Where Can I Buy An Electric Bike?

Electric bikes, just like electric cars, are rising in fame every passing second. EVs may have been a far-fetched thought once upon a time. But now, as you gaze outside your windows, chances are that you’ll find quite a few people using electric cars or electric bikes.

E-bikes are suitable and ideal for people of all ages and offer excellent benefits. That’s a fundamental reason for a spike in their global demands, pushing e-bike producers to increase their supplies and offer more advanced models to appease the consumers.

If you’re thinking of investing in an electric bike, you’re on the right track. Buying an e-bike today is worth it. The way it promotes green living saves your fuel costs and promises a smoother ride than the conventional bikes are enough reasons to get an electric bike right away.

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Deciding to buy an e-bike isn’t the only step, though. Now, you must consider several other questions. “Should I get a new one, or will a second-hand do for now? And most importantly: where can I buy an electric bike?” If these queries swarm your mind, welcome to a guide dedicated to you.

Below, we list the potential platforms you can buy an electric bike from. Stay tuned to discover answers to more relevant queries about buying and riding an e-bike.

So, put your helmets on, and let’s get riding!

How Much Does An Electric Bike Cost?

Before discussing the quick answer to “where can I buy an electric bike?” let’s first talk about how much an e-bike costs.

Understanding the price range and comparing it with your budget and affordability helps tremendously. You can also alter your budget accordingly and have higher chances of connecting with an electric bike that best suits your desired price limit.

Now, e-bike prices vary globally due to foreign currency exchange rates, the brand, and model you’re buying, and most importantly: the e-bike’s battery and electric motor.

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The better and bigger the battery, the higher chances of that electric bike’s cost talking to the skies. On average, however, an e-bike can cost you anywhere from around $600 to more than $8000!

You might feel intrigued and check out the under $1000 range first. But it may disappoint you to know that e-bikes under this price limit are scarce.

Additionally, paying some extra hundreds- or thousands- today means availing of exceptionally better technological, safety, and charging features for a long time.

Furthermore, a high-end e-bike automatically ensures a more appealing warranty, making your investment even more fruitful.

Eventually, you don’t buy an e-bike every day- they’re practically your long-term investments. Therefore, ideally, we suggest investing in a slightly upscaled model to benefit from the durable and versatile features.

Moreover, here’s some relieving news for you. You don’t need to obsess over saving $5000 above for an impressive e-bike. You can easily buy a decent one with impressive suspension, looks, and other specs within $2000 to $4000.

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What Are The Best Electric Bikes Available In The Market?

Now that you have an idea of e-bike prices, let’s proceed to the next crucial query: what e-bike to buy? As mentioned above, electric bikes are long-term vital assets. So, you must assess the best electric bikes falling within your affordability, study their features, and evaluate if they’re feasible for you.

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Selecting the perfect model for your lifestyle, budget, and preferences isn’t easy- especially when you’ve got a range of options. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some top-trending electric bikes famous for their robustness and relatively wallet-friendlier price tags.

1. Propella 7-Speed

Propella is a safe bet for e-bikers because of being one of the most pocket-friendly electric bikes on the market. It costs around $1300 and offers exemplary bakes, a visually appealing design, and a Samsung battery. What more do you want to get started, right?

2. Batch E-Bike

Costing approximately $2100, the Batch is a luxurious option for people who want something glamorous without putting a dent in their savings. Smooth suspension, Tektro disc brakes, and smooth rides make the electric bike a must-have for many.

3. Montague M-E1

Admittedly, M-E1  might be slightly higher on the price at $3700, but hear us out. It’s got excessively durable components, a removable battery, and the best part: it’s foldable!

4. Cero One

If you want a perfect e-bike that allows you sufficient cargo space, go for Cero One. That e-bike is a beauty with its Schwalbe tires and a 250-watt Shimano Steps motor. Spending $3800 over this gem is a strategic decision, that’s for sure.

5. Lectric XP 2.0

Are you an e-bike enthusiast but shy away from getting a foldable one because of its extravagant pricing? The Lectric XP 2.0 is a vital investment for you. Costing under $1000, the classy model ensures a smooth ride. Though, a disclaimer: it’s not as lightweight as you’d ideally like a foldable electric bike to be.

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Where To Buy An Electric Bike From?

So far, we’ve covered the basics and even shortlisted the top five electric bikes you can consider buying. And now, “queue the drum rolls” comes the primary confusion: where can I buy an electric bike?

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The answer depends on whether you’d like a brand new e-bike or a used one. For purchasing a new electric bike, you can head to the e-bike stores near your locality. Thanks to the shift towards digitalization due to the pandemic, you can now shop for e-bikes online!

Online Vs. Offline E-Bike Shopping Spree

Some of the most reputable and accessible online platforms to buy electric bikes are:

  • Amazon (place your order through retailers after skimming through reviews and features)
  • eBay (get your preferred electric bike regardless of wherever you live)
  • Lemeego (an excellent platform to order an e-bike directly from the electric bike manufacturer)
  • Multi-brand websites like The Electric Bike Shop and eBikeGenerations.com (promises quick global shipping and offers a wide variety of e-bikes)

You can, of course, order electric bikes from the manufacturer’s official websites if they operate and deliver in your country. For instance, Aventon and Rad Power Bikes offer such services to US and UK locals.

