Tesla Model 3 Performance Tires

The long wait to see your new Tesla Model 3 performance 2022 parked in your driveway is ending. You have a big decision to make. Are you going to keep the 20″überturbine wheels or sell them for something chrome instead? We know some people prefer the old chrome tesla accessories. Are you one of them? Before you decide you should know everything about them to make the right choice.

Tesla Model 3 Tires

Stock Tires

The Stock Tires that come with the Tesla Model 3 with performance upgrade are the 20″überturbine wheels and the OEM Pirelli P-Zero tires. If you are a longstanding Tesla user, you will be familiar with the P0 marking on the tires. The P0 means that the tires have been modified specifically for Tesla. That means there is a difference between standard PZ-4s and the ones on the Tesla Model 3 Performance 2022.

The tires are one of the most significant differences between the new Model 3 and their predecessors.

Previous Tesla Model 3s were equipped with the 20″Turbine wheels with Michelin Tires. Do you wonder why they have made this switch? The main difference is that the rim was 20″ by 8.5″, and now it’s 20″ by 9″. That means the rims stick out a little and are more prone to curbing.

The tread wear number on the Pirelli PZ-4 is 280, while that of the previous Michelin was 300. The Michelins should wear better, but perhaps performance means everything to Tesla.

Of course, as part of the several thousand-dollar performance Model upgrade, you want to know if they are worth the money.

The P-Zero PZ4 tires by Pirelli are the top choice of car manufacturers for all performance-based car models. Seeing them on the Tesla Model 3 performance is a no-brainer. They do great on wet and dry surfaces and improve the steering and handling of the car due to their durable design. Overall they are reliable tires.

The same tires are featured on Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Cayman. Perhaps Tesla was impressed by Pirelli’s formula one experience or their customization of the wheels.

When it comes to the rims, the huge überturbine wheels are perhaps the ultimate blend of aesthetics and performance. Traditionally you had to sacrifice one for the other. However, some don’t like their look at all and prefer something with a metallic finish.

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Tire Review

Two properly gauge if you want to keep the stock tires or sell them for something else, we have prepared a comprehensive review of the Tesla Model 3 Performance Tires.

UTQG Rating

The Pirelli P-Zero PZ-4 has a 280AAA UTQG rating. The Number in the UTQG rating is the tread wear rating. This rating tells us how long the tires should last. It ranges from 100-1000. A tire with a tread wear rating of 560 would last twice as long as the PZ-4.

However, tread wear is not a big concern with performance-based car models. It would be in our minds if we discussed the Model 3 Long-range. Those are equipped with Hankook Kinergy GT tires instead.

The First two AAs in the 280AAA rating stand for the traction rating. AA is the highest rating available in this category. The practical meaning of this rating is that the tire can brake very fast, even on wet roads. The rating is measured in this way. That means you can rely on these tires while braking on the racetrack, taking sharp turns, or drifting. All things you want to do in performance vehicles.

Who said you couldn’t race in a compact executive sedan? You can since they come with the right tires. The only thing that matters in a Performance car is the handling and the speed it can achieve.

With high speeds come high temperatures. You know a race isn’t serious until you smell burning rubber. The Third A in the 280AAA rating for the Tesla Model 3 performance tires is for temperature. This rating is also the highest for temperature resistance on the market. It would help if you relied on the fact your tires aren’t going to melt as you fly in your dual motor performance Tesla.

Wear Life

As you have seen, the 2022 Tesla Model 3 performance tires have a shorter wear life than their predecessors. Michelin tires always try to be the best overall tires. In this case, performance was chosen over wear-life, and the Michelins were swapped for the Pirellis.

Tires Performance Tesla Model 3


The New 2020 überturbine wheels have a futuristic black color. It matches the rest of the black trim standard in the new Teslas. These wheels make the car look more and more like a spacecraft. Some people hate the matte rims and want chrome ones like the ones that were sported by the Model 3 upon its unveiling.

Tesla is not new to controversy. The company knows that they break the mold, and everyone might not be okay with it. They take the decisions anyway, knowing that they are the trendsetters. The luxury sports car scene has been creeping towards matte rims for a long time. Many rich people and celebrities get custom matte rims for their cars.

Tesla noticed this and realized how matte black rims suit their look and never looked back. Along with the coloring, Tesla bravely decided to put massive 20″ überturbine wheels on their 2022 Model 3. The large rims have a commanding presence and make the model 3 look cool. That makes it appealing to younger drivers. Some people put large wheels on their cars, so Tesla opted to include that in their performance package. The tires stretch over the rims slightly, giving the wheels a unique look among factory cars.

Dry Grip

Dry handling may not be the most crucial aspect of a tire’s performance, but it is the most fun to test. On dry ground, the P-Zero PZ-4 were sporty and easy-to-drive performers. They help your car run faster and turn faster, meaning you must hit the brakes harder. Most dry handling tests will find the Pz-4 and their Michelin counterparts going neck a neck in speed and performance.

