How Can You Turn off Tesla Electric Car Display Touch Screen?

Although technology, by its nature, always has room for improvements and growth, a Tesla electric car is perhaps the closest humans have ever gotten to automobile perfection.

Not only is the globally well-reputed brand the pioneer of modern EV technology, but their electric vehicles are truly superior in all aspects of automobile design, characteristics, uses, and technology.

Tesla is the frontrunner in electric vehicles, bringing them to the masses and making them more mainstream. This has only served to increase interest in electric vehicles, leading to their widespread adoption.

One such feature of Tesla electric cars that gives the EV its one-of-a-kind futuristic look is the wide display touchscreen panel that has beautifully replaced the traditional vehicle dashboard, eliminating the need for any physical buttons.

However, despite the numerous benefits of the Tesla display touchscreen, the driver sometimes needs to turn it off. Fortunately, the process to do that is quite simple and user-friendly.

How Can You Turn off the Tesla Electric Car’s Display Touch Screen?

Any time a person invests in a modern-day Tesla electric car, they are usually overwhelmed by the electric automobile’s uniqueness and technological advancement in the best way possible.

Although the consumers are well-informed about the EV’s electrical engine and its ability to run on a chemical battery, they are usually pleasantly surprised to find out how a Tesla is much more than a traditional vehicle in many ways.

Apart from focusing on developing an electrical engine that offers a competitive range, high speeds, and long battery health, Tesla has been equally dedicated to designing an automobile like no other.

Its multiple unique features, such as the sentry mode, dog mode, creep mode, celebration mode, camping mode, etc., are the epitome of technological brilliance and cannot be found in other ICE or electric automobiles.

Hence, despite the relatively high market price, people across the globe are more than willing to get their hands on the Tesla electric car of their dreams.

Moreover, its display touchscreen is one such design feature that allows the modern Tesla electric car to behave less like a traditional vehicle and more like a fully-integrated computer system.

Although multiple different vehicles come with a center display touchscreen; however, none of these screens can offer the kind of user convenience a Tesla screen does.

Not only is the Tesla display touchscreen panel wide enough to fully replace the traditional dashboard, but it has also been designed to eliminate the need for any physical buttons.

Hence, anytime the driver or passenger has to change some EV settings, view the map, or scroll through the different software options, all they need to do is turn on the Tesla display touchscreen and engage.

However, although Tesla has not held back in designing and installing a computer-like display touchscreen like no other, its colorful and visually appealing displays can be distracting for the driver at times.

This especially becomes a problem when the Tesla electric car’s autopilot function is not working properly, or the heavy traffic or high speeds demand that the driver remains vigilant and focused on the road at all times.

Continue reading to learn in detail about the uses and benefits of the Tesla display touchscreen and why the screen’s beautiful display can lead to a potential car accident.

Moreover, the article lists some ways to turn off your Tesla electric car’s display touch screen.

Let’s get started!

What Are Some of the Main Uses and Benefits of the Tesla Display Touchscreen?

As mentioned above, the Tesla display touchscreen allows the modern electric automobile to act like an advanced and fully-integrated computer system.

Unlike traditional car systems and features that are either pre-installed or need to be manually installed after purchasing the particular system or component, a Tesla electric car’s new feature or a software update can simply be downloaded.

Just as one can download a new application or software update on their mobile phones, as long as their phones are compatible with the particular update, they can do the same with Tesla electric cars.

They must check whether their desired software or update is compatible with their particular Tesla model to proceed with a successful download.

Once the software has been downloaded, the user can easily turn it on and off by clicking on the different tabs present on the Tesla display touchscreen.

Apart from serving as a computer system that allows complete system downloads and updates, all Tesla display touch screens have been designed to offer some unique benefits and uses, some of which are as follows:

  • Since the Tesla display touchscreen has been designed to replace the traditional dashboard and the physical buttons, the driver can simply manage all the systems and settings of their EV through the screen.
  • For instance, they can control cabin lighting, cabin heating, air conditioning, music volume, radio channel, etc., by clicking on the respective tabs present on the touchscreen.
  • Moreover, the display touchscreen is also used to enable and disable the different modes and unique features of the Tesla electric car.
  • For instance, if the driver wishes to upgrade their Tesla electric car’s security system, they must turn on their EV to gain access to the screen to enable the sentry mode feature.
  • Furthermore, since the Tesla display touchscreen is designed to be wide enough to take up the entire dashboard space, the driver can monitor their speed, remaining range, battery charge, tire air pressure, and any potential system faults or errors by viewing the screen.
  • Apart from the basic information, the Tesla display touchscreen is also designed to give alerts and timely notifications to the driver during different situations.
  • For instance, if the driver is unaware of their depleting battery charge, the Tesla display touchscreen will notify the driver about the decreasing range.
  • Apart from just informing the driver about the at-hand situation, the Tesla touchscreen will immediately pinpoint all the nearest public EV charging options that the driver can use to drive their Tesla.
  • Another reason consumers love the Tesla display touchscreen is its vivid and vibrant display.
  • Many consumers compare the multiple lights and futuristic design of the display touchscreen to that of an airplane’s cockpit.
  • Tesla has designed unique animations, emoticons, and even video games that the driver can enjoy during an autonomous EV drive.
  • Moreover, since the Tesla display touchscreen is connected to a WIFI server at all times, passengers also have the unique opportunity to stream movies on Netflix and other websites.

