What is the Tesla Stopping Mode and How Does it Work? 

People with the privilege of owning or driving a Tesla electric car are well aware of the EV’s futuristic concepts and superior automobile technology.  

The electric car’s unique features and well-designed characteristics have made it much more than a battery-powered vehicle that helps control carbon emissions. 

Instead, Tesla has become the choice of every individual who understands and appreciates advanced automobile innovations.  

One such feature that has further enhanced the brand’s name in consumer perception across the globe is the stopping mode. Not only is this feature extremely easy to use, but it also helps improve the overall energy efficiency of the EV and the consumer’s driving experience. 

What is the Tesla Stopping Mode?

Apart from its advanced battery-powered technology, Tesla has made quite an unchallengeable name for itself by designing electric cars that, in some ways, act like computers. 

While a traditional gasoline-powered automobile will have to go to a workshop to get a new system or feature manually installed, a Tesla electric car’s integrated computer system contains the main CPU, a charge-controlling processing unit, and much more. 

As a result of this computerized automation, a Tesla electric car owner does not always have to visit a workshop to get a new system or feature installed. 

Instead, the owner can simply use the Tesla electric car’s display touch screen and a WIFI connection to download and install new software or a feature update anywhere. 

However, as not all mobile phones are compatible with all the new feature updates, older and relatively dated Tesla EVs will also not always allow an advanced feature update. 

Hence, the first step is to check whether your Tesla electric car or specific model is already equipped with the pre-installed feature or whether an online purchase and installation of the feature are possible. 

The stopping mode is one such software update that Tesla has designed and distributed since 2019. This software update is now available for Tesla Model 3 electric sedans and Tesla Model Y electric SUVs. 

Just like most of the modes, software, and features designed by Tesla, the stopping mode has also received many positive reviews from EV critics and Tesla users across the globe. 

This unique feature is designed to work along with the electric car’s regenerative system. Its primary goal is to enhance the Tesla electric car’s energy efficiency to improve the EV’s range, reduce overall transportation costs, and boost user satisfaction.  

Moreover, apart from optimal energy consumption, the Tesla stopping mode is also a distinctive feature that allows the electric vehicle’s drive to become even further simplified while also ensuring that the EC comes to a halt in a way that its average component depreciation is slowed down.    

On its own, enabling the stopping mode does not change the electric car’s drive or braking system. Instead, the driver must select a sub-category according to their specific needs and scenarios. 

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The three sub-categories of the stopping mode are as follows: 

  • The hold mode 
  • The creep mode 
  • The roll mode 

Continue reading to learn more about the three sub-categories of the stopping mode, what they do, and the benefits of using the Tesla stopping mode.  

Let’s get started! 

What Are the Three Respective Subcategories of the Tesla Stopping Mode?

Hold Mode

The hold feature is perhaps the most used sub-category of the Tesla stopping mode. The Tesla EV driver can enjoy a unique and highly beneficial ‘One Pedal Driving’ system by enabling this sub-category.  

Since a Tesla electric car is a fully-automated battery-powered vehicle, it needs only a single gear and two-foot pedals; the brake and the accelerator. The driver usually uses their right leg to operate both foot pedals when driving the Tesla. 

However, when the Hold mode is enabled, the unique software eliminates using the EV’s braking pedal.  

Instead, the rider simply has to rest their foot on the accelerator pedal to move their EV and lift their foot off the pedal to decelerate the car and eventually bring it to a halt.   

Since a Tesla electric car comes with only two pedals, an accelerator, and a brake, the hold mode eliminates the need to depend on the braking pedal and allows the electric vehicle’s driver to drive the entire day without ever stepping foot on the brake pedal. 

How Does the Hold Mode Work?

This is how the Tesla hold mode works: 

  • When the driver has to move their electric car forward or backward, they must adjust the gear settings to either forward or backward and press the accelerator pedal. 
  • The more they press this pedal, the higher the electric car’s acceleration and speed will be. 
  • However, when the driver has to reduce the speed or motion of their electric car, they do not have to move their foot to the braking pedal. 
  • Instead, all they need to do is lift off some weight from the accelerator till they have sufficiently decelerated or stopped the EV. 
  • Moreover, even when the EV is parked on a hill or any other inclined slope, the driver does not have to place their foot on the brake pedal. 
  • Instead, as long as the foot stays off the accelerator, the Tesla electric car will not move.  
  • Eventually, the Tesla electric car will automatically shift to ‘park’ once the EV has been in hold mode for almost ten minutes.  
Tesla hold mode works

When to Use the Tesla Stopping Hold Mode?

The Tesla stopping hold mode is often used in the following circumstances: 

  • When the braking pedal is not functioning properly 
  • When the Tesla electric car’s battery range or charging is too low 
  • When the driver has to make frequent stops during their journey 
  • When the driver is physically unable to drive a multi-pedal driving system due to a disability or tiredness.  

Creep Mode

Although most well-informed Tesla owners know about the hold mode and its uses, not many know what the creep mode is, what it does, and why it is used. 

In simpler terms, the Tesla creep mode allows the electric car to creep forward or backward by covering small distances, even just a few inches.  

However, the main difference between the hold and the creep mode is that while the hold mode requires that the driver’s foot remains off the brake pedal, creep mode requires that the driver’s foot stays off the accelerator.  

