electric cars more cost-efficient. With the ever-increasing technology, the cost per mile of electricity used for running electric cars continues to decrease.

So if you go for buying a used electric car, it’ll be lighter on your pocket in the long run when it comes to fuel.

Environmentally Friendly

Electric cars, in general, are environmentally friendly. When you stop using conventional fuels, you play a big role in reducing air pollution.

Even if you opt for a plug-in hybrid electric car, you’re still cutting back on conventional fuel usage. If you care for the environment and want to make Earth a better place to live, buying an electric car will definitely play a part in it.

If you go for battery-electric cars that run solely on electricity, it will be an even more sustainable option. Battery electric cars do not release any tailpipe emissions.

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Low Maintenance Cost

It is much cheaper to maintain electric cars than conventional cars. Conventional cars have more moving parts that can lead to wear and tear.

While in the case of electric cars, there aren’t as many moving parts meaning, less wear and tear. This will significantly reduce your maintenance cost. You can save approximately 20-30% of the money you’d have to spend on maintenance on a conventional car.

Since there’s less chance of wear and tear, even if you get a used electric car, its maintenance won’t be as costly, which is a major plus point.


The warranty for electric cars is around 8 to 10 years in most cases. So even if you purchase a slightly used electric car, you can avail of its warranty. You can get the battery replaced or repaired if there’s a need for it.

One of the major concerns for electric cars is that their battery capacity drops frequently. If it drops below a certain percentage, that can cause problems for you in the long run. Fortunately, such issues can be solved by availing of the car’s warranty.

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Easy and Comfortable Ride

Driving an electric car is no different from driving a regular automatic car that uses an accelerator and a brake. You don’t have to worry about changing gear; in fact, driving an electric car is much simpler.

Furthermore, because an electric car does not use conventional fuel, it doesn’t make engine noise. On top of reducing air and noise pollution, an electric car gives you an easy and comfortable ride every time.

Should I buy a used electric car
Should I buy a used electric car

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Now that we’ve gone over all the pros of getting used electric cars, let’s take a look at some of their disadvantages as well.

Reduced Battery Range

When buying a used electric car, the battery’s condition is a major concern. The battery’s range determines its life.

In used cars, the battery range might be lower, which can pose a problem for you in the long run. The end-of-life price of a used electric car is quite high.

In fact, if you compare its price to that of conventional car batteries, you would find the price of an electric car battery to be much higher. When you don’t know the car’s battery range, buying a used electric can is a huge gamble.

Leased Car Battery

Many people get the battery of their electric car leased to reduce the initial purchase price. In doing so, you don’t have to immediately pay for the car’s battery.

Instead, the payment for the battery is made in installments every month. While it’s a great offer for buyers who are buying a brand new electric car, unfortunately, the same cannot be said about those buying a used electric car.

If you buy a used electric car, always check whether the car’s battery is leased or not. If it is leased, you need to calculate the amount you’d have to pay monthly to cover the remaining amount. This is not ideal for those who’re looking for cost-effective options.

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Charging Time

Just like you need fuel for your conventional cars to run, electric cars require their battery to be charged. If you want to go on long journeys, you would have to ensure that there are charging stations along the way for your car to run for a long time.

If you fail to find a charging station, you might end up running out of power and will have to get your car towed.

Although many charging stations are available in different places because of the increasing use of electric cars, this is still a problem for electric car users.

buying used electric cars
Electric car charging station

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While a warranty of 8 years gives you many benefits, it’s not the same when you run out of that warranty. This is a problem that many buyers face when they buy a second-hand electric car.

A used electric car may already have run out of warranty, and if you ever need repairs, it will take a heavy blow on your wallet.

Whenever you purchase a used electric car, make sure that you check how many years of warranty are left to avoid such situations.

Takes Away the Driving Thrill

Electric cars can take away that fun for those who love the engine noise and the thrill of driving. But then again, this is a subjective topic to ponder over. Many people actually like the no-noise feature.

However, for those who love making some engine noise, this can be a major disadvantage.

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Should You Buy a Used Electric Car?

So that’s the end of the pros and cons of buying used electric cars. As for whether or not you should buy a used electric car, it is entirely up to you.

Now that you’re aware of all the pros and cons of buying used electric cars, you can easily make the decision.

To sum up, the great thing about used electric cars is that they’re light on the pocket, protect the environment, and are low-maintenance. The downside of used electric cars is that they tend to be a bit unreliable when it comes to the car’s battery.

The battery is the main component of an electric car. If the battery of your electric car breaks down, then your whole car will stop functioning. So if you’re planning on buying a used electric car, just make sure you know the battery’s condition.

Without a running battery, an electric car is just a standing body. Your best option would be to get a plug-in hybrid electric car that can switch between electricity and conventional fuel. But then again, that won’t be as sustainable or cost-effective as getting a pure electric car.

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Our Final Thoughts

With the ever-increasing technology, many new models of electric cars are being invented every day. You need to do thorough market research and find a model that may best fit your requirement and won’t be a huge risk even when you purchase a used electric car.

But before buying a second-hand electric car, always make sure that you understand its pros and cons. For evaluating an electric car’s worth, keep our list of pros and cons of buying used electric cars in mind, and you’ll be able to find the perfect budget-friendly used electric car for yourself in no time at all.