Which Electric Dirt Bike Has the Longest Range

We have moved into the era of electric vehicles. From sedans to motorbikes, you can find almost every vehicle empowered by electric motors nowadays. Electric cars and bikes can significantly contribute to the eco-friendly global environment.

If you are a passionate dirt bike enthusiast residing in California, U.S., wondering which electric dirt bike has the longest range, we have covered every information you need.

Today, we will review some of the best dirt e-bikes and find out which one has the longest range.

Long-Range Electric Dirt Bikes to Buy

The e-bike industry is on the rise these days. Bikers are keen to switch to their electric counterparts to enjoy a seamless but powerful riding experience on rough terrains.

Although dirt bikes have a specific market, they are among the top interests on the list of various motorbike types.

The below-listed electric dirt bikes have received much praise in the consumer market due to their efficient performance and elegant design.

Cake Kalk

The cake is one of the top electric bike manufacturers in the Swedish market. Due to its rising demand, the company rolled out its popular dirt e-bike Kalk OR Race to many countries, including the United States.

Kalk is a lightweight bike that can comfortably survive rough terrains. It weighs about 79kg, making it road legal. You can achieve a top speed of 56mph while riding the Kalk.

One of the many pros of this e-bike is its excellent suspension. You will not feel the hard bumps while offroading on your dirt bike. Moreover, the torque and power of Kalk make it a perfect option.

The answer may surprise you if you wonder how long you can travel on this dirt e-bike on a single charge. The Cake Kalk can cover 53 miles after charging from zero to complete in about two and a half hours.

Zero F.X. (7.2) Z.F.

Zero is a promising player in the bike industry. The company has garnered massive success over the years due to the popularity status of the F.X. ZF (7.2).

The bike is capable of delivering a powerful performance on various terrains. Whether you need to twist the throttle on roads or dirt patches, the F.X. ZF will not disappoint you.

The manufacturers have incorporated regenerative braking in the dirt bike to enhance the power output. Zero has aimed to build a high-end performance bike that goes a long way from the leading competitors.

Coming down to the range, this dirt e-bike offers more miles due to its efficient electric motor and powerful charging. You can cover a 63-mile patch on a single charge. You can achieve a zero to 95% charge in less than four hours (using the auxiliary charger).

Segway X260

Segway has established its market presence as one of the most accomplished e-scooter companies. The Segway X260 is an efficient dirt e-bike with robust features.

From its lightweight design to its super-efficient performance, the X260 is an ideal option for dirt bike enthusiasts. The X260 features a dual-drive transmission system capable of providing a top speed of 46.6mph in less than 8 seconds.

The bike’s brakes provide excellent grip on varying terrains, including roads, dirt patches of areas like the Santa Monica Mountains, and offroading areas. You may want to go easy on the throttle to avoid a wheelie.

The Segway X260 battery range delivers about 74 miles on a single charge. Moreover, regenerative braking helps retain the battery charge for extended miles.

Light Bee X Sur-Ron

Another lightweight competitor in the dirt electric bikes division is Light Bee X. This dirt bike has received much praise for its handy use and excellent suspension.

With a total weight of 50kg, the Light Bee X dirt e-bike offers an ideal performance-value ratio to its buyers. You can find a Panasonic li-ion battery pack to store electric power.

If we talk about the brakes, the Light Bee X comes with hydraulic brakes to provide improved grip to bike riders. Moreover, the bike comes in various colors to appeal to the target market.

Mostly suitable for dirt terrains, this e-bike can cover a climb of over 45 degrees. More importantly, you can get an excellent range of up to 63 miles on a single charge. The average charging time for Light Bee X is between two to four hours.


KTM is an Austrian bike maker with different e-bike models circulating across different countries. The E-XC has a solid design that reflects the spirit of a gasoline-based dirt bike.

The E-XC is ideal for bumpy terrains and rough patches where other bikes may not serve well. Despite its typical 1-speed automatic electric-powered transmission, the E-XC can provide you with the same performance that you expect from its 250cc gasoline counterparts.

Another highlight of the bike is its liquid-cooling control unit that keeps the electric motor under optimal temperatures. You can let go of your overheating worries while driving on rough terrains.

The only drawback you may find in the KTM E-XC is its poor range. The 3.9kWh battery can charge to full in less than an hour. However, you will only get about 11.5 miles on a single charge. Feel free to visit one of the biggest showrooms in San Bernardino, CA.

Kuberg Trial Hero

If you are looking for a compact option among the electric dirt bike companies, the Kuberg Trial Hero may impress you. You can call it a kid’s dirt bike due to its easy handling and smaller frame.

The Trial Hero features an air-cooled motor system that generates a maximum speed of 17mph. Moreover, you can find a 1-speed automatic transmission system as also found in the other e-bikes.

Since this bike is a perfect fit for young riders, the company has equipped it with the Tektro Auriga hydraulic brakes to offer a better grip on challenging terrains.

Interested to learn about the range of this dirt bike? The Kuberg Trial Hero has a relatively poor battery backup that lasts about two hours since its full charge. Moreover, the standard charger may take longer than other bikes to charge the batteries fully.