How Can the Tesla Display Touchscreen’s Vibrant Display Cause Problems for the Driver?

As elaborated above, the Tesla display touchscreen is a fantastic design feature that has successfully enhanced the consumer experience and satisfaction in multiple ways.

However, although Tesla intended their screen to be perfect, this is not always the case. Instead, in many incidents, users have blamed the massive Tesla display touchscreen for their car accidents.

Some of the reasons why people make this connection between the Tesla screen and the EV’s overall safety are as follows:

  • There is no doubt that the visually pleasing and extremely attractive display of the Tesla touchscreen is a great design feature that elevates Tesla’s position among its global competition; however, the visuals are not always helpful for the driver.
  • If attractive dancing animations and unique emoticons keep flashing on the Tesla display touchscreen, the driver is bound to move their eyes from the road to view the screen.
  • When the driver is sufficiently distracted, the chances of losing control over the vehicle or potentially crashing into another vehicle or object get higher.
  • Moreover, although the Tesla autopilot feature is a brilliant breakthrough in global EV technology, many consumers have reported multiple complaints.
  • Hence, despite Tesla’s efforts, the autopilot feature is not perfect. Although it enables an autonomous drive, it still requires that the driver remains vigilant and maintains their focus on the road to avoid potential risks.
  • However, if a video game or Netflix movie is being played on the Tesla display touchscreen, the chances of the driver getting dangerously distracted are high.
  • As a matter of fact, these chances only get higher when the Tesla is in autopilot mode and the driver is not actively paying attention to their EV.
  • When driving during the night, the vivid brightness of the Tesla display touchscreen can be very uncomfortable for the driver’s eyes.
  • If the driver diverts their vision from the road to the bright screen, the instant blinding effect will make refocusing on the road harder.
  • This can instantly affect the driver’s safety, eventually leading to a car accident.
  • Furthermore, although Tesla has gone above and beyond to add some unique features and software to their display touchscreens, they can sometimes be too much.
  • For instance, since a new driver will not be familiar with using a touchscreen to enable their EV’s turn signal, the multiple tabs, icons, and touch buttons might confuse them regarding how they can enable the desired feature.
  • This fidgeting and constant confusion can keep the driver distracted from the road for enough time to potentially lead to a car crash.
  • Hence, it might take quite some time for a new Tesla driver to get comfortable with using the touchscreen to know where all the respective buttons and tabs are.
  • Finally, one of the main reasons why people choose to turn off their Tesla display touch screens is to save battery to get a better traveling range.

The Top Ways You Can Turn Off Your Tesla electric Car’s Display Touch Screen

Since a turned-on or bright Tesla display touchscreen can lead to multiple problems for the driver, it is important to know how to turn off the Tesla screen.

Some of the ways that you can do this are as follows:

  • If the goal is to save battery charge, turn off the Tesla electric car when you need to remain parked for a prolonged period.
  • By turning off the Tesla, the display touch screen will turn off on its own too, and battery wastage will be minimized.
  • Moreover, when driving during the night, the best tip is to darken the display of the Tesla touchscreen so that it can no longer disturb the driver’s eyes or cause a dangerous distraction.
  • To do this, the driver needs to swipe down on the Tesla touchscreen to find the menu tab.
  • After clicking this tab, locate and press the ‘Displays’ button.
  • Finally, locate and press the ‘Dark Screen’ option to reduce the screen’s brightness.
  • If the dancing or vibrant animations on the Tesla screen create a distraction, simply press and hold the ‘Home’ button for almost five seconds until the animations shut down completely.
  • Moreover, the Tesla EV will power-off automatically when you leave your parked Tesla electric car with your mobile phone and the key fob. This will also turn off the touchscreen.
  • Even when the driver does not leave their Tesla, the Tesla’s screen will automatically turn off once the EV has been parked for at least thirty minutes.
  • Furthermore, although Tesla has discontinued the video games feature, the driver can uninstall any video streaming or other distracting applications or software that can potentially distract them from the road. All this serves to improve driver concentration, reducing the risk of accidents.
How to Turn off Tesla Electric Car Display Touch Screen
How to Turn off Tesla Electric Car Display Touch Screen

Final Thoughts

If you have any reservations about the high price of a Tesla electric car, know that no other automobile will offer you the kind of value for money that a Tesla can.

Not only is the battery-powered automobile’s drive and range fantastic, but its wide display touchscreen panel allows the EV to function like a futuristic computerized system.

However, if the touchscreen’s vibrant animations, visuals, and bright display becomes too distracting, the driver always has the option to darken or turn off the screen.

Doing so saves battery charge, improves the traveling range, and helps the driver maintain their undivided focus on the road.  If you’re looking to save on battery charge in the USA, the best thing to do is turn off your Tesla screen. However, be wary that doing so will take away a lot of functionality.

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