What Is Walk Mode on an Electric Bike

These days electric bikes are coming with new, innovative features. One of these great features is the Walk Mode. This is also called Walk Assist. Sometimes when riding a bicycle, it’s easier to dismount and push your bicycle along when going up a steep incline.

However, the bicycle can get difficult to handle due to the pull of gravity.

Switching your bike to Walk Mode makes it easier to handle the bike. The e-bike provides a certain amount of power that helps you maneuver the bike as you go along. This support negates the bike’s weight making it easier to control in the direction you want.

What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike is a bicycle with an integrated motor to assist propulsion. These bikes usually use motor-powered, rechargeable batteries that can go up to 25 to 32 km/h. These days e-bikes are rising in popularity compared to conventional bicycles.

In many US States, e-bikes are usually classified as bicycles rather than mopeds or motorcycles. This relieves e-bikes from being bound by strict operation and certification laws.

Purchasing an electric bike has a multitude of advantages. E-bikes are environmentally friendly, with rechargeable batteries. You can also utilize renewable energy resources to recharge these batteries. Ebikes also help improve your physical fitness while reducing your carbon footprint.

Electric Bike Features

With development and innovation being applied to electric bikes, the latest e-bikes boast many great features and tricks. Some features include Smart Charging, Smart Assist, High Battery Life, Wireless Compatibility, and Walk Assist.

Smart charging includes the battery and charger working together to speed the charging process and make it super-efficient. The smart assist technology automatically changes your e-bike settings so you can entirely focus on riding.

The latest e-bikes also offer a great, high-quality battery that can easily charge over a thousand times.

As explained above, the Walk Mode technology is also an excellent feature that makes riding an e-bike super convenient. When you switch your bike to Walk Mode, you can easily push your bike along as you walk uphill, and the bike gets heavier to handle.

In this article, let’s examine the innovative Walk Mode feature in more detail.

The Walk Mode Feature

Do you regularly ride an electric bike and live in a hilly city? Or do you occasionally go on biking trails and encounter obstacles where pushing your bike is required? This is when the Walk Mode comes into play. When you push your e-bike along with you by the handlebars, the motor gives you slight assistance.

The support the walk mode will provide depends on your e-bike’s motor. Even if electric support varies, it will still be enabled regardless of the motor your e-bike utilizes.

The walk mode feature is also called Walk Assist. High-end e-bikes and electric mountain bikes especially come with this feature.

How to Use the Walk Mode?

It would help if you switched your bike to Walk Assist mode to enable it. For most bikes, you need to hold a button as you walk. This button will enable the motor to support the e-bike as you walk it.

You need to hold the button for assistance until you finish the walk. With the Walk Assist mode, you don’t need to huff and puff as you climb up an incline or ask someone for help.

The specifics of using the Walk Assist mode vary slightly according to the e-bike model and brand. Here is how you can activate this model on some popular e-bike models.

  • The Bosch Electric Bike – Purion System
  • Bosch is known for creating great electric bikes, motors, and batteries. To activate Walk Mode on this e-bike, switch to any pedal assist mode such as ‘Eco.’ This is done by pressing the left panel of the display bar. You can press it up or down.
  • Then press the ‘Walk +’ button on the bottom of the display bar.
  • After this, press + on the top left to activate walk mode.

The Bosch Electric Bike -Nyon System

  1. Select any mode from the buttons on the left bar.
  2. The mode selector box has the walk assist button on the top.
  3. Press this and hold the + button on the top left side to use the Walk Assist mode.

The Bosch Electric Bike – Intuvia System

  1. Select any mode from the buttons on the panel on the left.
  2. You will see the walk mode button on the top of the selector box. Press that, and you will view a walking man icon.
  3. To engage in the walk mode, hold the + on the top left of the screen.

The Electric Bike by Yamaha

  1. To enable the e-bike Walk Mode on Yamaha electronic bikes, ensure your e-bike is on.
  2. Press and hold the button on the bottom left. An image similar to a person walking shall appear, thus activating the Walk Mode.

The Super 73 Ebike

The Super 73 electronic bikes don’t have a built-in Walk Assist mode. If your bike is a model with a throttle, you must use the lowest mode to assist you. This will imitate Walk Mode. Sometimes the Super 73 application is also needed to switch the mode to class 2 or 3, thus allowing the throttle to work.

Why Should You Purchase an Ebike with Walk Assist?

Ebikes with Walk Assist are slightly pricier than those without. But in many cases, the money is worth it.

Let’s consider why you should invest in a good quality e-bike with Walk Assist.

