What Companies Make Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric vehicles (EVs) have taken the world by storm. They are becoming more popular among the general public as more people aim to reduce their CO2 emissions and carbon footprint.

Companies that make electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are experiencing a boom in demand all around the world. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most well-known companies that make electric car charging stations.

Schneider Electric, Siemens, Blink, ChargePoint, Eaton, Webasto Group, EVBox, ABB, EFACEC, Hyundai, RWE, and Shell, to name a few.

Electric Car Charging Stations Companies

Keep reading to find out what they have been up to.

What Companies Make Electric Car Charging Stations
What Companies Make Electric Car Charging Stations

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is an electrical power equipment company that is well-known for its data center solutions, such as uninterruptible power supply units (UPSUs), which keep servers running even if the power grid fails.

Schneider offers a variety of electric car charging systems for both residential and commercial use. In the future, the firm is expected to have a considerable presence in this emerging sector.

  • From car chargers to home security products and light switches, there’s a lot that the company offers.
  • From Secure Power (IT) to Medium Voltage Distribution and Grid Automation (infrastructure) and Low Voltage Products and Systems, the company operates in various industries.  
  • The organization has a strong presence in Western Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific, with employees in over 100 countries.
  • Invensys Ltd. (U.K.), SolveIT Software (Australia), Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (India), and BEI Technologies are some of Schneider Electric’s key subsidiaries.

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Siemens—Europe’s largest engineering corporation provides free charging to its workers’ electric vehicles at its own charging stations.

ChargePoint was founded by the corporation a few years ago, and it has already deployed hundreds of charging stations around the USA and Europe.

Siemens has also launched various charging options for both normal and rapid charging for its customers, both at home and on the road.

  • Siemens claims to have cut itself a leadership position in this burgeoning sector, emphasizing quick charging options as well as comprehensive technical support. It specializes in engineering and manufacturing, while electrification, automation, and digitization are its main service areas.
  • The company also offers engineering services in the areas of automation and control, energy, transportation, and medical diagnosis.
  • The SICHARGE UC product line, one of the company’s numerous offerings in the electric vehicle charging stations market, offers an extensive power range of 100 kW to 800 kW.
  • Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa are all places where the company operates. Adwen GmbH, Adwen Blades GmbH, Agilion GmbH, HaCon Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, and Flender GmbH are some of Siemens’ key subsidiaries in Germany.

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Things move quickly in the world of advanced technology, and emerging industries like electric cars and car charging stations are making it even more active.

Blink Charging is a company with a market valuation of about $70 million. Analysts predict that Blink will become the market’s largest firm by 2025.

  • Blink provides cloud-based services to property owners, managers, and parking companies that enable remote monitoring and management of electric vehicle charging stations and payment processing, while providing vital station information to EV drivers, such as station location, availability, and applicable fees.
  • Building owners, parking garages, governments, athletic events, and other public locations may benefit from Blink Charge’s charging stations.
  • The company’s Charging Service Revenue business is involved in the electric car charging station market. It has over 150,000 registered members and has constructed around 15,000 charging stations around the United States.
  • Blink’s latest agreement with Tauriga fits in with the company’s aspirations to install 5,000 more before by the end of 2022.

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ChargePoint, formerly known as Coulomb Technologies, claims to be in charge of the world’s biggest network of electric car charging stations. It is an open electric car charging network that was founded in 2007 and is based in Campbell, California.

The company, which was founded 15 years ago, raised $240 million last year to fund its development and now has annual revenues of around $42 million.

  • ChargePoint offers yearly subscriptions to cloud-based service options, including tools, data, payment processing, and driver support.
  • Leading EV hardware manufacturers and other partners utilize the ChargePoint network to make charging station information available on mobile apps and online.
  • With over 66,000 public and semi-public commercial charging places and thousands of clients, ChargePoint is the only charging technology firm on the market that designs, develops, and produces hardware and software solutions for every use (businesses, utilities, governments, retail malls, and parking service providers all around the world.)
  • According to the most recent estimates, it acquired 10,000 charging stations from General Electric in 2017, bringing its total to 35,000. ChargePoint has public and private charging stations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other nations.

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Eaton is well-known in the industrial sector, but few people know that it also makes electric car charging stations. Suitable for residential and commercial usage, the organization intends to provide tailored solutions to meet the customer’s needs.

  • Apart from electric car charging stations, the company provides Hydraulic and fluid connections, truck drivetrain systems, engine components, electrical power distribution, and control devices. Eaton also designs equipment for industrial, automotive, construction, commercial, and aerospace industries.
  • Eaton’s six business segments are Electrical Products, Electrical Systems and Services, Hydraulics, Aerospace, Vehicles, and eMobility. The company competes in electric car charging stations through its eMobility division.
  • With staff in 59 countries, the organization operates in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.
  • Some of the company’s major subsidiaries are Eaton Aeroquip LLC (US), Eaton Elektrotechnika (Czech Republic), Eaton Electric B.V. (Netherlands), Aeroquip-Vickers Ltd (UK), and Eaton Hydraulics Inc. (US)

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Webasto Group

Companies Make Electric Car Charging Stations
Electric Car Charging System

Webasto is a diversified technology company that offers a mix of home and on-the-road charging solutions. Aerotech, a diversified technology company whose products include electric vehicles, paid $35 million for Webasto’s “efficient energy systems” division.

