Where Can I Ride My Electric Dirt Bike

Is your electric dirt bike all dressed up but you don’t know where to ride it? Don’t worry because we have the lead on a few great places for riding your dirt e-bike

You won’t have to cross state lines searching for an ideal destination. Electric dirt bikes can be used where regular bikes are also allowed. But there are a few exceptions that are worth getting into. Keep reading to learn more.

State Forests

State forests in California have hundreds of miles for e-bike riding enthusiasts to enjoy.  Many designated e-bike trails can be found within the vicinity of state forests.

From rugged sand dunes to steep mountains, there’s much to explore. Backcountry trails also provide plenty of recreational opportunities for your electric dirt bike in California.

Electric dirt bikes are designed to combine downhill and uphill performance. They are outfitted with front and rear suspension packs of 130 to 150-mm forks.

This allows these machines to tackle every terrain you can throw at them.

Look up Electric Dirt Bike Laws Where You Live

It may not be legal to ride electric dirt bikes on urban roads. This mostly depends on where you live.

Most states come with their own laws and regulations when it comes to dirt e-bikes. Some don’t require riders to carry a license or insurance.

Other states place restrictions on riders that must be adhered to. These include speed limits, age requirements, and even license requirements.

eBike Classification

Before you tear up the tarmac, find out more about your electric bike. The e-bike industry has a system for classifying electric bikes. Dirt bikes are no exception to the rule.

Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes come with a throttle that doesn’t require pedaling. Class 3 e-bikes come with speed pedelecs and go up to 28 mph using pedal assist.

Regulators have a lot of catching up to do with e-bike technology. The US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management categorize all e-bikes as motorized vehicles.

This means some parks do not allow electric dirt bikes for recreational purposes. Others may allow e-bikes if they are used as mobility devices (such as wheelchairs).

Check win with the local officers for more information. Before heading into a national park with an e-bike, contact their offices for details.

Groups like People for Bikes have been lobbying for a change to improve e-bike regulations. They have partnered with like-minded groups to help governments pass legislation for e-bikes.

Around 17 states in the United States of America have passed e-bike regulations. Officers can use e-bike classification to regulate access to state parks.

Places Where You Can Ride Electric Dirt Bike

The following section explores tracks and routes that are accessible to electric dirt bikes.

Private Property

No one can stop you from riding electric dirt bikes on your property. You can freely ride on your home turf without any speed restrictions.

You won’t have to carry a license or insurance. Friends can also tag along for the ride on the property.

Riding electric dirt bikes on private land saves you from the restrictions of local laws. Moreover, no fees, schedules, or other hassles disrupt your experience.

The only problem with this approach is that there is only so much land available. You will have a limited space to work with. And your neighbors may also show hostility against potentially noisy activities.

Besides, not all riders have access to acres upon acres of private land. Most people share their backyard with another person.

Electric dirt bikes can be noisy and annoy neighbors. Next thing you know, they’re calling in the cops for noise complaints.

It is a good idea to check in with your neighbors to see if they’re comfortable.

Riding Park for Off-roading

Off-road parks are private lands that allow visitors to ride their electric dirt bikes. Note that these private parks may have their laundry list of requirements.

You may have to pay entrance fees, wear riding gear, and carry insurance. The only difference between these parks and private land is the space availability.

Off-road parks sit on a lot of land and you are less likely to annoy neighbors.

While you can ride hassle-free for the most part, there are a few strings attached. For one, you have to watch out for other riders.

Most off-road parks are open to anyone with motorized vehicles. This could include heavier vehicles like ATVs, buggies, and even dirt bikes.

You probably don’t want to share the same space with these vehicles. Knowing that a reckless driver may hit you when you least expect it can be stressful.

Electric dirt bikes are more vulnerable to accidents. This is because they are usually silent and passersby may not know your presence.

Landowners know this and require you to sign a waiver that frees them of liability.

State Trails

Most state trails allow electric dirt bikes on them. But as we mentioned earlier, you have to check in with the specific land.

Some states require you to register the e-bike. Others may not have such a requirement. Indeed, some states don’t even require riders to wear helmets.

State trails occupy vast stretches of land with endless wilderness for miles. You would be less likely to find settlements to recharge and repair your e-bike.

Electric dirt bikes have a limited range. Running out of range in the middle of nowhere can be devastating. Imagine having to carry a heavy electric dirt bike back to civilization.

Now that is back-breaking labor. We recommend carrying plenty of water, food, and a first aid kit for injuries.

Planning ahead is always recommended to steer clear of trouble. The Electric dirt bike should have front or rear racks to carry the above-mentioned items.

A major advantage of state parks is the endless wilderness. The sprawling landscape is filled with breathtaking scenery and beautiful wildlife.

It would help you truly connect with nature and get away from city life. State trails are also generally safe – generally.