  • If you love the outdoors and frequent bike trails and parks, you should purchase an e-bike with Walk Assist. These e-bikes make it easier to conquer hills. They also help you save energy if you encounter an unexpected drop or incline.
  • You will not have to dismount and spend all your energy pushing your bike. With the Walk Assist mode, you won’t be deterred if you encounter challenging terrain.
  • If you live in the city and are a retired individual, Walk Mode on an electric bike will do you wonders. Walk mode will enable you to walk your bike around if you don’t feel comfortable riding. You must worry about pushing a chunky bike around with you, as Walk Mode will make this easier.
  • If you suffer from health issues that cause back or joint pain, an e-bike with Walk Assist will make bicycling easier. You will not need to exert yourself if you encounter an unexpected drop. Also, if you are on a busy street, you can easily walk your bike without discomfort.
  • Biking can sometimes be inconvenient if you live in a big city that has not been planned well. You will come across concrete steps, bad architecture, and busy roads. Walk Assist helps you walk your bike through such places easily without annoyance or stress.
  • If you are environmentally conscious, it’s a great idea to invest in a high-quality e-bike. You can use your bike frequently to and from work, to run errands, or to go out and about the city.
  • You will cover more distance than a regular bike. You can also use the Walk Mode on an electric bike to cross areas that are not bike-friendly.

Problems with the Walk Mode Feature

Sometimes bike owners can encounter issues with Walk Assist if the feature has not been activated at the shop. Before buying your e-bike, ensure the Walk Mode on an electric bike is active and functioning. Pressing the right buttons to engage Walk Assist can sometimes also be confusing. Make sure you learn how to use the feature when purchasing the bike.

Other Benefits of Ebikes

Easy to Ride

E-bikes are much easier to ride compared to conventional bikes. They give you a smoother ride and significantly reduce stress on limbs and joints. Someone who may not normally cycle due to physical pain can easily ride an e-bike. One can also cover longer distances without feelings of exhaustion.

Give You Better Mental Health

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, an e-bike will get you moving. You can visit parks and biking trails, thus being closer to nature. Exercise, fresh air, and different scenery will reduce stress levels, improve your mood and help you sleep better.

A high-quality e-bike also has great features like longer battery life and accessing the Walk Assist mode. If you come across an incline or want a break, you can always walk your bike easily through the Walk Assist mode.

Environmentally Friendly Alternate

E-bikes are a great alternative to cars. You reduce pollution and gas consumption while riding your e-bike instead of driving. This helps preserve fossil fuels and also improves air quality. Your commute can also be faster as you will avoid getting stuck in traffic. Also, as e-bikes are classified as bikes in many US states, you can easily ride through parks, sidewalks, and bike lanes.

A Safer Way to Travel

E-bikes enable you to reach your destination faster compared to regular bicycles. You can accelerate up to 20mph on average, depending on the model and make of your e-bike. You can keep up with traffic and easily get out of the way of other vehicles if need be.

Helps You Save Money

Ebikes can also help you save money in the long run. By using an e-bike, you avoid high fuel costs. You will have to buy e-bike batteries, which as affordable and long-lasting. A fully charged battery can last you from 18 to 50 miles, depending on how much assistance you use.

Here to Stay

Due to their practical benefits, e-bikes are here to stay. This invention is bound to improve over time and is already rising in popularity. E-bikes are a great solution to rising air pollution, especially in big cities.

Many Different Designs

Today, you can purchase an e-bike in a multitude of designs. You can choose a model with features that fit your need and rising style. The many e-bike styles include commuter, tricycle, and fat tire, to name a few.

What Is Walk Mode on an Electric Bike
What Is Walk Mode on an Electric Bike

Our Final Thoughts

If you like riding bicycles, purchasing an e-bike is a great idea. E-bikes are easy and convenient to use and give you added speed and flexibility. You can reach your destination faster without getting physically exhausted.

Walk mode on an electric bike is an excellent feature. This feature helps you navigate through difficult terrain and bad city architecture. If you wish to walk with your e-bike, you can easily do so with the walk mode.

Pulling your e-bike along the handles won’t be difficult as the bike’s motor also supports the bike. It becomes easier to handle and light to pull along. With the surging popularity of e-bikes, it’s apparent this technology is here to stay.

If you are conscious of the environment and love being physically active, an e-bike is for you. You can travel to work daily and use it to run errands and tasks.

You can also use it for trips to nearby biking trails and nature reserves. E-bikes are also simple and inexpensive to use, thus being an affordable option when it comes to transport.

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