TurboaAnt Thunder T1 Electric Bike

Known for its fat tires and exceptional all-terrain ride, the Thunder T1 electric bike is the ideal choice for a smooth ride around the city, climbing uphill or spending the day on rocky mountain trails and everything else in between. It is known to be unbeatable for the price. Offering you much more than a regular bike or a basic electric bike would. You get the best of both worlds!

TurboaAnt Thunder T1 electric bike has broad handlebars and an adjustable stem, enabling you to tweak the positioning. The five levels of pedal assist allow you to adjust the electric bike according to your liking. It is built for multiple terrains and comes with a solid motor and battery to last.

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This article will provide everything you must know about the Thunder T1 electric bike. Let’s get right into it!

What Does The Thunder T1 Electric Bike Offer?

Thunder T1 bike is much more than meets the eye. It doesn’t just offer thick tires and an adjustable riding position, but it meets all the comfort requirements and fun elements required by the riders. It provides the following:

TurboaAnt Thunder T1 Electric Bike
TurboaAnt Thunder T1 Electric Bike

A Solid Motor

Enables the riders to ride fast, giving them great control on all terrains, hills, and slopes.

Instantaneous Power

Thunder T1 electric bike gives you immediate power and makes no noise.

Quick Spurt

It’s only a matter of seconds before you are seen speeding on the road. A feature that most riders love.

80 Nm Highest Force

It faces no difficulties while going uphill. The extra boost allows it to climb any hill with ease.

IP65 Waterproof

Regardless of the weather, this will allow your bike to survive water destruction and keep the riding function consistent.

28 mph Highest Pace

Thunder T1 electric bike can race the motorway at great speed on all terrains, so you don’t have to think twice before riding.

The New and Improved Battery Lasts Long

Thunder T1 electric bike has a 672 Wh potent and dependable battery that enables you to drive easily and not worry about how soon you’d have to go back home to charge it. It can ride as much as 60 miles on one charge (given that it is fully charged).

Even though you can ride this electric bike just as a regular bike once the battery finishes, it is ideal for riding it with the battery fully charged.

However, the battery lifespan is influenced by various factors such as the riding habits, severity of terrains, how often you charge and how much, battery upkeep, etc. It is recommended to follow the user manual if you wish for your battery to last long.

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Thunder T1 electric bike offers optimal features and allows purpose-built rider riding. They are highly useful and modern-day and allow you the confidence to ride every terrain.

Fat Tires

Most people prefer fat tires as they are puncture-resistant and give you a reliable ride.

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3.1 -Inch Adaptable Frontal Fork

It is an extremely important feature that allows the electric bike to absorb all the thumps from the bumpy terrain and help prevent the bike’s frame from shaking.

Leather Protected Handlebar Clasps

The leather-covered handlebar helps the rider get a good grip on the bike in case of any bumps along the ride. It also adds a unique touch to the electric bike. However, one drawback is that the rider cannot adjust the handlebar on the Thunder T1 electric bike.

Enlightening LCD Screen

It gives you accurate riding information, so you are always aware of your e-bike’s performance. This way, you can easily tap and control the bike.

5-Level Pedaling Assistance

Each rider has a different riding preference. The 5-level pedal-assist feature allows you to adjust according to yours and ride away.

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Safety Features

The Thunder T1 electric bike has some thoughtful protective qualities that make it riders’ top choice when choosing an electric bike for all types of terrains.

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Disc Brake

These disc brakes can be adjusted – you can stiffen them to decrease the decelerating gap and deliver enough impeding power.

Throttle Deadlock

The throttle lock is a great safety lock that is appropriately placed within reach of your thumb. It is a must-have safety feature that riders can access and remove unintentional rushing. It offers you the advanced protection you need on dangerous terrains.

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LED Headlight and Taillight

The taillight has a built-in blinker that starts to blink when you have your brakes on to warn all those nearby. It spreads the light and boosts visibility for you to enjoy safely. The two headlights shine forward for 16.4 feet.


The best part about the Thunder T1 fat tire electric bike is that it comes 90% pre-assembled and has a tool kit with everything you require to get the bike ready to ride. It has an easy-to-follow manual for all your riding preferences.

You have to join the handlebars, secure the forward-facing wheel, pop on the fender, and fasten the levers. Now take a good look at the bike, and lastly, adjust the seat of the electric bike according to how you like it and are comfortable riding.

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Battery Life

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Thunder T1 electric bike’s battery lasts for up to three years. It will take up to seven hours to fully charge the battery and allow you to enjoy a range of sixty miles.

It is, however, influenced by various factors such as riding habits, terrains, charging operations, battery maintenance, etc. It is advised to follow the user manual for battery maintenance.