This movement allows a Tesla Model 3 or Y electric car to move more like an automatic internal combustion engine vehicle.  

Just as the automatic ICE car moves super slowly when the driver lifts their foot off the brake, the Tesla also moves similarly when creep mode is enabled. 

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How Does the Tesla Creep Mode Work?

  • As soon as the creep mode sub-category is enabled, the driver must place their foot on the brake pedal to bring the EV to a halt. 
  • Any time the Tesla electric car needs to move or creep a few inches forward or backward, the driver simply has to slightly lift off some weight from the brake pedal. 
  • As the brake pedal moves out again, the EV moves a very small distance. 
  • However, it is important to know that the Tesla electric car will not accelerate or pick up speed by simply lifting the foot off the braking pedal in creep mode.  
  • Instead, it will keep moving forward or backward at a super slow speed. 
  • Hence, when the driver has to speed up their Tesla, they will have to disable the creep mode and press the EV’s accelerator.  

When to Use the Tesla Stopping Creep Mode?

Some of the most common uses of the creep mode are as follows: 

  • When stuck in a slow-moving traffic jam 
  • When driving through a food drive-thru lane 
  • When parking the Tesla electric car in a tight spot that requires that the EV move super slowly 

Roll Mode

The third and final sub-category of the Tesla stopping mode is the roll mode. Unlike the creep mode that allows the Tesla electric car to behave like an automatic ICE car, the roll mode allows the EV to act like a manual transmission ICE car. 

When the driver enables the roll mode of their Tesla Model 3 or Y electric car, the electric car starts moving down a slope on its own without the need for any additional acceleration, just like a neutral ICE car would.  

How Does the Tesla Roll Mode Work?

  • For the roll mode to be enabled, the Tesla electric car needs to be either at a halt or decelerating.  
  • As soon as the roll mode is enabled, the Tesla electric car will move forward or backward freely, according to the direction of the gravitational pull. 
  • If the driver wishes to stop their electric car from moving on its own, they must press the brakes to instantly put their electric car in hold mode.  

When to Use the Tesla Stopping Roll Mode?

  • When moving down a hill 

How to Turn on the Stopping Mode Subcategories in Your Tesla Electric Car?

While Tesla is the master of modern automobile innovation and constant technological evolutions, it ensures to keep the user interface is super easy and user-friendly. 

Hence, no matter how technical a feature or software is, the Tesla owner can easily enable and disable it at will. 

Similarly, enabling either of the three sub-categories of Tesla stopping made is a super easy process. Simply follow the steps listed down below: 

  • To choose either of the three-stopping mode sub-categories, it is important that the Tesla electric car is turned on and is in the ‘park’ mode. 
  • Touch the display screen to turn it on, and locate and press the controls button. 
  • In the controls tab, scroll down to locate and press the ‘Pedals and Steering’ button. 
  • Finally, locate and press the ‘stopping mode’ button and make your sub-category selection.  

The Overall Benefits of Using the Tesla Electric Car’s Stopping Mode Feature 

Some of the major benefits of using the Tesla stopping mode are as follows: 

Tesla roll mode

Increased Energy Efficiency

Any time the brakes of any automobile are pressed too frequently, the energy consumption and wastage go up. Hence, when the electric car is in hold mode and the ‘One Pedal Drive’ system is being used, the need to press the EV’s brakes is eliminated. 

As a result, energy wastage is reduced, and the efficiency and range of the Tesla EV’s electric engine go up. 

Similarly, excessively accelerating automobiles will increase energy consumption and reduce the range or mileage. 

Hence, when the electric car is in creep mode, the driver no longer has to press the EV’s accelerator for mobility. 

As a result, energy usage decreases, and the overall efficiency and range are improved, allowing the driver to cover a greater distance on a single charge.  

More People Can Drive and Control the Tesla Electric Car

In today’s fast world, the ability to move around freely and independently is a luxury every human being desires.

While driving an ICE car might be challenging for older, less skilled, or physically incapable individuals, this will not be the case when one owns a modern Tesla electric car.

Using the stopping mode’s ‘hold’ sub-category, an individual with lesser physical capability or vigilance can easily drive a Tesla electric car using the ‘One Pedal Drive’ system.  

Since they will not have to constantly move their foot around from one pedal to the other, the reduced movement will allow them to have better control over their drive and the automobile. 

This feature is also very beneficial when learning how to drive an automobile for the first time.  

Reduced Brake Disk Wear and Damage

Every time an automobile’s brakes are used, brake disk wear, damage, and depreciation are imminent. However, by enabling the hold mode and using the ‘One Pedal Drive’ system, the brake disk wear and damage can be reduced as the braking pedal is eliminated.  

Final Thoughts

If you plan to purchase and drive a modern-day Tesla electric car, you must learn about all its unique features to truly benefit from your massive investment. 

One such EV feature or software in the Tesla Model 3 and Y electric cars is the stopping mode. Although not many users know about it, it is designed to enhance the EV’s drive, increase energy efficiency, and reduce brake wear and damage. 

All one needs to do is use the Tesla display touch screen to enable the stopping mode sub-category of your choice to make driving and stopping the EV much easier. 

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