What is the Tesla Celebration Mode, and How Does it Work?

People who have experienced owning or driving a Tesla electric car usually have no hesitation in accepting that a Tesla EV is indeed a technological beast like no other.  

While all-electric vehicles offer their users the opportunity to enjoy competitive ranges, reduce their carbon footprint, and benefit from the low transportation cost, a Tesla is still better because this car can dance!  

Yes, you heard that right. Tesla has added a feature that makes its cars “dance.” How is this possible? Tesla has used the various hardware components of its vehicles to turn your car into a fiesta-loving machine. 

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Tesla and Its Easter Eggs

Being able to afford a Tesla electric car is no small deal.

Whether you are going for a brand-new or a second-hand EV, the price is usually the only factor between an EV enthusiast and a futuristic battery-powered automobile. 

While some people are ready to spend a good amount of money on a Tesla from its global repute, completive range, high speeds, strong build, and electrical engine, many here are in the process of getting a Tesla to enjoy the unique features and modes that no other EV can offer. 

Although most of these unique features, either pre-installed or purchased by a Tesla owner, are designed to improve the overall experience, safety, and user convenience, some are simply engineered to give the user a wholesome experience.  

One such feature that is extremely unique and is easily one of the most searched-on Tesla features online is the celebration mode. This model is said to be one of the coolest and most enjoyed easter eggs that Tesla has put into its car.  

However, what exactly is the celebration mode, and what does it do? Well, to put it in simple words, it lets you celebrate. 

People across America enjoy watching their automobiles perform like Transformers robots, which certainly adds to the overall experience of owning a super expensive battery-powered car. 

Continue reading to learn more about the Tesla celebration mode, the exact use of this mode, and how a Tesla user can activate it to make their EV dance. 

Moreover, the article will also highlight when an EV owner should avoid using the Tesla celebration mode and when they should use it. 

Tesla celebration mode
Tesla Celebration Mode

Let’s get started! 

What is the Tesla Celebration Mode?

Tesla is one of the world’s most unique and admired automobile companies due to its never-seen-before take on technology. 

It is a brand that truly invests in giving its users exactly what they need for a wholesome driving experience like no other. 

For instance, just based on a user’s tweet, Tesla designed its super cool and highly beneficial Dog Mode, which helps ensure that no pet gets trapped and sick inside a parked Tesla electric car. 

Similarly, Tesla is extremely focused on observing and understanding what its users expect of the brand and how it can create an automobile that truly offers great value for money. 

Hence, just as Apple is constantly innovating to remain distinct and unique amongst the growing global competition, Tesla is also working on designing features and EV characteristics that no other electric vehicle brand can offer. 

For now, the one-of-a-kind celebration mode is only available in a Tesla Model X electric SUV. However, there have been rumors about introducing this feature to other Tesla EV models in the future as well. 

How and when this happens depends on the company and when they find it feasible to release such updates, but given Tesla’s track record, you can be sure that this feature is not too far away.  

The celebration mode, technically named Model Xmas, does nothing for the electric car’s drive or mobility; however, the EV’s eye-catching performance is extremely cool no matter how many times one has seen it.  

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Want to know why? Because no other car does that!

When the user activates the Tesla celebration or Model Xmas mode, the electric car displays a fantastic, well-orchestrated, and extremely attractive performance using rearview mirrors, fog lights, turn signals, headlights, and the EV’s doors.  

As soon as this wonderful Easter egg is activated by the Tesla owner, the electric car begins its performance in the following steps: 

  • Before the light or door show begins, the Tesla electric car will start playing the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s ‘Wizards in Winters’ on its music system with the volume turned on. 
  • Tesla has specifically selected this track to make the celebration mode a fantastic feature for the Christmas holiday season celebrations.  
  • As soon as the song begins to play, the Model X electric car’s front doors, falcon wing back doors, and rear-view mirrors will start opening up and closing automatically. 
  • While that happens, its headlights, fog lights, and turn signals will also begin to flash and blink beautifully. 
  • The admirable part here is that the open-close and on-off movements of the doors and the lights are not random; instead, every single movement has been pre-designed to happen with the tune and rhythm of the music. 
  • This way, the Tesla electric car truly looks like it indulges in the spirit of the Christmas holidays by dancing to the song being played. 
  • Eventually, the Tesla Model X electric car’s performance will come to a stop either when the song comes to an end or when the user manually deactivates this Easter egg.    

Why Should You Activate Tesla’s Celebration Mode?

As mentioned above, the Tesla Model X electric car’s celebration mode is not exactly a feature designed to enhance the EV’s driving performance. 

Instead, it is simply a way for Tesla to retain its reputation for being a highly-creative, modern, and technologically superior entity that has always been the first to design and deliver experiences that people have never seen. 

However, although the celebration mode is not a feature designed to improve the EV’s primary purpose, there are some potential uses and benefits of activating the celebration mode in your Model X electric car. 

