Top Tips to Increase a Tesla Electric Car’s Range 

Whether you are looking for class, speed, durability, range, design superiority, modern innovation, or user convenience, one thing is clear; nobody does it the way Tesla can.

Hence, people who understand modern automobile technology and appreciate eco-friendly innovations and upgrades always have fantastic things to say about a Tesla electric car.

However, consumers who have not yet gotten the opportunity to experience the futuristic electric vehicle usually are skeptical about how far a Tesla electric car will go on one charge.

Eventually, after looking at the numbers and comparing them with global competitors, it does not take long to turn a skeptic into a Tesla believer.

How Far Can a Tesla Electric Car Go on One Charge?

A Tesla electric car is the perfect combination of advanced electric vehicle technology and eco-friendly innovations.

Hence, the moment one sees a Tesla owner, one tends to assume that the individual is well-learned about modern automobile technology and understands the global need for eco-friendly energy sources.

However, despite all the multiple benefits that a Tesla electric car is designed to offer, had Tesla’s range been uncompetitive, it would not have been the multi-billion-dollar company it is today.

Today, Tesla offers one of the most competitive and impressive traveling ranges compared to most of its global competitors.

People who drive a Tesla electric car as their primary mode of transport claim to never experience range anxiety and have a lot of faith in the modern EV’s traveling potential and battery quality.

In general, a Tesla Model 3 EV will expectedly travel 272 miles, a Model S will travel 412 miles, a Model X will travel 348 miles, and a Model Y will travel 303 miles on a single charge.

However, this numerical figure is hardly the exact range offered by the EV.

Instead, the exact distance a Tesla electric car will travel on one charge depends on multiple factors. Hence it varies from one EV to the other.

Hence, how far a Tesla electric car will go on one charge will depend on the following factors:

  • The Tesla electric car’s model and manufacturing date
  • The Tesla electric car’s model variant (for example, standard-range, long-range)
  • The size, wattage, or charge storing capacity of the Tesla electric car’s lithium-ion battery
  • The quality and condition of the Tesla electric car’s battery pack
  • The quality and condition of the Tesla electric car’s tires
  • The total weight the Tesla electric car has to carry
  • The condition and type of terrain the Tesla electric car is being driven on
  • The Tesla electric car owner’s common driving practices
  • The way the Tesla electric car owner charges their EV
  • The external weather conditions

Moreover, if a Tesla electric car owner can understand how the above-mentioned factors can affect their EV’s traveling range, they can work towards increasing the expected range.

As a result, the Tesla electric car can go further on a single battery charge.

Continue reading the remaining article below to understand why people were initially skeptical about a Tesla EV’s range and how they were won over.

Moreover, the article elaborates on the factors that will affect a Tesla electric car’s true range. 

Why Were People Initially Skeptical About How far a Tesla Electric Car can Go on One Charge?

When the concept of a battery-powered automobile was introduced, people were not convinced that a chemical battery could compete with a traditional combustion engine.

Since people across the globe were familiar with how a combustion engine worked to generate the energy needed for mobility, it was hard to accept a completely new and unfamiliar concept.

However, despite worldwide skepticism and general doubt, Tesla’s global commercial launch managed to change this perception across the world.

While people were skeptical about how far a battery-powered automobile would allow them to travel and what top speed the car would offer, Tesla’s unique mechanisms and superior technology successfully changed the views of many skeptics.

Today, a Tesla electric car is one of the most highly demanded automobiles globally, and people are completely smitten by the EV’s modern engineering and green technology.

However, according to automobile experts, the main reason Tesla won the hearts of people everywhere is its fantastic range.

Initially, people had difficulty trusting a battery-powered automobile due to its electric engine, which only contained a chemical battery and a motor.

Although they understood the environmental benefits of driving a Tesla, they were not sure whether the expensive EV had the potential to completely replace the need for a gasoline-powered car.

However, once Tesla revealed the average range its different models will be offering, people were quick to switch from their old combustion engine cars to Tesla EVs.

The Factors that Affect How far a Tesla Electric Car will Go on One Charge

The Tesla Electric Car’s Model and Manufacturing Date

Tesla is one of the very few automobile brands that truly pay attention to their consumers’ needs, wants, and preferences.

For instance, its sentry, creep, or camping mode is a fantastic example of extremely innovative and unique features that have specifically been designed only to enhance user experience and to improve consumer convenience.

Similarly, in order to cater to the varying global consumer demands, Tesla has designed and launched a range of different electric car models that can successfully target different consumer groups.

For instance, for a family of two members, a Tesla Model 3 compact sedan will be excellent, while for someone who has multiple family members and needs to travel on rugged landscapes, the Model Y luxury SUV will be the ideal choice.

All the models have different sizes and curb weights, and hence the size and wattage of their battery pack have been designed accordingly.

As a result, the Model 3 sedan will cover less distance on a single charge compared to the Model S luxury sedan due to its battery size differences.

Similarly, although the Model X and Y both have similar-sized battery packs, their different curb weights will affect their expected range.