Even though this electric city bike can run as any regular bike once the battery dies, it is preferred to ride it with the battery charged.

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Detachable Battery For Security Purposes

The best part about lithium-ion batteries is that when they charge inside, their lifespan increases.

The Thunder T1 electric bike is a smart one. It comes with a removable and lockable battery. With the help of two keys provided by Turboant, you can unlock the battery in minutes from the border.

Additionally, when the battery isn’t attached to the bike, it will less likely get stolen. The price of this battery is between two to six hundred dollars and can be substituted anywhere.

The battery life varies depending on how often you use the pedaling assistance modes.

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Pros & Cons of the Thunder T1 Electric Bike

The Thunder T1 electric bike is among the best electric bikes on the market. Even though it has many great advantages, it does, however, come with some disadvantages that we’ll discuss:

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  • Thunder T1 fat tire electric bike has one of the most protective throttles in a fat-tire electric bike. It makes it safer for the rider to get on the bike and ride away. The throttle also has an on and off button for the rider’s ease.
  • It comes with some real-tight gearing, making it easier for the rider to climb steep hills and come down.
  • The fat tires of the electric bike and the suspension fork make it an ideal combination and provide off-roading abilities to the e-bike.
  • The powerful 750W engine is perfect for riding at regular high speeds and on leveling hills.
  • Its pricing makes it even better!
  • It allows balanced handling on all terrains, which is ideal for all-year adventures.


  • Some riders complained about inaccurate battery level indicators, leaving them with less-charged bikes.
  • Some riders have complained of readability issues when riding the bikes, so it was hard to tell how much charging they had left.
  • Similar issues have been found in the speed readouts as the numbers didn’t match those off the GPS speedometer.
  • Most riders feel that it comes with an inadequate mechanical ring and should be louder.


The stunning details on the Thunder T1 fat tire electric bike will have you staring at its attractive design. The fat tires might be overwhelming for some riders, but once you get the hang of them, you wouldn’t want to ride on anything else.

The strong detail-oriented design is great for rough terrains and bumpy roads. It will allow riders who take their rides and adventures seriously to enjoy them.

The design is such that it offers you an easy-going and stress-free ride alongside providing you the safety you need.

It has a hydraulic shock-absorbing fork and an aluminum alloy frame, making it tough. In addition, it has a t-speed Shimano rear derailleur, a broad foam seat for long rides, and solid disc brakes.

The bike is worth the money. It will give you a good ride on dusty days, in the rain, on warm sunny days, and even when it is snowing.

The full-length guards of Thunder T1 will help keep you away from dirt. Thanks to the bike’s design, you can ride it without fear and predict your next move.

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What Features Make The Thunder T1 Fat Tire Electric Bike Stand Out?

In case the information mentioned above didn’t help you clear your mind on the bike, here are a few advantages that the Thunder T1 electric bike will bring to your life.

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Speedy and Adaptable

The advanced technology used in this bike gives you the added power you never knew you needed! You can cover several miles in minutes compared to when you pedal solely.

If you wish to fly across the city for a meeting or class, this will help you reach on time. There’s no place you can’t go quickly with this bike.

Reduced Overall Costs

If you are someone who has been concerned about the rising prices of fuel and have decided to cut down on it, trust us, it is by far the best decision that you’ll make. You don’t have to pay for fuel! You will end up saving so much more than you anticipated.

Yes, we agree that an electric bike is a one-time investment, but if you maintain it, it’ll last a long time, and you won’t be stuck paying your car or fuel bills. This way you can spend on other important things such as yourself, your kids, parents, etc.

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Global warming is no joke. Every individual needs to play their part in keeping the environment safe and control ourselves from further destroying it. The earth is dying, something or the other is happening worldwide, and it is a sad state to live in.

With so much going on, the least we can do is stop polluting the air we breathe daily. And a step in the right direction would be an electric bike.

An Electric Bike Is the Future

Electric bikes are the future of transportation, so it’s better to hop onto the bandwagon early. With smarter counterparts being made for these bikes, they are on their way to even more advancements.

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It is a smart idea to get an electric bike that makes your daily commute around the city easier for you, saves up on your cost, and allows you a safe and stress-free ride.

Final Verdict: Is the Thunder T1 Fat Tire Electric Bike for Me?

The Turboant Thunder T1 electric bike is a great selection if you are adventurous and fearless and wish to make the most of your time outdoors exploring. With so much rigorous traveling, you need something that’ll transport you from one stop to another with less cost, high safety, and advanced features, and that definitely won’t be your car.

Thanks to the bike lanes, you can cross thin areas with this bike and won’t have to wait long for traffic. The pedal-assist technology packed with the resilient battery, water, and puncture-resistant abilities makes the bike an ideal option for you.

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