Why Do People Hate Tesla Electric Cars? [7 Reasons]

Tesla has surprised the world with its unparalleled technology and shockingly quick success. It is the first name that comes to mind when people think of electric cars.

Tesla may be the global innovation giant that is excelling at an uncontrollable pace; however, it is not everyone’s dream automobile brand.

As a matter of fact, many people say that they hate Tesla and they do not trust Elon Musk’s intentions.

Why Do People Hate Tesla Electric Cars?

Some people find a new Tesla electric car’s price highly unreasonable, while some argue that its built-in software is flawed.

Whatever the reason, one cannot deny that Tesla may have a large consumer base, but it also has a significantly large globally dispersed community of haters.

Brief Introduction to Tesla’s Reputation

Tesla has been one of the very few global brands that reached high peaks of success in a very short time. Just after their launch in 2003, Tesla managed to build an electric automobile empire like no other.

While some people stand by the brand’s technology and products and are more than willing to spend a significantly high amount of money just to get their hands on their dream Tesla car, this is not the case for everyone.

Just like the admiration from its supporters, the brand also has been facing constant criticism and has been under scrutiny ever since its global launch.

While some people bring forth some argumentative points and factors that have caused them to dislike Tesla electric cars, some people simply do not care to get into the discussion and hate Tesla with a passion.

These people do not miss any chance to attack the brand, whether it happens during a discussion among friends or on an online social media forum.

One can find numerous social media pages and internet blogs dedicated to pointing out all the supposed problems with a Tesla electric car.

Reports of Tesla haters parking their trucks in front of electric vehicle charging stations just to create problems for Tesla electric car owners are not new to the public. 

Due to the excessive online discussion or physical display of hate, at times, people who hate Tesla electric cars manage to convince potential Tesla buyers not to buy these cars.

Although Tesla’s consumer audience is globally dispersed and sufficiently large already, excessive bad press and constant attacks can affect the brand’s reputation and sales.

Why do people hate Tesla electric cars
Why do people hate Tesla electric cars

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Why Do Some People Hate Tesla?

Why do some people hate Tesla electric cars? Moreover, do these people generally hate all electric cars, or do they specifically have something against electric vehicles made by Tesla?

These two questions are something that almost all consumers who either like Tesla or are interested in purchasing a Tesla want answered.

For an electric car enthusiast who has had no issues with Tesla, it is hard to understand why some people hate these electric cars. It is difficult to link Tesla’s unparalleled technology, modern design, and futuristic technology with poor performance.

However, people who hate Tesla electric cars are quick to explain and elaborate on exactly why they hate the brand.

Their arguments are both subjective and objective, and at times, can be strong enough to influence Tesla’s potential customers.

While some people have personal issues from a poor experience, there are some general reasons why some people despise Tesla electric cars. Some reasons are as follows:

  • Tesla electric cars are costly
  • Some people hate all electric cars
  • Some people miss the classic fuel-combustion engines of traditional cars
  • The controversy around Tesla’s technology, built-in software, and features
  • Tesla’s shockingly sudden success over a short period of time
  • Some people simply prefer other brands over Tesla

Continue reading below to gain greater insight into each of these different reasons.

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Top Seven General Reasons Why Some People Hate Tesla Electric Cars

Tesla Electric Cars are Extremely Expensive

No matter how much a consumer wants a product or stands by it, a high purchase price is always a strong enough factor to influence and affect the consumer’s perception of the brand and the product.

In general, electric cars are significantly more expensive than same-sized gasoline-powered vehicles. This is because electric cars come with costly electrical components that contribute to their price, the biggest contributor being the car’s electric battery pack.

Similarly, Tesla electric cars are much more expensive than same-sized gasoline-powered vehicles and at times can also be more expensive than other same-sized electric cars.

According to Tesla, the price difference comes with superior technological advancements, higher ranges, modern designs, and many unique features.

Although some consumers agree with a Tesla electric car’s high purchase price, some people find the price tag simply ridiculous.

According to these people, Tesla is overcharging its consumers, and the price should be much lower.

Moreover, they argue that Tesla keeps on increasing its price despite not bringing many significant changes in its features or design.

As a result, these people hate Tesla electric cars and do not miss any chance to call out the brand as an overcharging corporate giant.

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Some People Hate all Electric Cars

While some people are very specific regarding their hate for Tesla electric cars, some consumers simply dislike Tesla as part of their general hate for all electric cars.

