Which Electric Bike Has the Longest Range?

Electric bikes have become globally popular in a short time. They are easy to charge, operate, and maintain. If you like the concept and want to buy an electric bike, you may want to know which electric bike has the longest range. Typically, the range of an electric car or bike depends on its battery capacity. We have gathered all the information you need to choose your next e-bike.

An e-bike can give you up to 128 miles of range on a single charge. Let’s look at some of the longest-ranging e-bikes below.

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Long Range E-Bikes

ANCHEER Sunshine AT1 E-Bike

Comfort combined with power gives you the ANCHEER Sunshine AT-1. This e-bike is great for daily commuters. The bike frame provides decent weight support of up to 300 lbs.

Whether traveling to work, hanging out with your bike friends or on a bike cruise, you can enjoy a stable ride with an impressive performance in your Sunshine AT-1.

The Sunshine AT-1 features three riding modes. You can access and choose any mode with the LED Smart Meter on the bike.

If we talk about the brakes, the AT-1 comes with front and rear disc brakes to offer complete safety to the rider. You can also take your bike uphill or downhill for brief patches.

ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5'' Adults Electric Commuter Bike/Electric Mountain Bike, 36/48V Ebike with Removable 10/10.4Ah Battery, Professional 21/24 Speed Gears

However, despite its shock-absorbing abilities, the AT-1 may not be suitable for rough and bumpy terrains.

The range of the Sunshine AT-1 may not impress you after going through some of the decent ranges above. You can get a 40-mile trip on a single charge. You may need to charge your bike’s battery every two to three days for decent mileage.

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NAKATO 26″ E-Bike

Want to ride in style? The NAKATO 26″ e-bike can be an interesting option on the list of longest-ranging e-bikes. This e-bike is perfect for running errands and small commutes.

The front-mounted basket provides it with a traditional bicycle look. You can carry the purchased items from the supermarket in the basket easily.

The NAKATO 26″ features a steel suspension fork with fat tires. This combination provides a stable ride on roads and sidewalks.

NAKTO Electric Bicycle Cargo Electric Bike for Adult 26" Sporting Shimano 6 Speed Gear Step Thru EBike 25MPH 25-30Miles Removable Waterproof Large Capacity 36V10A Lithium Battery & Pedal Assist

Moreover, you can find different riding modes, including a pedal-assist feature that can increase the speed up to 30mph.

If you like to ride at speed, this may be one of the few e-bikes to help you fulfill your speed thrills. While this is true, the NAKATO 26″ may not be too easy for beginners due to its steel suspension fork and fat tires.

A downside of this e-bike is its range. You may not be able to get more than 30 miles per single charge.

Gyroor C3 14″ E-Bike

Gyroor C3 is a compact e-bike with a powerful performance. It is a foldable bike with exciting features to enjoy. The compact size makes it unsuitable for people over 6′ tall.

The Gyroor C3 is perfect for running errands and nearby commutes. You can find shock-absorbing tires powered by a shock mitigation mechanism to offer a smooth ride.

Gyroor C3 Folding Electric Bike for Adults Teens, 450W eBike with 19MPH up to 28 Miles 14in Air-Filled Tires Dual Disc Brakes 3 Riding Modes Adult Electric Bicycles

The foldable nature makes it great for saving space while on the go. You may head to a mall and fold the bike to take along. It is one of the very few bikes to feature a foldable frame.

Coming down to the driving modes, the Gyroor C3 features three driving modes, including assisted pedal, unassisted pedal, or full-electric mode.

Moreover, you can find front and rear disc brakes with a water-resistance system to ride during mild rains. The company has also included lights on the front and back end for better visibility at night.

Although its range is slightly better than NAKATO, it may not be suitable for longer commutes in a single charge. The Gyroor C3 can cover 38 miles per charge.

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VIVI B09M3LNBGY 26” E-Bike

A more powerful option to consider for riding to work is the VIVI 26″ e-bike. This bike comes with a stylish design and impressive features.

The powerful motor provides good stability on versatile terrains. You can ride carefree for longer distances.

The VIVI 26″ e-bike comes with carbon steel shock absorbers on the front and the rear end. The shocks enhance the stability while riding briskly.

VIVI Electric Bike for Adults 26'', 350W Electric Mountain Bike with 36V 10.4Ah Removable Lithium Battery, Shimano 21 Speed Gears Adult Electric Bicycles, 20 MPH Adults Ebike Up to 50 Miles

The bike has a metal frame with a foldable design to save space while on the go. The battery has more power than some of the common competitors in the market.

Additionally, the battery is easy to remove and swap. You do not have to worry about the battery coming out of the compartment while testing your bike riding skills on the streets.

If you wonder about the range, this e-bike can cover up to 50 miles per single charge on the pedal-assisted mode.


The VELOWAVE 26″ fat e-bike is popular among young and old riders. This e-bike provides power, comfort, and versatility together.

You can test your riding skills on some of the toughest terrains, including bumpy tracks, sand, and snow. The battery also charges faster than other bikes of the same category.

The bike features an LED display to keep you aware of the bike’s performance stats, battery information, and riding modes.

The VELOWAVE e-bike performs exceptionally well when it comes to speeding. You can achieve a 20mph speed without pedal assistance.

VELOWAVE Electric Mountain Bike Adults 500W 27.5'' Ebike 25MPH E Bike 48V 15Ah Larger Battery Removable Shimano 7-Speed Dark Green

Moreover, hydraulic disc brakes with anti-skidding tires can provide more stability on rougher terrains.

Coming down to the range, this powerful fat e-bike can cover a distance of 35 miles on a single charge. The low range is due to the heavier weight and wider tires.

Heybike Mars 20″ E-Bike

Last but not least on our list is Heybike Mars. This fat e-bike can be perfect for those who like to ride carefree in changing weather.