Trevor Stella (DTRE)

The Belgian motorcycle company Trevor is a relatively new player in the competitive dirt e-bike market. The dirt bike manufacturer has quickly established a strong footprint in the U.S and U.K. markets.

The bike provides impressive features in the performance department. You can find a brushless electric motor coupled with a 2.7kWh li-ion battery pack. The DTRE Stella can effectively take on bumpy, rough, ascending, and plain terrains.

If we review the bike’s design, it may not be as appealing as some of the other bikes on the list. The makers have focused on the performance department more in the initial phase.

To buy this bike, you must know how much distance it can cover on a single charge. The Trevor DTRE Stella provides a decent range of about 44 miles under ideal circumstances.

Electric Motion Escape

Electric Motion Escape is another great name on the list of long-range dirt e-bikes. This bike comes with three different settings to optimize your bike-riding experience.

The overall look and feel of the bike reflect the intelligent design. You can speed up or slow down on multiple terrain types, including dirt trails, straight roads, bumpy tracks, and slow climbs.

One of the highlighting features of the Motion Escape is its progressive regenerative braking system. The brakes provide stored power to the battery pack for enhanced traveling.

Interested to find out how long the Motion Escape goes on a single charge? The answer is about 38 miles, which is a decent figure for daily travelers.

Razor SX500

Razor SX500 is one of the best options on the list of electric dirt bikes. The bike provides superior handling on different terrains, including dirt patches, straight roads, and hilly areas.

The SX500 comes with a 500-watt motor that delivers excellent performance. You can achieve a top speed of about 15 mph while testing the bike to its maximum output.

Moreover, you can get lead-acid batteries in the dirt bike to provide an efficient backup in the changing weather.

The only drawback of the Razor SX500 is its poor battery backup. The dirt bike provides a 40-minute backup after charging it for about 12 hours. The company could use some improvements in this department.

How to Improve the Battery Health of Your Dirt Electric Bike?

Electric bikes can significantly reduce fuel costs and the ever-increasing road pollution. While this is correct, maintaining an electric dirt bike may be a point of concern for most users.

E-bike batteries have different capacities and types depending on their maker and engine type. You may not want to try traditional charging practices on your e-bike’s battery.

Many riders leave the battery on charge till the subsequent use. Some riders opt for overnight charging methods. While these techniques may be helpful in a few cases, they can damage your bike’s battery pack.

When you buy a new e-bike, the dealership provides a manual of instructions to ensure timely maintenance of your e-bike’s parts. It is crucial to go through the instructions carefully.

The bike manufacturers also provide caution to prevent overcharging the battery packs. You may also find tips to remove and reinstall batteries when left unused for specific durations.

A common rule of thumb is to avoid leaving the charger on indefinitely. You may want to adhere to the instructions about the charging time to prevent any problems.

Another common mistake is leaving the battery uncharged for several weeks. While it may sound like a good plan, exhausted batteries can receive damage over time, reducing their efficiency.

If you seldom use your electric dirt bike, you may charge your battery between 25-35% and remove it from the bike before you use it again.

Moreover, extreme temperatures can also affect battery health. If you live in hot areas, you may remove the battery from the bike (when unused) and place it indoors at an optimal room temperature.

Conversely, you may place your bike battery in relatively warmer temperatures if living in cold areas. The temperature factor can significantly affect the performance of your battery.

The Longest-Range Electric Dirt Bike

Bike enthusiasts typically have varying concerns while making the purchase decision. Some bikers opt for high-end performance and design.

On the other hand, other riders focus on the range of the electric dirt bike while making a choice. However, most people opt for e-bikes due to their improved mileage.

Segway X260 takes the lead with the longest range among the other dirt bikes on our list of the best long-range electric dirt bikes. The X260 can cover a 74-mile range on a single battery charge, making it ideal for daily use.

You may also consider Cake Kalk and Zero F.X. to get the maximum range from your dirt e-bike. These bikes provide tough competition to the X260, offering a range of 53 miles (Kalk) and 63 miles (F.X.).

Is Electric Dirt Bike Better Than Gasoline Dirt Bike?

If fuel is not your top concern, you might wonder what makes an electric dirt bike better than its gasoline-based counterpart.

Gasoline-based dirt bikes provide a powerful performance on different terrains. You do not have to worry about the battery’s capacity while purchasing.

These bikes may not be environment-friendly. However, they take the lead over e-bikes in terms of their performance.

On the flip side, electric dirt bikes provide a seamless, noiseless, and pollution-less riding experience due to the use of an electric motor.

These bikes save fuel costs by consuming an electric charge. You may need a high-end battery for a long range. While this is valid, electric dirt bikes may not be as powerful as gas-based ones.

Which Electric Dirt Bike Has the Longest Range
Which Electric Dirt Bike Has the Longest Range

The Takeaway

We hope the above information helps you evaluate which electric dirt bike has the longest range. To buy a dirt bike in California, U.S., you may check the official company websites for different listed brands before opting for a specific model.

You can also check out the customer reviews online before spending money on an electric dirt bike. To explore more electric dirt bike models in the U.S., you may search online and review the relevant resources for more information.

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