These people do not agree with electric car technology and do not see any significant environmental benefits that could come from the global acceptance of electric cars.

As a matter of fact, they believe that electric cars are an unreasonable waste of money and that these cars are nothing more than a modern-day trend and will simply won’t last long in the market.

Moreover, these consumers dislike that electric charging stations are not as abundantly located as gas stations.

Hence, as part of their range anxiety, they cannot agree with any electric car being as reliable or good as similar gasoline-powered vehicles.

Why People Hate Tesla Electric Cars
Reasons Why People Hate Tesla Electric Cars

Some People Miss the Classic Fuel-combustion Engines of Traditional Cars

Humans have a fondness for their cars. People have written songs about their favorite cars, made art and movies about them, and even described them to have human characteristics.

Hence, it is safe to say that people worldwide are very sensitive regarding cars. This love and adoration are usually seen for traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

People claim to love the feeling of starting a gasoline-powered combustion engine. They love the sound of a running engine and claim to live for the powerful push they experience every time they shift a car’s gears.

For these people, using non-renewable fossil fuel reserves to enjoy the drive of a gasoline-powered vehicle is worth it.

Hence, they not only disagree with the concept and technology behind electric cars but also express their dislike and hate for battery-powered automobiles, including those produced by Tesla.

They believe that the driving experience of a Tesla or other electric cars will never come close to what a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle has to offer.  

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The Controversy Surrounding Tesla’s technology, its Built-in Software, and Features

The auto-pilot feature allows a Tesla driver to ride in their Tesla without having to steer the wheel or even accelerate or brake.

Instead, they can give direct orders to their Tesla electric car to turn on the auto-pilot feature and drive them to their home or workplace, for instance.

While this feature brought the brand massive sales, it soon came under fire when people began reporting flawed auto-pilot software.

As a result, some consumers simply do not trust Tesla or its technology, and instead have developed hate towards the brand.

Tesla’s Sudden Success

Before 2003, barely anyone knew about electric cars, and suddenly, after Tesla’s successful launch, it was all anyone could talk about.

According to critics, Tesla came out of nowhere and bagged a kind of global success that is not very commonly seen in such a short period of time.

Surprisingly, its rapid and sudden success is one of the main reasons why some people simply cannot stand the brand.

These people draw comparisons between Tesla being a newcomer in the industry and other automobile brands that have existed for much longer.

According to them, these classical automobile brands deserve much more appreciation and recognition than Tesla, a brand that has barely existed for over a decade.

As a matter of fact, some people are even jealous of Elon Musk’s success and unique ideas and hate the fact that they could not come up with such a brand instead.

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Some People Simply Prefer Other Brands over Tesla

Some people simply dislike Tesla electric vehicles because they are loyal to other automobile brands.

This is because Tesla is a new entrant in the industry, while many other automobile brands have spent decades trying to earn their reputations.

The loyalty could be the result of a positive consumer experience, a direct relationship with some individual in the brand, or employment in the brand, etc.

As a result of those efforts, those consumers feel like they would cheat on their preferred brand if they switch to a Tesla electric car.

Hence choose to stick to the same brands for as long as they can.

However, unlike all other reasons mentioned here, this reason for disliking Tesla or its products is not as damaging to the brand as these consumers are not trying to attack Tesla as part of their love for another automobile brand.

Instead, these people usually offer no negative criticism and, at times, can be convinced to give Tesla electric cars a try.

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Final Thoughts

Tesla is undoubtedly the first name anytime electric cars are mentioned. The global popularity and success Tesla has managed to achieve in such a short time prove that it is a mega-giant like no other.

However, you are not alone if you have come across a group of people or an online webpage that openly declares their hate for Tesla.

Some may say it is because of their high market price, while some simply do not trust Musk or the futuristic technology he has managed to offer the world in barely under two decades.

Moreover, there are people who are unwilling to give Tesla a shot because of the brand’s newness in the market. These people are so used to traditional gasoline-powered cars that they’re unwilling to give electric vehicles a chance.

Then there are those who despise any sort of technological advancements. Whether they don’t trust technology or the people running the companies, they would rather have thing “be the way they are” instead of moving forward with the times.

However, regardless of how some people may feel negatively about Tesla, no one can deny that the brand is the true pioneer of modern electric vehicle technology.

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