Webasto has created a broad array of charging stations for electric vehicles, each tailored to specific technological and infrastructure needs. All of its charging solutions adhere to all applicable regulations and OEM specifications.

  • From Charging Stations to Batteries & Charging Solutions, the company operates different businesses.
  • Webasto, which claims to be one of the world’s top 100 automotive suppliers, has an online store where electric vehicle charging stations can be purchased for around €700.
  • The firm is operational in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and other regions, with employees in over 50 countries. Webasto Roof Systems Inc, CoSyst Control Systems GmbH, Webasto SpA, Webasto Roof & Components Se, and Schaidt Innovations GmbH & Co. KG are some of the company’s primary subsidiaries in Germany.

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EVBox develops, produces, and sells charging stations for electric and semi-electric cars. It was founded in 2010 and is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

EVBox has partnered with various companies, including energy and utility companies such as Engie and Eon, and also provides guidance and support to community charging networks.

  • Charging columns, wall models with permanent wires, residential electric car chargers, and commercial charging solutions are all available.
  • EVBox, an electric car charging system specialist, offers a range of hardware and software solutions, including home and public chargers.
  • It claims to have the world’s biggest network of electric car charging stations, with over 60,000 in operation worldwide.
  • Geographically, the company is present in Europe and North America and has 700 fast-charging stations, which they acquired when they bought EVTronic last year.

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ABB specializes in power and automation technology. The company offers a variety of goods, systems, solutions, and services.

The firm is one of the world’s major industrial robot producers. However, power-generating equipment is a significantly greater component of ABB’s business.

As a result, it’s almost certain that it’ll become one of the top suppliers of “downstream” power equipment, and ABB has announced various fast-charging options for buses and vehicles.

However, it is not currently among the industry leaders in electric vehicle charging stations, despite its recent agreement with Porsche to build EV chargers, which will undoubtedly improve its visibility.

  • ABB is a global pioneer in electric vehicle infrastructure, providing a comprehensive variety of charging and electrification solutions for electric vehicles, electric and hybrid buses, ships, and trains.
  • ABB provides entire EV charging solutions, ranging from small AC wall boxes to dependable DC fast-charging stations with powerful connections, as well as revolutionary on-demand electric bus charging systems.
  • The Ability linked chargers from the company allow for quick worldwide repair and proactive maintenance.
  • It is operational in over 100 countries across four continents: Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

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Efacec is a potentially unknown Portuguese energy, engineering, and transportation firm that claims to be the country’s largest business, with yearly revenues of almost €500 million.

Efacec’s electric car charging stations range from “rapid charging” to “ultra-fast charging” and are accessible for private and public usage.

Although data on the number of Efacec’s installations are not yet available, Portugal is thought to have fewer than 1,000 public EV charging outlets, making it a potentially lucrative market.

  • Transformers, Switchgear, Service, Energy, Automation, Environment & Industry, Transportation, and Electric Mobility are among Efacec’s commercial operations, which began in 1948.
  • The company’s Electric Mobility sector offers various solutions, including integrated management systems for electric automobiles, motorbikes, and buses.
  • Portugal, Spain, Central Europe, the United States, South America, Africa, Brazil, India, and other regions are all represented by the firm.
  • Efacec Marketing Internacional, SA, EFACEC Investimentos e Concesses, SGPS, EFACEC Sistemas de Gesto, SA, Efacec Engenharia e Sistemas, SA, and others are some of the company’s significant subsidiaries in Portugal.

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companies that make electric car charging stations
Electric Car Charging System

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Upcoming Inventions


Hyundai and Kia are developing a wireless electric vehicle charging system. It appears to be part of the two companies’ overall autonomous car solution, which they plan to commercialize in the coming years.

They’ve displayed an autonomous electric automobile parking itself over an EV charging station for the time being. Other companies are also considering wireless charging. One of them is Daimler Mercedes-Benz.

A solar charging system for autos, in which the solar panel is incorporated into the car roof, is another Hyundai invention worth mentioning, but it is not the same technology.

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Daimler has been developing electric vehicles for some time and wants to introduce them this year when the time and circumstances are right.

Rather than waiting for others to provide the infrastructure, the manufacturer has partnered with RWE to construct 500 electric vehicle charging stations around Germany and Europe.

RWE is a multi-business European energy conglomerate. The business that is building the EV charging infrastructure is RWE Effizienz.

RWE claims to be the only company in Europe that can manufacture many types of charging stations in-house, install them in both public and private areas, operate them with a custom software system, and deliver environmentally-friendly electricity.

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Like Hyundai and RWE, Shell also seems interested in joining the electric vehicle charging market through its GreenLots business unit, which it bought for an undisclosed price earlier this year.

Shell claims to invest $200 million per year in alternative energy solutions, plans to increase this to $1 billion by 2020.

It has also invested in Ample, a company that promises to provide an alternative to traditional charging through the use of autonomous robots.

Final Thoughts

The International Energy Agency (IEA) issues its “Global EV Outlook” every year to display the overall picture of the present electric vehicle industry and its benefits for the community.

The companies mentioned above have played a critical role in the worldwide shift to electric vehicles by making electric car charging stations. If you think we missed a name, write to us in the comments below.

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