The dry handling, albeit impressive, may not be the reason Tesla chose it for the Model 3 2022. The overall performance and luxury drive feel was the deciding factor.

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Wet Grip

The PZ-4s have advanced silica and carbon black tread compounds designed for better-wet traction. The silica used is derived from rice husks instead of traditional Silica sand to be more environmentally friendly. Some of the carbon black used is recovered from the pyrolysis of end-of-life tires. The firm grip in wet conditions allows you to make fast turns confidently.

The testers at TireRack.com noticed that you could apply full throttle sooner than with other tires. While going fast on wet surfaces, the tires provide enough grip to make the car feel rooted and stable.

Max Load

The Tesla Model 3 Performance tires have a max load of 1,389 lbs. When you multiply the max load of one tire by four, you get the total load capacity of the car. The total load a Tesla Model 3 Performance can bear with its stock tires is 5556 lb. by this method. The car weighs about 3,582 and can tow the remaining 200lb.

This is a cool tidbit to help you calculate the tow load your car can manage according to its wheels. If you want to do something insane like attaching a trailer at the back of your Tesla Model 3, you can with the right tires.


The new tires are fairly heavier than the old ones. Since the Rims are larger, they are heavier than the older turbine rims. The 20″ überturbine wheels are designed to let the wind flow optimally to reduce drag. However, their size makes them make the tires heavier. The question arises, would smaller, lighter rims of the same design be better performers? Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing.

However, our best judgment dictates that they would be more efficient if lighter. Perhaps the decision to keep the wheels this large was to give the car an iconic aggressive look. We assume Tesla made the car perform so well that they had the margin to make some purely aesthetic choices.

The look of a performance vehicle is essential. You want it to command a presence wherever it goes. Elon does value aesthetics highly, and it is deeply rooted in Tesla’s brand identity. The decision to make the Rims large and dominating may be a highly strategic.

Tesla Model 3 Tires Performance


The Tires have changed brands but remain the same size. The PZ-4s on a Tesla Model 3 Performance are size 235/35 20 tires. However, the rim size has increased. We are using the same sized tires with larger rims which means that the tire is larger.

There is another thing to consider. The recommended rim size for the 235/35 PZ-4 tires is the previous 8.5″. That means that the tires are slightly stretched on the new 9″ überturbine rims.

People stretch tires for several reasons. Some people like the camber look, while others try to save money by using a smaller tire on wider rims. Some people claim there is a performance benefit to the stretched tires. We haven’t noticed that. Mostly we have been worried about curbing the slightly exposed rims.

Ride Comfort

Your Tesla Model 3 performance tires’ ride comfort depends on the grip and noise reduction. The tires that come with the Tesla Model 3 Performance provide superior wet and dry grip. They also have their noise cancellation system to ensure a comfortable ride.

The tires provide the sporty feel you’d expect in a performance vehicle, along with the elevated driving experience of a sedan. The perfect choice to make all kinds of customers happy. 

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Tesla Model 3 Performance tires are equipped with the PNCS or Pirelli Noise Cancellation System. The vibrations created inside a rapidly revolving tire produce what’s called cavity noise. These vibrations are carried to the cabin of the car. The sounds from tires are irritating and reduce the comfort of a drive.

The PNCS in Tesla Model 3 performance tires stops that by making the cavity inside the tire smaller. The inside of the tire is filled with the company’s innovative proprietary polyurethane sponge. If you are wondering, “are tesla tires filled with foam,” the answer is yes.

The sponge or foam absorbs the vibrations and reduces the sound by two to three decibels or by half. That makes the ride much more comfortable.

In a traditional internal combustion vehicle, any tire noise could hide behind the engine sounds. However, the Tesla doesn’t make any engine noises since it is an electric car.

The silent car experience of a Tesla would be entirely ruined with noisy tires. They opted for a tire company with its foolproof noise cancellation system.

Can I Put My 20″ überturbine Wheels on My 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance?

You can put any tires on any car as long as they fit. There is a long checklist to go through to make the best decision for your specific car. You must have a goal in mind. The goal could be aesthetics or performance, or both.

If you want to put the wheels on your previous Tesla models, trying is no harm. You might like the results. One or two test drives will let you know if the tires work for you or not. You might notice higher performance, or perhaps you like their look.

How to Get the überturbine Look?

Suppose you are interested in the überturbine look but don’t want to buy the expensive tires or for your car with such large rims. You can buy überturbine wheel covers to get the look. They are manufactured by Aroham, which also sells yoke steering wheels.

Performance Tesla Model 3 Tires


The Tesla Model 3 performance tires were chosen because of their all-around superior performance. The Pirelli P-Zero PZ-4 tires were specially modified for the Tesla Model 3. The rims look futuristic and cool. Some think they look great, and others aren’t that fond of them.

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