But what would you do if you run out of charge and there is no help for miles? Worse still, what’d you do if a wild animal gives chase to you?

These are real concerns that you should be prepared to take into account. We recommend carrying full riding gear for maximum safety and visibility.

This applies regardless of whether the state trail requires biking gear or not.

Dirt Bike Tracks

Public and private dirt bike tracks are ideal venues for dirt biking. Note that these tracks are relatively difficult to work with.

They are purposely designed to be uncomfortable and most people probably won’t enjoy the tracks. However, dirt bike tracks are the perfect spaces to hone your skills.

Also, you can learn a thing or two from other dirt bikers. You might even realize that you have the chops for competitive biking.

There are significant disadvantages to this with dirt bike tracks. They are narrow, uneven, and may be slippery. We recommend getting acquainted with the track at low speed.
Once you get the lay of the land, you can amp up the ante. Dirt tracks are designed for riders who chase after adrenaline.

Don’t try to recreate their stunts if you’re not experienced enough.

Recommended: A popular trail you should visit is the Town Creek OHV trail. It features two one-way loops.

Loop A is for dirt bikes while Loop B is for ATVs. You should take the former if you have an electric dirt bike.

Loop A is filled with challenging sections with narrow turns, massive obstacles, and water. A wooden bridge has been propped up to help you cross the swamp.

The rugged terrain features gravel sections, creek crossings, and rocky terrain. Better make sure the e-bike has robust suspension to absorb the bumpy ride.

Loop B is for ATV riders, so you probably don’t want to bring your e-bike there. These courses are properly maintained by experts.

Get in touch with the rangers at Chattahoochee National Forest for more information.

Desert Trails

Open spaces such as desert trails are some of the best places for e-bikes. These trails are located on the outskirts of city life. This means you will be far removed from emergency services.

There will be no food and water for miles on end. Just like state trails, you should come in fully prepared.

Keep an eye out for special signs such as ‘restricted area’. Do not enter them for your safety and to avoid massive fines (or even jail time).

You don’t want to accidentally end up in Area 51? All kidding aside, it’s best to keep your eyes peeled for such signs.

A major advantage of riding on these trails is the ability to improve your skill. The trials are fairly challenging and require you to be on your A-game.

However, some obstacles may be too difficult for beginners to maneuver around. Once again, take it slow and get the lay of the land.

Stay alert for obstacles to stay safe. A major disadvantage of desert trails is that there are no emergency services.

So you’re on your own if you get in trouble. You might not even get a cellular signal depending on your location. If you do call in for help, you’ll have to wait a long time for rescuers to arrive.

A popular spot for electric dirt bikes is Moab in Utah. This town is flooded by riders from around the country due to its impressive terrain.

It is the ideal area for adrenaline-inducing riding. The area features plenty of rock trials, canyons, and national trails.

Many of them are very challenging for even the most experienced riders. The problem is that some trails require 4×4 vehicles.

Ensure your dirt bike has night lighting so you can ride at night. The Canyonlands National Park should be on your bucket list when visiting Moab.

The best part is that camping here is free. Think of Moab as the Disney World for the off-road community.

Logging Trails

Logging rails are dominated by trucks and semi-trucks. These massive vehicles and trails serve as the backbone of the timber industry.

The advantage of logging trails is that they are massive. However, they can be filled with obstacles.

You may be required to carry insurance and a license plate for access. The trails represent an enormous risk to riders because of the heavy vehicles.

Try to wear bright clothes that increase visibility so that other drivers can avoid hitting you! Keep your electric dirt bike at low speeds for maximum control.

Ensure that the brakes are properly serviced on this trail. You will need them to stop you in case of emergencies.

The trails are fairly challenging, so e-bikes should have decent suspension systems. We do not recommend beginners to try these trails.

Logging trails are not suited to beginners, especially children – even with adult supervision.

The Countryside

The countryside provides a secret and safe place to experiment with your electric dirt bike. These areas provide panoramic views of nature that make the ride more enjoyable.

However, some areas are so secluded that they’re not even on the map. You might have to ask locals for directions.

Some countryside areas restrict motorized vehicles, so you won’t be able to ride your e-bike. Although the countryside provides picturesque views, it is more secluded.

Where Can I Ride My Electric Dirt Bike
Where Can I Ride My Electric Dirt Bike

Wrapping Up

Riding your electric dirt bike in California and other states is an exhilarating experience. Just make sure to do your research before zipping onto any trail.

Consult your e-bike manufacturer for information on compatible terrain. And as always, be prepared for every outcome.

Bring plenty of food and water with you in case you get stranded. Always ensure that your battery pack is fully charged before embarking on an off-road adventure

Do you take your electric dirt bike on off-road adventures? If so, what terrains do you use? Share your experiences with us and we will update this space with more information!

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