Some of these uses and benefits are as follows:

  • When people invest a massive amount in buying a Tesla electric car, they expect the EV to offer something more than what other similar and lower-priced EVs do. 
  • When the user experiences the celebration mode, the car’s wholesome and extremely joyful performance helps the user feel like they got something unique for the high price they paid. 
  • As a result, such a unique and playful feature increases consumer satisfaction and enhances their overall experience of owning a modern automobile. 
  • Moreover, while using fireworks and helium gas balloons to celebrate an event or a holiday pose a potential risk or environmental hazard, the celebration mode is a super safe and eco-friendly way of having a good time. 
  • All one needs to do is grab a partner and dance along to the music being played while enjoying their Model X EV dance with them. 
  • Furthermore, apart from Christmas or the holiday season, one can always use the unique celebration mode feature to celebrate birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, and almost every other joyous occasion. 
  • When people travel and have no choice but to spend a holiday while still on the road, the kind of companionship a dancing Tesla can offer can be quite comforting.  
  • Finally, perhaps one of the most satisfying uses of the Model X celebration mode is when you are in a heated debate about whose EV is better. 
  • The best tip here is to say nothing, sit back, and simply enjoy as your Model X Tesla dances to steal the show. We assure you that no other EV or feature can beat what Tesla has to offer.  
Tesla and its easter eggs
Tesla Celebration Mode

How to Turn on Celebration Mode in Your Tesla Electric Car

As long as you have a Model X electric SUV, you can enjoy the Tesla celebration mode whenever and wherever you like. 

To activate this unique Easter egg, you need to follow the steps listed below: 

  • Switch on your Tesla electric car to turn on its touch display screen. 
  • On the screen, locate the Tesla ‘T’ icon and press it for at least five seconds. 
  • Once the typing area appears and asks you for the Easter egg’s code, you need to type either ‘holiday,’ ‘celebration,’ or ‘ModelXMas.’ 
  • Finally, press okay, and enjoy! 

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When Should You Activate Your Tesla Electric Car’s Celebration Mode?

Although users have the opportunity to activate the Tesla celebration mode whenever they like, they are advised to do so in the following situations: 

  • To celebrate a joyous occasion 
  • To propose to your lover 
  • To encourage eco-friendly celebrations  
  • When a friend or a family member is feeling down 
  • To convince a potential buyer to buy your Model X electric car 
  • When you are bored or by yourself 
  • When people question or doubt a Tesla EV’s value, and you just want to show off 

When Should You Avoid Activating Your Tesla Electric Car’s Celebration Mode?

Although the Tesla celebration mode is all about enjoying a fun and wholesome moment with your loved ones, at times, activating this feature is not always a good idea.  

Instead, it can be dangerous to your electric car and other vehicles on the road. Remember, the last thing you need to do is make yourself a distraction on the road, which can be dangerous for you and others. 

Hence, you should always avoid activating the Tesla Model X electric car’s celebration mode when in the following situations: 

  • The celebration mode is a big no-no if your Model X EV is parked in a fully-packed parking lot. 
  • Since your electric car’s doors will start opening and closing to the music, any car parked next to your Tesla might get damaged as the car doors crash into it. 
  • Moreover, the neighboring car will not be the only vehicle getting damaged. Your own Tesla doors might also get dented and have their paint chipped off. 
  • Tesla repairs are expensive, so before you get a little too excited with your celebrations, consider the costs of having to get your car repainted. 
  • If your Tesla electric car’s battery is super low and you need the remaining charging to reach your destination, wasting the battery charge on a live dance performance will be a poor choice. 
  • Even though it might sometimes be tempting, getting to your destination safely is still the main priority. 
  • Moreover, even when your battery charging is not low, you need to analyze whether the range will be enough to travel a long distance to complete your journey. 
  • If you have doubts about not being able to reach your destination on a single charge, it is better to dedicate your battery’s charging to your commute. 
  • Doing so will keep your range anxiety low while also preventing any additional battery recharging costs. 
  • Furthermore, if you are parked in a location where loud sounds or music is discouraged, you need to avoid using the Tesla celebration mode to be respectful of your surroundings. 
  • For instance, activating the celebration mode outside a hospital where many patients are in grief, pain, or resting, will be extremely insensitive.  
  • The same rule goes for activating the celebration mode outside a religious center, in front of a funeral gathering, or outside an examination hall. 
  • Finally, refrain from activating the Tesla celebration mode when your electric car is parked in an unsafe neighborhood notorious for automobile break-ins and thefts. 
  • In such locations, the best advice is to maintain a low profile and to stay as unnoticeable as possible. 

Final Thoughts

So, after all, you’ve learned about Tesla’s celebration mode, what do you think? Is it worth the price you have to pay for a Tesla electric vehicle? 

Well, if you want an automated dance partner that will never leave you hanging, we assure you that this investment is worth every dollar spent. 

The celebration of the ModelXMas mode is an extremely unique and highly enjoyable feature that allows your electric car to play a festive song and display one of the most beautiful and well-orchestrated performances of your life. 

You must be mindful of when and where you activate the Tesla celebration mode, but other than that, make the most of this mode and enjoy it to the fullest.

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