Hence, as a result, the heavier and larger Model Y SUV will cover less distance compared to the relatively lighter and smaller Model X SUV.

Moreover, if your Tesla EV model has been manufactured more recently, the chances of it having a larger battery pack and a higher traveling range are high.

The Tesla Electric Car’s Model Variant

Apart from dividing the range of EVs into different models, Tesla has further introduced different variants under each model category.

These variants are designed to vary in terms of their respective battery sizes, energy efficiencies, and expected ranges.

For example, the table below summarizes how far the different variants of a Tesla Model 3 electric car will go on a single charge.

Name of the Tesla Model 3 EV VariantBattery SizeExpected Traveling Range
Standard Range50 kWh220 miles
Standard Range Plus50 kWh262 miles
Long Range82 kWh353 miles
Performance Range82 kWh313 miles


The Size/Wattage/Charge Storing Capacity of a Tesla Electric Car’s Lithium-Ion Battery

The bigger or more powerful the lithium-ion battery pack of a Tesla electric car will be, the more distance it will cover on a single charge if no other factors are considered.

When one says that the size or wattage of a lithium-ion battery is large, it means that the battery has a higher charge storing capacity.

Hence, when the battery is plugged into a power source, it is able to accommodate and store a larger number of electrons, which can then be used by the motor to provide kinetic energy for mobility.

As a result, the more the charge is stored, the more kinetic energy is produced. Hence, the farther the electric car will travel on a single charge.

The Quality and Condition of the Tesla Electric Car’s Battery Pack

Even if the battery pack is massive in terms of capacity and wattage, it does not guarantee that the Tesla EV will cover a large distance on one charge.

This happens when the quality and condition of the Tesla electric car’s battery pack is poor due to damage or misuse.

If this is the case, the battery will no longer have the capacity to store sufficient electric charge, producing less energy. As a result, the EV will have to be recharged more frequently to complete the journey. 

The Quality and Condition of the Tesla Electric Car’s Tires

Although most people usually begin probing an EV’s battery any time their car’s range drops, they should also consider examining the tires.

This is because the tires of a Tesla electric car have the responsibility to carry the entire EV’s weight while moving over varying landscapes at high speeds.

If the tires are worn-out, deflated, punctured, or sticky, their performance will drop. As a result, they will no longer be able to carry the Tesla EV’s weight over large distances.

The Total Weight the Tesla Electric Car has to Carry

At times, the Tesla owner will load up excessive luggage or weights onto their EV, such as multiple bikes tied onto the rear or roof rack.

In such cases, a greater amount of stored battery charge will be used to carry the extra weight; hence, the battery might get depleted before making it too far.

The Condition and Type of Terrain the Tesla Electric Car is Being Driven on

If the Tesla electric car is frequently driven on rugged, uneven, and inclined terrains, its battery usage will go up.

As a result, the battery will deplete more quickly, and the EV will not make it too far on one charge.

The Tesla Electric Car Owner’s Common Driving Practices

  • If the Tesla owner chooses to accelerate their EV continuously, the battery usage goes up.
  • If the Tesla owner makes frequent unnecessary breaks, the battery will deplete more quickly.
  • If the Tesla owner deliberately drives their EV over arduous terrains, their battery charge will drop, and the EV will not make it too far on one charge.

The External Weather Conditions

If the Tesla electric car is driven against strong winds, the air resistance will amplify the EV’s battery usage, especially when the driver wishes to go at high speeds.

As a result, the battery will drain its charge more quickly, and the traveling range will drop.

What Are the Top Tips to Increase Your Tesla Electric Car’s Range

If you wish to travel farther on your Tesla electric car on one charge, you need to follow the tips below to increase its traveling range:

  • Refrain from hitting the accelerator unnecessarily and try to drive at a stable speed.
  • Refrain from making unnecessary brakes as the battery usage increases every time you restart the car.
  • Check for flatter and more even routes before leaving home, and drive on inclined slopes only when no other option is available.
  • Ensure your Tesla electric car’s battery is fully charged before hitting the road.
  • Try to use the at-home level-2 charging source as frequently as possible, and use the fast DC public charging station only for emergencies.
  • This is important because although the public stations offer a quick battery recharge, their high voltage can damage the Tesla EV’s battery cells and capacity.
  • On the contrary, although the at-home level-2 charging will take multiple hours, the low-voltage slow charging will protect the battery cells against any permanent damage.
  • Refrain from tying your luggage on the EV’s roof to maintain a sleeker shape for better aerodynamics.
  • If you need to commute over long distances every day, it is better that you invest in a variant that has the battery size to offer a high traveling range.
  • Refrain from delaying battery repairs if you wish to enjoy a high range and avoid expensive battery replacement costs.
Top Tips to Increase a Tesla Electric Car’s Range
Top Tips to Increase a Tesla Electric Car’s Range

Final Thoughts

If you want a reliable electric automobile that controls your carbon footprint while allowing you the opportunity to travel long distances on a single charge, a Tesla electric car is an excellent choice for you. 

All you need to do is invest in a Tesla model that suits your average traveling needs and ensure that the battery, tire quality, and condition remain great.

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