This e-bike has received a lot of praise for its shock-absorbing capabilities. The 20″ tires make it exceptionally stable on different terrains.

Despite its heavy-duty design, you can benefit from the foldable design to spare extra space. Moreover, the dual suspension system keeps the rider comfortable at all times while riding the bike.

The Heybike Mars has a 7-speed Shimano gear system and three different riding modes. You can easily cover an uphill ascent or a downhill trip on your e-bike.

Heybike Mars Electric Bike Foldable 20" x 4.0 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle with 500W Motor, 48V 12.5AH Removable Battery, Shimano 7-Speed and Dual Shock Absorber for Adults

Apart from the mentioned features, you can find a removable battery with a 500W motor that can top a 20mph speed.

Regarding the range, the Heybike Mars fat e-bike covers 48 miles on a single charge, making it a better option than its fat bike competitors.

Raleigh Centros Tour

The first bike on the list is Raleigh Centros Tour. The bike has become massively popular for its good performance and excellent range.

You can find the bike in two styles based on your preference. The company has manufactured a classic crossbar version and a low-step model.

The classic style can suit young and flexible bike riders. On the other hand, the low-step style is more suitable for older citizens.

If we talk about the performance, the Raleigh Centros comes with a Bosch Active Line Plus powerful motor and a 500Wh battery. The motor and the battery deliver a combined potential for a smooth riding experience.

You may also find mudguards, kickstands, and other accessories with both bike models.

Coming down to the range, this bike gives you 128 miles of range per single charge. You can easily travel between home and workplace for a few days with one charge.

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Trek Allant+ 9 Stagger

The Trek Allant+ 9 Stagger may be a good option to enjoy your bike ride. This e-bike comes with a comfortable seat to ride for longer distances.

Trek Allant+ 9 Stagger comes with a powerful motor and battery. It uses the Bosch Performance Line Motor to generate power while riding the bike.

You can find it available in different sizes. Whether you need to buy it for your kids or use it yourself, you can have it in different sizes.

All the sizes come with disc brakes for the safety of the driver. Moreover, you can find several accessories, including mudguards, lights, pannier racks, etc. 

The range of this e-bike can fit your daily work travel plans. It gives you a 124-mile range per single charge.

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Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty 3

The Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty 3 is a perfect option if you want something more athletic.

This e-bike comes with the iconic lefty fork that you may find familiar in Cannondale bikes. Moreover, the bike features 650b wheels to support bigger tires. If you need a better road grip, you can easily upgrade the tire size and enjoy the ride.

The riding style may not be comfortable for less flexible or older bike riders. The Cannondale Topstone e-bike features a Bosch Performance Line CX motor with a 500Wh Power Tube.

If we talk about the style, the company has done an amazing job with the bodypaint and crossbar. The bike is best suitable for young riders.

The Cannondale Topstone e-bike can offer a decent range of 109 miles on a single charge. If your workplace is a few miles away from your home, you can comfortably travel in between without having to charge your bike for a few days.

eAhora 750W BAFANG Motor Electric Mountain Bike Up to 30Mph 4.0 Fat Tire Bike with 48V/16AH Battery, 26‘’ Electric Bike with Full Suspension, Dual Hydraulic Brakes, Colorful Display

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S-Works Turbo Creo SL

Another e-bike from the same league as Cannondale Topstone is the S-Work Turbo Creo SL. The athletic outlook of this e-bike makes it popular among young riders.

This bike may not be a perfect option for those seeking too much comfort. The orientation and style of the S-Work e-bike make it more sporty than conventional.

The bike has a 320Wh battery in the down tube to provide a powerful backup while on the roads. The Turbo Creo SL has the edge of extended range over other bikes in the league.

You can use the range extender offered by the company to increase the range from 80 miles to 120 miles per charge. You may not find this option in most e-bikes currently available in the market.

The Turbo Creo SL has a few exciting features to appeal to its riders. You can find an LED display to view the battery information. You can also connect your Bluetooth to control the different riding modes of your e-bike.

The added features make the S-Work Turbo Creo SL a relatively expensive option to consider among other e-bikes.

Electric Bike for Adults, 750W Electric Mountain Bike with 48V 16AH Locking Lithium-ion Battery, 26" x 4.0 Fat Tire Ebike with Shimano 9-Speed and Dual Hydraulic Brakes (Green)

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RadRhino 6 Plus Electric Fat Bike

For those who like fat e-bikes, the RadRhino 6 Plus may be a perfect present to have. This e-bike comes in a fat style. It is heavier and more powerful than the lightweight bikes on the market.

What sets the RadRhino apart from the rest is its off-roading abilities. You can take on some of the rough patches while riding your fat e-bike.

The wider tires allow you to enjoy the bike’s versatility at different speeds and terrains. The heavier weight also makes the bike more stable.

The semi-integrated battery pack does not compromise the overall design of your RadRhino 6 Plus. You can remove the battery for overnight charging and place it back when riding the bike.

The upright riding style makes this e-bike a suitable option for bike riders of all ages. While this may be correct, the bike is more popular with young bike riders.

The range of RadRhino 6 Plus may not be as impressive as you have seen in some of the bikes above. The heavier structure and wider tires take more battery power, providing a total range of about 42 miles per single charge.

Which Electric Bike Has the Longest Range
Which Electric Bike Has the Longest Range

The Takeaway

The above-listed long-range e-bikes offer performance, stability, market value, and comfort. If you want to buy an e-bike for daily use, you can review each bike’s specifications and price details to choose yours.

You may need to check the availability status for each bike before making a decision. Going through some of the customer reviews for each bike can help you identify the pros and cons of each. To explore more e-bike options in your area, you can check out some of the many online shops to compare various bike models.

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