Buying an e-bike online is a better option if you live in small villages or towns. Commuting to the city, searching for in-person stores, and getting your electric bike delivered to your home sounds like a hassle.

That will cost your energy, effort, and finances. But online shopping ensures that the maximum you’ll have to spend apart from purchasing the electric bike is the shipping cost. Even that is an affordable and minimal expenditure for most regions and neighborhoods.

You may live near or in cities or prefer to physically inspect every e-bike and maybe have a test drive before finalizing your decision. Opting for in-person stores is ALWAYS a safer and more optimal option for you.

After all, trusting the online reviews solely isn’t always the wisest decision until you ride the electric bike yourself. So, offline buying from local stores assists you in having a closer inspection and talking to the sales team for suggestions based on your requirements. 

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Where To Buy Used Electric Bikes?

There are several online and in-person stores for buying second-hand electric bikes. For instance, eBay enables you to search and buy used e-bikes.

Some platforms offering used e-bikes for numerous brands include BikeExchange, E-Bike Lovers, Preloved.co.uk, and BikeFair. Similarly, you can search for local stores near your location and visit the shops to get affordable second-hand electric bikes.

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Should I Buy Insurance For My E-Bike?

While it’s not legally a requirement to get insurance for your electric bikes, we always recommend e-bikers get one just in case. For starters, even the most affordable electric bikes are still handsomely priced- and so are their maintenance and repairs.

Therefore, you should get coverage for potential damages your e-bike might sustain due to any reason. Be it road accidents or thefts and damages. You must ensure that your e-bike is protected from such expensive losses.

Additionally, paying for e-bike insurance isn’t stressful for your bank balances. You’d be surprised to know that e-bike premiums can be extensively affordable and available at numerous rates and packages.

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Paying around $100 each year to save it from vandalism, theft, crash, fire, personal injuries, or collision sounds impressively budget-friendly. 

Before buying e-bike insurance, don’t forget to read through the policies and check the coverages. Not every insurance provider offers similar coverages. For instance, one might cover collision coverage, but it may not offer protection from liability or theft.

In addition, you must also be on the lookout for special discounts, distinct features, and excellent customer service. Slow and unfriendly customer representatives make claim procedures a pain to resolve.

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Should I Get A New Electric Bike, Or Can A Second-Hand Work As Well?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both: buying a new e-bike or getting a used one. A new electric bike means availing of advanced features and the ability to benefit from the most sustainable and ecological model.

In addition, you’ll have a warranty, ensuring that even if your e-bike needs maintenance or part replacement, you don’t need to pay for it.

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Moreover, new e-bikes also ensure that you don’t need much maintenance or repairs until a few years later. E-bike owners often claim that it’s relatively easier and smoother to ride a new electric bike because of the absence of wear and tear elements.

On the other hand, used electric bikes are mostly less expensive than the new ones. That’s a charming advantage for buyers searching for cost-friendly alternatives. Plus, you can get used to riding an e-bike by buying a used one.

Once you become a pro and don’t worry about potentially damaging your e-bike, get a better electric bike in the future.

Furthermore, buying a new bike means paying higher taxes and insurance premiums because of the escalating prices of e-bikes globally. Getting a used one saves you tremendously from such complexities because its lower price ensures lower taxes and, subsequently, insurance deductibles.

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Do I Need A License Before Using Electric Bikes?

As you buy an electric bike, you may think about getting a license. Because e-bikes aren’t conventional, they might as well require special licenses.

Thankfully, you don’t need special licenses to drive an e-bike in most countries- and their states-including the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Though, your electric bike should fall within the three e-bike categories.

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Therefore, as long as your electric bike has a maximum speed of 28mph, you’re safe from license requirements. But any e-bike exceeding this speed range will require you to receive your license before riding it. 

Apart from the license, you might be required to meet some other criteria, including age limit and helmet regulations. Also, here’s a heads up: just because you don’t need a license right now doesn’t save you from falling into this criteria in the future.

Considering the sensational fame e-bikes are witnessing, rules and laws may alter to demand e-bike licenses.

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How Much Does It Charge My Electric Bike?

Usually, charging costs differ, primarily because of battery size, voltage requirements, and the local power rates. The higher the capacity and voltage, the more time electric bikes need to charge- and the more it will cost you.

That being said, the amount is still minimal, especially considering the skyrocketing fuel inflation in the present times. Additionally, charging e-bikes at home gets even more cost-effective when divided by the total electricity units consumed because of its small portion.

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On average, considering charging and electricity costs across several countries like the USA, UK, Germany, and China, charging an e-bike costs around $30 per year! Charging costs are the highest in Germany and lowest in South Africa, deriving an average that stuns people and saves you a significant portion of fuel bills.

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Our Final Thoughts 

This marks the end of our guide. We hope you found our session informative enough. To recap, we discussed some appealing electric bike models available today, suggested stores to buy your e-bike from, and discussed license and insurance requirements for your e-bike.

To answer your question, “where can I buy an electric bike?” you can either place an online order or visit your nearest local store. However, online shopping is ideal because it ensures quick delivery, low shipping costs, and a low opportunity cost due to saved time and effort.

Considering the plethora of benefits- and popularity- of owning an e-bike, don’t wait any longer and get your preferred electric bike before its price increases.

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